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Let’s put on a show

At some point, American politics completely ceased to be about what it was intended to be, that is, a battle of ideas to govern a democracy, and became what we have today: a tawdry and sensational television program in which some characters come and go, but each episode returns exactly to where it started.  Indeed, [...]

hate radio

Sounding rather like a cartoon villain, Rush Limbaugh just confidently assured  his audience of the myriad ways Democrats, liberals, and others were going to be persecuted, humiliated, and eliminated, once they were righteously driven from power by real Americans and a vengeful, oppressive government would make them pay dearly, apparently  led by him.  You tell [...]

Hung over in seattle

Having just exited the bar car on the unusually deserted Coast Starlight, I’ve returned from a trip to Seattle, to work on the penthouse garden owned by my friend Bob.  It’s always enjoyable going up there; reading on the train, fussing over the now beautifully mature garden that I designed and planted  ten years ago [...]

Batter up

Well, it’s a good thing I’m not some smarty pants editor of that commie rag, the New York Times, because if I were, I’d be nervous as a whore in church. You see, any minute now, Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg could be walking in, to pummel me with baseball bats.  They said so.  On [...]

Story time with uncle dick

Over at Politico, three intrepid journalists, Joe, Moe, and Curly, looked around Washington, and not seeing anything interesting or consequential going on, piled into the minivan for a trip to a dumpy, unmarked office in suburban Virginia to uncover some real news, from the one source they trust, Dick Cheney.  Scampering down the hallway, they [...]

Fire their asses

We have been asked to sit politely through a lot of outrages in the past several years, and worse, we’ve had to sit through a few just here lately, when we thought we had voted this away.  But this one, I simply can’t put up with. Like a MacArthur, but without any discernible successes, ol’ [...]

Reading the ticker tape

I thought that an important element of any political discourse in the peculiar political environment in which we find ourselves would be the identification, and dissection, of right-wing talking points.  Each day, a fresh set is trotted out to distract from what is actually happening, and everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Shooter242 repeat them by [...]

Out from “under God”

Well, what a surprise.  In filing belated expense disclosures with the State of California after a failed bid to keep donors secret, which is against California law, the Mormons report that in addition to the $20 million its members donated to the Yes on 8 campaign, it seems that the church itself coughed up about [...]

Bridges to nowhere

I’m beginning to feel some trepidation regarding the bailout, which now seems certain to pass in some form.  What little of it is destined to be spent on anything useful, i.e., infrastructure, is going to be dedicated, in large part, to  ”shovel-ready” projects, which might be more accurately called deferred maintenance, when something much more [...]