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Rachel, are you our future?

When Junior’s guilty daddy Bush 41 saw how his political “ends justify the means” tactics with Roger Ailes and his vicious Willie Horton ad has led to angry, propaganda Faux News and the parody of reality Glenn Beck, senior told CBS radio that both the right and left were to blame. He then volunteered to [...]

News Network, My Ass

UPDATED BELOW: In an infuriatingly all-too rare moment, the Obama Administration actually let someone say something that desperately needed to be said and, so far at least, hasn’t retracted it and/or fired the poor child for impudently pointing out the Emperor’s nudity.  It was like a bracing gust of fresh air through a humid, stinky [...]

Fingers in the Dike

Since I’m going to LA next week, I’ve been dropping into the LATimes website more often, and scrolling past the usual horsemen of LA apocalypse, like wildfires and, well, rain, it seems there’s always a story about another water main break, some of them quite spectacular.  Of course, this depressing phenomenon is familiar in many [...]

And if You Believe That….

Today the Oregonian ran a front page story about how the endangered Columbia/Snake River salmon were “evolving” in such a way as to peacefully coexist with the many dams they must negotiate to reach their spawning grounds.  It seems that salmon fingerlings, or at least some of them, are “choosing” to hang out in the [...]

Paper Moons

It’s only a paper moon, hanging over a cardboard sea, but it wouldn’t be make believe if you believed in me. While it’s probably somewhat redundant at this point to pile on poor Michael Steele for his brand new but flabbergastingly idiotic “What Up (!) ?” web site, I still feel a need to do so, [...]

All About Me

Somewhere along the way, the television bobbleheads who are technically supposed to be reporting the “news” gave up entirely on that worthy endeavor in favor of talking about their favorite subject…  themselves.  Oh, they often elaborately pay faux homage to “real Americans,” meaning those reliably hypothetical wretched souls who don’t happen to rake in millions [...]

What will a war protest really accomplish?

(CORRECTION: The song by Dave Martin that was written the night before the rally was one called ‘We Mourn.’ Dave wrote ‘Speak Out Truth to Power’ in March of 2003, the weekend after the US began bombing Iraq.) On a sunny day in May of 2007, after having been recruited to become a precinct committeeman, [...]

Movies in Black and White

Ever since Nixon, the American Right has essentially given up on facts, logic, and evidence, preferring to focus on comic book narratives wherein they’re always the plucky, all-American heroes, fighting valiantly against forces of pure evil.  Unable to sell the efficacy of any of their policy goals on the merits, the world has been imaginatively [...]

Meet Your Monster

Today I met up with my brother downtown, and we went to the opening festivities of Mercy Corps, the Portland-based international relief organization, which just opened a new headquarters building in Old Town, right next to the venerable Skidmore Fountain.  (Inscription:  ”Citizens: The Riches of a City”….) My nephew’s band, “Meet Your Monster,” was playing, [...]

Peace Out….

UPDATED BELOW:  Obama responds to the Hag. So how many wars does a guy have to have going to be out of the running for a “Peace” prize?  As US bombs rained down upon THE MOON, our President took some time off from choosing the size of his escalation of an eight-year war, doing nothing [...]