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O’Reilly in the foxhole

When I choose to devote a post to Bill O’Reilly, alert readers will generally assume a fortuitous congruence of two or more of the following events: 1) Bill did something more than usually crazy; 2) Nothing else in the news is remotely funny; or 3) The hag started drinking early.  Sometimes it’s all three. Without [...]

Unreasonable facsimiles

It seems as though, after having spent a generation creating cardboard cutouts to deceitfully sell that which could not be sold any other way, Republicans have entirely tossed out any slogan beyond the hallowed Caveat Emptor, and just started peddling the cardboard in place of the real thing. I don’t want to pile on poor [...]

The commies and the unions

When my crazy grandmother, Etta, used to say that the “commies and the unions are ruining the country,” I dismissed it as I did most everything else she said, as probably close to the opposite of the fact, which turned out to be  a pretty successful formula over time.  First of all, in Portland, Oregon [...]

News Network- CHNN NOLA correspondent, Paula Higginson

On this beautiful “Sundi Gras” two days before Mardi Gras, the French Quarter is graciously hosting enthusiastic tourists who are here to enjoy our annual celebration.  Instead of the usual soulful sounds of our local jazz musicians, artists and fortune tellers who show up every other day  in Jackson Square,  we were subjected to the [...]

Over the rainbow….


How much did that pitchfork cost?

Something more than usually surreal is pumping out of the righty Wurlitzer just here lately; it seems there’s a revolution coming, but it’s not the one you’d think.  As the rest of their countrymen slide into the abyss, those who’ve profited most richly all these years, promoting the destructive policies that created this catastrophe, are [...]

Mt fuji


They took a pay cut for this?

I have often wondered why Republicans compulsively abuse their power, often gratuitously and at some political expense, when doing so flies so blatantly in the face of their constant hosannahs to small government, even lately   producing rightward dissidents like Ron Paul, whose candidacy was a small disaster for them (of many, thank god…)   [...]

sunrise over (little) Beirut

Sunrise this morning from the hag veranda.

The empire strikes out

As the bricks of our haphazardly-built empire fall like rain around us, the Military Industrial Complex and its media enablers seem to be the last to realize that no amount of fear-mongering, tap-dancing, or historical revisionism can disguise the fact that, as a country, we can no longer afford our dreams of world domination, not [...]