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No, you can’t

Lest anyone think, not without plenty of reason, that by virtue of its title this post is a cri de coeur of disappointment about our current President, I would like to allay your fears.  This is Cocktailhag News Network, after all, and like many other news networks, we try to focus on the more trivial [...]

A million dollars

I’ve always understood, from an early age, some people’s reticence about discussing money, and indeed blanched a bit in the company of those who dwelled on the subject, but the behavior of our financial overlords on Wall Street as they stuff their pockets with taxpayer money before our very eyes isn’t just reprehensible, although it [...]

dog bites man

It’s all over the tubes today, still, (well, HuffPoo, but that sorta counts) that, wonder of wonders, one of Pam Anderson’s, uh, boobs, popped out of her costume at Fashion Week.  It seems that only the media was shocked that something that ought to be floating down the street in the Macy’s parade, leaving a [...]

Book saloon: “knightfall,” by davis merritt

UPDATE:  This morning, McClatchy announced that it would cut 1600 jobs, or 15% of its workforce. Telling a depressingly familiar story now playing out across America, Davis Merritt, in his excellent book “Knightfall,” outlines the bottom line driven collapse of the Knight newspaper chain after its merger with Ridder, (both now debt-laden and ailing subsidiaries [...]

Big day at ut

Hey, Hag readers, let’s give a shout out to Glenn Greenwald, ( ) who with Amy Goodman just won the Izzy Award for independent journalism, and also had a birthday today.  Shamefully enough, the first person to suggest a gift for the very deserving GG was pieceofcake, quite late in the day; I felt cheaper [...]

chewing up the scenery

“I get no thrill….  from this atomic age; My home is still….  upon the Palace stage,   Where life’s a song, as long as I can say, I belong to the wonderful world of the two-a-day.” —- Vaudeville medley, Jerry Herman In the surreal world of the American right, the systematic substitution of appearance for [...]

dunces of the confederacy

Just because there are higher incidences of things like toothlessness, obesity, gun ownership, illiteracy, wheeled homes, and Rush Limbaugh devotees in the Old South than elsewhere in America, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad place, but merely that it might not be the very best source of  intellectual enlightenment at this rather  pivotal moment in [...]