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What does America OWE the PON?

The future for the Party of No (PON) and Own Worst Enemy (OWE) was projected by The Heel on Hag’s GOP thoughts Friday when he (oops, could be a she or a variation) The Heel posted, “My gut feeling is that the left is lulling itself into this complacent notion of certainty about the GOPs [...]

Mushroom Redux

I went up to the mushroom building today, and it was oddly quiet up there, now that the exterior work is finished.  Two units are now for sale, the first of which having dropped its price by $100,000.  As my brother is also discovering to his untold chagrin, the market for high-end view properties is [...]

Affirmative Action, GOP Style

The unusually naked racism pouring forth from the GOP lately, greatly amplified by the gasbags on television,  and still led by Pat Buchanan, who has been feeding America this revolting Southern Strategy hate speech for 40 years, seems to have brought Republicans to their final cul-de-sac.  As they’ve coddled the fears and hatreds of white [...]

Can shoe boxes wake up America or even the world?

Oprah, yes I still occasionally watch, did another show yesterday on shopaholic moms and how their obsession to shop hurts themselves and their families. One mom, woke up to her addiction when, you’ll like this Hag, the piles of very expensive shoe boxes in her large walk-in closet fell on her head. Of course, like [...]

Three Teens Attacked Me

While I was manning our Dem booth at the County Fair yesterday, I was approached by three white teens about 12-15 years old. They immediately started attacking me with Repug mantra charges about Obama, we had a life-sized poster for pictures image of him in our booth, health care and taxes. They also were praising [...]

Is that a boot on my desk?

The story is depressingly familiar; working in the construction industry, I’ve grown accustomed to cutbacks all around me, from suppliers to the city permit office and everything in between.  For the first time in recent memory, multiple empty retail spaces punctuate every walk through downtown, the condo market has completely collapsed, and those projects that [...]

Recession news from chnn

I’ll be interviewing one of the newest of the newly unemployed this evening, my buddy Aaron next door who just got laid off today, and seeing a visiting  friend, Jo, from back in the old days, when I was the Production Manager at Ballet Oregon, 20-some years ago and she was our premier soloist dancer, [...]

Up on The Roof

  One of the great pleasures of creating gardens is watching them evolve and mature over time; indeed, a new garden takes several years just to provide the shade, structure, and privacy intended, and it takes at least a few seasons to eliminate poorly performing plants where needed, fill in bare spots, and make the [...]

Berlusconi Chats Before Bedtime

The heretofore unknown romantic voice of Silvio Berlusconi is heard here, along with some slight panting, as a woman, Patrizia D-Addario, described as an “escort,” secretly records an exchange in the Italian prime minister’s boudoir, in Rome, sometime during early November, 2008.

Give me Libertarian pundits or give me death (of our future)

Please read this article that ran in the WaPo on July 17 before proceeding further. What’s Next, Mr. President – Cardigans? The authors are Nick Gillespie the editor of and Matt Welch is editor of Reason magazine. They will discuss this article online at 11 a.m. on Monday at The article [...]