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Stuart Smalley saves the senate

When Air America announced its intention to become the lone liberal voice in talk radio, to begin to counter the utter dominance of that medium by the Right, way back in 2003, it was music to my ears.  Working often alone, building things and tearing them down, not necessarily in that order, some aural stimulation [...]

Racism… it’s the new black

I got home today, and as I usually do, popped into Glenn Greenwald at Salon, to see if he’d gotten all Greenwaldian and put up another post while I was at work, knowing that if he hadn’t, the letters would have poured in since 6:00am and it could take a whole bottle of something to [...]

you can say that again….

Turns out that Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Republican, natch, since he was on TV, found Gov. Mark “tan lines” Sanford’s recent unpleasantness “sad and troubling and hypocritical.”  To which the Hag would add “hilarious and predictable and typical,” if I didn’t know how to string words together grammatically.  Pawlenty’s complaint? That “the words and [...]


Just checking the news wire on this Sunday night.  Here’s the latest on the Silvio story. See first comment …

I’ll have what she’s having

With my customary Sunday morning dread, I leafed past the letters in the NYT Magazine, knowing that just a page or two away, a Deborah Solomon “interview” with some thug, criminal, or charlatan would, as usual, be another head-slapping missed opportunity, wherein the creep in question would fool Solomon again, and in the journalistic equivalent [...]

The No-Way-Both-Ways Neocon-Repug Rules

If you look at any political remark from Neocons-Repugs they will first say “No way!” then ask any fools listening to believe it is just dandy for them to have it both-ways using twisted logic and facts. These forked tongue, con artists operate under the following rules: Never talk about the consequences of the current [...]

Helen Speaks

One of the things I do in my free time, besides write this blog and drink to excess, is write the occasional love letter to Helen Thomas.  Now, I don’t like to bother her.  I only do it when she says something so typically transcendent and BS-cutting that I just can’t resist….  Like she did [...]

boiling frogs, and all that

Seems it was 104 degrees in Houston today, home of Bush Intercontinental Airport and its lavish Fox News concept store  (“you talk French like you’re intercontinental…”) and with the stifling humidity that is just a tiny part of that lovely town’s charm, it was effectively 110.  Highest June temperatures since 1980.  That, and the scariest [...]

The elephant in the room

It’s always tempting and often dishearteningly accurate to look around, fancy-pants liberal elitist that I am, and notice that a huge number of Americans are stupid.  Worse, they’re proud of it.  Every day is Dumb Pride day, from sea to shining sea.  And dumbness is celebrated, even exalted, in the media as though it were [...]

I was abroad that day

The mercurial cracker governor from a tooth-deprived armpit of the Old Confederacy, Mark Sanford, has up and confessed his affair with a south-of the-border tamale, whose hotness turned out to be more important than Father’s Day with his four (!) sons, the names of whom were fortunately included in his prepared statement on the subject, [...]