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The Truth Squad

UPDATE BELOW: It seems that the only thing that is too indecent and/or inappropriate to be uttered in public discourse these days is, well, the truth.  You see, the media have bet all their chips on lies from sea to shining sea ever since Al Gore “invented the internet,” and truth today in the media, [...]

The Silver Lining

It’s nice to hear, amid the relentlessly gloomy news on the employment front, that several sectors of the economy have many well-paid jobs for which there is a perennial shortage of applicants, and show no sign of either downsizing or pay cuts.  Indeed, if any of the “talent,” were to get fed up and leave, [...]

The Tangled Web

As I’ve noted before, one of the neatest things about righty discourse is the way it so perfectly packages every fear and hatred, albeit haphazardly, into a baroquely  nefarious conspiracy that, lo and behold, turns out to be diabolically connected.  To normal people, it might seem a little on the insane side for Glenn Beck [...]

Tremendous Exponential Future vs. Incredible Selfish Stupidity

I took a serious look at the world’s future when I attended a masters degree course on the future in Hawaii in 1973 for a public administration degree. My classmates were mostly Vietnam veterans who went off when our professor entered with his long hair, unkempt beard, Hawaiian shirt, Bermudas and sandals. I suspected many [...]


Silvio Berlusconi, the uber man’s man of Italian politics, arrived in Pittsburgh this week for the G-20 summit and appeared to have lots of energy, judging by these pictures wherein he greets First Lady Michelle Obama – and the other fellow. He’s my kind of guy!

Whither, Snowy Peak?

Today the Portland Water bureau announced that it would henceforth be “blending” groundwater from its emergency wells with our customarily pristine Bull Run water from Mt. Hood, to assure that we “don’t run out” as the quite visibly bone-dry mountain awaits the fall and winter rainy seasons. Like most mountains, Mt Hood has lost massive [...]

Good Money after Bad

Several items in the news both here and nationwide remind me that in today’s America, we will only throw good money after bad; spending precious funds and actually getting something for them in return is considered risky, wasteful, and a woefully inappropriate response to our straitened circumstances.  And how, pray, did our circumstances become so [...]

Halloween XXVII

Is there any such thing anymore as a Republican deemed unworthy of opining on the news of the day?  Is there any conduct so aberrant, lie so flagrant, hypocrisy so astounding, nor unbroken record of utter failure enough to get these blowhards off the TV and Op/Ed pages once and for all? No, Virginia, there [...]

Banking on the Bust

About ten years ago, the bank in which I deposited my first savings as a kid and that had served me reasonably well for a couple of decades, US National Bank of Oregon, was purchased by a Minnesota concern, which immediately raised fees, created a cryptic system of posting deposits and debits that left me [...]

The Time of Illusion

One of my favorite books to emerge from the Watergate era, and there are many, is Jonathan Schell’s The Time of Illusion.  In it, Schell discusses the myriad ways that the Nixon Administration created a world where truth didn’t matter; wars were fought, laws were made and lives were either exalted or destroyed based on [...]