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The war of terror: welcome to it

Since the shocking but grimly unsurprising murder this morning of “abortion doctor” George Tiller by an O’Reilly-sodden and Operation Rescue-enamored righty nutcase, I got a curious sense of deja vu, and reading more, have developed a bleak acceptance that this is the new normal.  The anti-sex movement, which includes “pro-lifers” as well as gay bashers [...]

On the rag again

Owing to the rampant criminality now pervading the right that got its toehold a quite few years before Nixon felt the need to say, at Disney World no less, “I am not a crook,” Republicans have adopted a curiously paradoxical soft-on-crime strategy; turning its proven criminals, one and all, in to what might generously be [...]

Excuse me, but my refrigerator is running

While never pleasurable, listening to Republicans talk these days has gotten to, not to put too fine a point on it, be the kind of thing normal people would climb out a bathroom window to avoid.  Happily, it never happens, because Republicans are no longer on speaking terms with the normal, and haven’t been since [...]

…But the building is nice

Reading the New York Times with unusual thoroughness over the holiday weekend, I found myself annoyed, and a little embarrassed, that so much of it was, well, garbage.  Worse, it was garbage of the most common and insulting sort:  fawning, shallow interviews, dubious, poorly-sourced claims presented as fact, “balance” in the form of risibly false [...]

Asses and Pigs; no elephants need apply

I just can’t buy the elephant as a symbol for the Republican party. The Democratic donkey seems appropriate because members do make an asses out of themselves more than they should and many cling stubbornly to their issue regardless of whether it has any chance of becoming a reality. What the Repug character, not true [...]

Conserving resources with the no-balls right

UPDATE:  The waterboarding segment was featured, as I’d hoped, on Countdown tonight. (link in comments)  Not that I think this occurrence was directly attributable to the Hag…   For weeks now, Keith Olbermann has been beating the drum to have Sean Hannity waterboarded, to a degree that almost seemed undignified, that is until today.  You [...]

In The Ring With Jesse

” ‘I just don’t know him (Dick Cheney) anymore,’ said Brent Scowcroft, former national security adviser to George H. W. Bush.  According to Lawrence Wilkerson, (former Secretary of State Colin) Powell’s chief of staff:  ‘Cheney was traumatized by 9/11.  The poor guy became paranoid.’  Having underestimated the al Qaeda threat before 9/11, Cheney overcompensated; in [...]

it must be our freedoms

Emboldened by how well the fear-mongering campaign against closing Guantanamo has been succeeding amongst dumber Americans like Glenn Beck and Harry Reid, the Pentagon went ahead and does what it does best: release a completely fabricated report to “bolster” it.  And it’s a thing to behold.  With a military budget like ours, can’t we afford [...]

fit to print

To: Paunch Sulzburger, From: Overpaid Consultant RE: “Talent” Good seeing you the other night, Paunch.  The lighting in that restaurant did make you appear taller and less bald.  But let’s cut to the chase here.  Some of that dead wood on your OP/ED page is so petrified you guys don’t need an iceberg to [...]

book saloon: so damn much money

While I was traveling I finished Robert Kaiser’s So Damn Much Money, The Triumph of Lobbying and the Corrosion of American Government. (Knopf, 2009.)  It was an enjoyable if intermittently infuriating read, tainted as always by a Villager perspective characteristic of but hardly limited to Washington Post reporters like Robert Kaiser.  Corruption, like weather, is just [...]