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then it must be so

Many tired, fiction-based excuses have been trotted out for not prosecuting the war crimes of the Bush Administration, particularly torture, and all have become mind-numbingly familiar by now, but it seems that flat-worlder Tom Friedman had to think about them for a while, perhaps talk to a few cab drivers, before he weighed in on [...]

The cheerleaders take the field

CHNN/NEW YORK  Probably one of the most disturbing phenomena of the post 9/11 era is that much of the media, particularly television news, has not only abandoned its mission, but increasingly it takes an aggressive, leading role in pushing false narratives on the public, silencing valid criticisms of the government, and actively engaging in coverups [...]

Bobbitting The Dick and His Smile

I have never forgotten that moment when I heard in 1993 that Lorena Bobbit hit that final straw moment with her drunken, abusive husband John Wayne and severed his penis and found the most creative way ever to say, “I’ve had it and won’t take it any more!” She was so amazed at what she [...]

The Politicization of crime

While it was occurring, I thought it was as demented as it was counterproductive for Republicans to impeach Bill Clinton for job-unrelated behavior that everyone knew was cheesy, sleazy, and dumb, but certainly not the high crimes and misdemeanors in office impeachment requires.  After being trounced in the 1998 midterms, and still going through with [...]

Greetings from Brooklyn, NY

After a rather grueling Jet Blue flight via, for some reason, Long Beach, I am here, and I thought I’d share with y’all a great video my friend here, Naomi, shot and styled for her friend Dana Boule, and choreographed with her martial arts guru, as you’ll see.  The song is a true story, with [...]

What are we, chopped liver?

Boy oh boy, you can bet that John Yoo, Jay Bybee, Dick Cheney, et al are as jealous as can be right now, because a client of their favorite law firm, Baker Botts, just accidentally showed them how torture is really done, and these guys don’t need any stinking memos, either.  It seems that over [...]

who’s the worst cocktailhag in the world?

  UPDATE BELOW: NPR “Train wreck” Well, today it would be Rep. Jane Harman. That boozy, power-grabbing harridan, it seems, got so pissed off in late 2004 that she hurled a really big drink at rival Nancy Pelosi, who unfortunately ducked while John Kerry was left shame-facedly picking the broken glass, fruit, and parasols off [...]

but what about the hookers?

Newsweek has just published a lengthy, ground-breaking article about Eliot Spitzer, perhaps erroneously placed under the heading “politics,” based on numerous probing and insightful personal interviews with crack reporter Jonathan Darman (son of Richard?), who really took an arresting but sadly no longer novel approach to such a story.  At least one of two possible [...]

Fight Em or Join Em by Jukin the Stats and Creatin Reality

The harsh reality of these two painful choices came crashing in on me harder than ever this week. After Holder-Obama decided to release the Torture Memos, I watched most bloggers make one of two choices. On one side, are those empire doomsdayers who say you are forever screwed by the system and the powerful elite. [...]

send in the bugs

Just around the time I’d gotten used to penis-slicing as an unpleasant but necessary “method” to scare away the monsters under our beds, I found out that the endless creativity of our intelligence agencies had produced something even more diabolical, but subtler and assuredly less messy.  You have to hand it to them, in a [...]