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Cocktailhag rush week

Cocktailhags, as I’m sure you’re aware, are a vanishing breed, due at least in part to Draconian anti-smoking laws, not-so-clean living, and the unflattering glare of eco-sensitive lighting.  In this challenging climate, we have realized that we can’t reproduce, so we must recruit.  Let Cocktailhag Rush Week begin.  Now, I’m sure you’re thinking that since [...]

The servant problem

In a NYT review of the one (wo) man show, “Blanche Survives Katrina,” the Blanche duBois character, recountinging her experiences at the Superdome in the hurricane’s aftermath, says, “Everyone there appeared to be someone’s maid, yet the place was filthy.”

Papering over the problems

Many if not most key American industries, we have recently discovered to widespread discomfort, have been bobbing precariously in choppy, dangerous waters for years, and yet somehow no one realized it, until they, all of a sudden,  did.  Why did such an historic collapse come as such a surprise?  Probably, because it came too soon [...]

Have they got a deal for you

Just lately, with all this vengeful and traitorous chatter about prosecuting Bush Administration figures and the private entities they abetted in their startlingly successful plan to leave the country in ruins, conservatives and their media enablers have abruptly stopped trying to bring back an idealized past, but rather to promise a bright future.  The details [...]

Happy Dance !

“This is William Kristol’s last column.”  And choirs of angels sing.

The Fairness Doctrine, and its discontents

Much righty bloviating has been devoted of late to the bogeyman #563 of their ilk, The Fairness Doctrine. Besides being briefly mentioned by a total of one democratic congresswoman, however, no one has suggested its return, much less implied that its renewal was intended to “silence” such worthy keepers of the flame of freedom as [...]

Breaking: Beau Breedlove Stakeout

—–A Cocktailhag Exclusive—-  Must credit Cocktailhag—  Developing—- I just got a phone call, reporting that a friend of mine, a whisky-voiced midwesterner with a sharp wit and an ear for other people’s business, was just moments ago seated next to Mayor Sam Adams’ boy toy, Beau Breedlove, in, get this, a beauty shop.  She listened [...]

Gangster Pride Day

Senate Republicans, having worn out Marc Rich and other trumped-up, Fox-friendly objections to the nomination of Eric Holder as Attorney General, have finally come out and said what we knew all along, that is, that they have a list of pet crimes that need to be covered up, and Holder’s niggling about a little torture [...]

Coming and Going….

Lo and behold, it seems that some loyal Bushies are in a bit of a snit over Obama’s mean and “ungracious” inauguration speech.  Karen Hughes, more in sorrow than anger, I’m sure, lamented that “He (Obama) missed an opportunity to be as big as the occasion was, and frankly, as gracious as President Bush was [...]

Whew! A Sex Scandal.

As some of you may have heard, out here in Little Beirut we have us a sex scandal (the HuffPo link is here), and though tawdry and inconsequential on some levels, it’s still a bum deal for Portland, a setback for gay people, and a further trivialization of politics in general when this crap happens. [...]