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The Book Saloon: David Wise

The Invisible Government  (with Thomas B. Ross) Random House, 1964 The Politics of Lying  Random House, 1973 The American Police State   Random House, 1978 I happened upon “The American Police State” in Powell’s one day, just as our new police state was really kicking after 9/11, and was attracted by an arresting cover depicting a White house [...]

The Best Thing about Lying

One quickly learns, when listening the Right, that the astonishing counterfactuality they brazenly employ in their discourse really works for them with their audience.  They have discovered the power of lying.  For a political movement to be an entirely false representation of itself and its “enemies,” (never just rivals…) and yet enjoy such success through [...]

Off the Rails

I think I’m understandably disappointed that the much-vaunted “stimulus” package is, in favor of entrenched interests, and the bizzare preference for “shovel-ready” projects, is going to toss a lot of money down the toilet of further land-wasting and unsustainable roads and highways.  Honestly, when presented the opportunity, albeit in the form of a meltdown, to [...]

That Volcano Could Use Some More Virgins

I have always found it curious, though probably not surprising, that our “Economy” is always presented as a vengeful, active force whose health requires widespread suffering and sacrifice, without which it will surely come down from its class A office space and smite us all, but good.  VooDoo economics, indeed.  At the same time, of [...]

Words and Deeds

“A word means what I say it means; nothing more, nothing less.”  —The Red Queen For a number of reasons, some unintentional, some not, but all misguided, it has become an American tradition to never, ever, call things by their proper names.  The tendency to euphemize has become the default mode in political discourse, to [...]

Wherefore art thou, Cocktailhag?

RMP asks a legitimate question, one that is often asked about the meaning, and origin, of the term and persona, of the Cocktailhag.  Way back in the late ’70′s, before all these pesky anti-smoking laws, I worked in this nightclub/dinner house as a busboy, where we had a lot of chain-smoking, whisky-voiced customers I used [...]

Harder’n Ya’d Think

Now, lots of people will tell you this blogging business is easy; all you need is a basement, some Cheetos, and the sleepwear of your choice, and you’re off to the races.  I figured I was naturally ahead of the game, being 14 floors above the nearest basement and with a coyote to throw on [...]