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Hunger in Oregon: CHNN Interviews Phil Kalberer

Business is booming at Oregon Food Bank, the nonprofit organization that gathers and distributes food to the hungry in Oregon that began under Republican Governor Vic Atiyeh back in the 80′s, when the USDA was trying to unload surplus food, and has grown to a $12 million operation serving the entire state.   Today I [...]

That’s Where the Money Is

It seems that there are two ways to rob a bank; one of which is awfully difficult and scary and might even land one in either jail or the morgue; the other, far better one is a lot easier, cleaner, more profitable, and carries no discernible consequences, and has therefore skyrocketed ahead in both popularity, [...]

Heat Wave Update

My previous optimism about the ending of the heat wave having been cruelly dashed, it’s 7:00 pm in Little Beirut, and it’s 104.  At this point, I don’t even care anymore.  What, really, is the difference between 100 and 100-something? Not much, let me tell you.  I was working in a basement again. thank God, [...]

Urban Oasis

Seven or eight years ago I was called upon to do something with this garden, which at the time had one plant, no trees, a high retaining wall at the rear, a large, trailer-esque stilt home looming above it, and adjoined the house by way of a porch that had been artlessly enclosed with basically [...]

last night while I was knitting in the breeze at the symphony

Verdi’s Aida in an emerald gown… then Rachmaninoff An angel in warm brown skin sang Verdi’s arias from Aidawhile wearing a brilliant emerald gownand then… “Summertime”as an encore. A curtain of crickets and cicadas chirped and hummed alongin the background, a baffle of sound surroundingthe music from the band shell, againstthe looming night and the [...]

The Power of Dreams

Weather Update:  3:00 pm PDT:  Well, it’s 3:00 pm and still a temperate 100 out, far short of the 105 predicted here and elsewhere, with humidity in the mere 20′s and the difference is palpable.  It’s still like Hell, but with a side salad.  I’m interested to see how this welcome shift affects crazy dreams…. More [...]

Rumsfeld: The Cold Wind

“By the time he left office, few would speak up for him.  Even Peter Pace – the marine general who as chairman of the joint chiefs was sufficiently close to Mr. Rumsfeld for Robert Gates, current defence secretary, to refuse to nominate him for a customary second term – weighed in after his retirement.  ‘I’m [...]

And Now, The Weather

Update:  Accuweather reports that the humidity has dropped into the twenties, but it’s now an infernal 103 degrees.  Whew.  I guess things dry up when you’re in a danged kiln….. Update II:  It’s after 9:30 pm, and it’s “down” to 94, but with humidity up to 34%…  six of one, and all.  If I couldn’t make [...]

A Virtual Half-Grapefruit For Sarah Palin: Pow! Right In The Kisser!

“For when people try to take it (liberty) away, and bring to trial, not only the acts which alone are capable of offending, but also the opinions of mankind, they only succeed in surrounding their victims with an appearance of martyrdom, and raise feelings of pity and revenge rather than of terror.  Uprightness and good [...]

Book Saloon: Echo Chamber

People are often puzzled as to why I read, almost exclusively, nonfiction books.  The reason they find this so odd, in part, is because they perceive nonfiction to be the sort of dry, boring, graph and statistic-filled stuff they were forced to read in college, or the textbooks through which they plodded in high school, [...]