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Running to Mommy

The right has fallen into something of a rut of late; so deliriously successful have they been with their strategy of dramatically doing and saying the most outrageous and vile things they can think of and then even more dramatically wailing, fainting, and demanding sympathy (and of course revenge) over the entirely predictable reaction, that [...]

Can a government own a newspaper and not exert political influence?

We’re very familiar with civilian publishers and the political slant they force on their staffs. There are many foreign governments, especially in the East who totally control their papers, not ones they own, but all papers. When I was stationed in Korea 1970-71, President Park Chung Hee would not let any Korean papers print a [...]

Hostess Tips

I recently was able to access old writings from about ten years ago on my old computer, which certainly will come in handy when I’m too lazy or drunk to post…  Here’s one from October 1999. Entertaining in a Politically Correct World: Pitfalls for the Modern Hostess The Politically Correct era has, as we all [...]

“Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts….”

UPDATE: Alert Hag reader Sysprog noted, tastefully by email, that my original attribution of “Don’t confuse me with the facts,” and therefore kinda the whole point of this post, were not actually the words of Roman Hruska, but rather the similarly addled Earl Landgrebe.  Those wingnuts all look (and sound) alike to me.  Someone in [...]

Et Tu, David?

The Oregonian used to have two associate editors, David Sarasohn, a cranky liberal with a great sense of humor, and David Reinhard, an unreconstructed homophobe and serial liar from the right.  Reinhard seems to have disappeared of late; as the Oregonian has contracted to the point where its $2 daily could be made into a [...]

The Last Brother

The death of Senator Ted Kennedy marks the death of the last of four brothers who all died trying to save their country from wars waged on innocents by the always-imperial and conquering Right.  The first, Joe, was fighting fascism in Europe when he was killed at age 29, John (temporarily) saved us from Richard [...]

I Spilled Some.

That was the rather laughably unlikely explanation an ex of mine once gave for the astonishingly rapid disappearance of a half gallon of gin, but it was admittedly delivered tongue-in-cheek.  Not so laughably, however,  we now are hearing from the CIA, in its heavily redacted document dump, that quite a lot of detainees were simply [...]

Move Over, Torquemada

Well, the CIA’s IG report on torture was released today, mostly to yawns.  So what if we threatened to kill a detainee’s children?  Who cares if we said we would sexually assault a detainee’s mother, in front of him, natch…  What’s the big deal about staging mock executions, since it appears that we also had [...]

M$Mers blithely ignoring the terrible to horrific consequences of their work

I think Klein’s evolution in the past couple of years has been admirable. After getting beaten up for being Crazy Pete’s sock puppet on FISA he began to be a little more critical, and he’s done a real service in pushing back on the neocons’ charges of anti-Semitism. By virtue of his standing in the [...]

Saturday Music: Our Love

This song has been running through my head of late; Rhett Miller’s “Our Love,” from his album “The Instigator.” It’s that danged Doctor’s fault; coming up on fifteen years.