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The revolution, brought to you by…

  I’ve lived in central Portland all of my life, and downtown much of that, and during that time, I’ve attended innumerable rallies, protests, and whatnot.  I still remember last fall, when a friend and I were contemplating going to the Obama rally, hours hence, and from my balcony noticed a line forming below.  It [...]

now they tell them

It seems as though some of the sponsors of the teabagging movement, having soldiered on in embarrassed silence about what that means, finally got around to sending a little warning to the peons.  Naturally, they  did so with only the tiniest hints of the truth, primly skirting the issue by hinting at some unspecified “double [...]

shut up about rights

One thing I’ve been shamefully neglecting here lately, mostly because it’s all so depressing, is how abundantly clear it is that Americans as a people, and certainly those they choose to lead them, don’t give a rat’s ass about the freedoms we used to brag about.  They’ve been methodically flushed down the toilet for years [...]

Coming wednesday, to a scrotum near you

Well, the teabaggers are gearing up for their hoedown, and reading about it over at FOX, and more hilariously, in their comments section, I confess I’m getting a little caught up in the excitement.  As an avid aficionado of obesity, toothlessness, and misspelled signs, these things are, to me, like the Macy’s Parade of stoopid, [...]

The Power of Delayed Gratification

  “It’s a boy!” my son gleefully shouted simultaneously with the doc and nurses to his wife upon the cesarean birth of my 9 ½ pound grandson Jack as he emerged into the world at 11:02PM on April 7. My son and daughter-in-law made the now rare decision to be surprised about the gender because [...]

Crazy: it’s the new normal

For the past few weeks, I’ve been meaning to write about Glenn Beck, the teabaggers, and the utter, forehead-slapping craziness that has enveloped the Right, and for some reason haven’t been able to.  Not because there isn’t enough material, mind you, but because writing a 600-word piece about a movement (as in “bowel”) so deliciously [...]

They should know

UPDATE BELOW: A petition is apparently circulating among the tumbleweeds in the dusty, long since evacuated newsroom of the Los Angeles Times, saying to no one that the paper’s decision to run an Onion-like (minus the funny, natch) fake news story that was really an ad for a new NBC series on the front page [...]

the cuckoo’s nest

As it has become increasingly clear that torture, as both practice and policy, is going to continue to be covered up, if no longer celebrated, in and on behalf of our government for the foreseeable future, it seems that no one wants to talk about why.  Surely Vince Flynn’s proudly fascistic, torture-glorifying novels have nothing [...]

the mushroom planet

Because of continuing interest in the lovely Mushroom, and pressed on by the gorgeous weather, I walked up the park after work with my camera to take a few more shots of it, so those not blessed with its presence could know it as I do.  First there’s the beetle’s eye view from under the [...]

Two little lovers….

RMP posted this at UT, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting Sadly, No’s take, so far not forthcoming. It seems that Ann Althouse, she of the box wine, Rush Limbaugh fetish, and unfortunate figure issues, has unaccountably found a husband among her commenters.  I’m reminded of my mother, who would say when she encountered an unusually [...]