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City Beautification, LA Style

Thank heaven that Los Angeles has finally taken a firm stance against urban blight; since a place like that clearly knows it when it sees it.  You see, probably dusky-hued “taggers” evidently defaced the Los Angeles River by painting something untoward on its “”3 story” concrete banks; four blocks of offensive writing that said “MTA: [...]

Feeling the Earth Move

I’m not entirely sure why, but the rash of earthquakes in the Pacific of late seem portentous to me; the Ring of Fire seems to be moving out of its recent quiescent phase into something a little more, well, unsettled.  And, since I live here, I find this a little nerve-wracking.  Growing up, I learned [...]


Sheesh.  Seems like Mary Cheney and the Park Ranger have another little turkey baster bun in the oven, trust fund already set up, while the rest of America has all but stopped having babies due to the havoc wrought by Grandpa and his organ grinder monkey.  That’s nice. Stories like these make it difficult at [...]

The Hag and the WaPoo

On the last thread, Mikeinportc alerted me to the fact that the Wapoo is eagerly looking for a Froomkin replacement, only cheaper, and flattered me by saying I ought to apply.  Now that the WaPoo is so cheap and debased that it’s resorting to “American Idol”-like contests to fill its laughable mockery of an op/ed [...]

Shit Sandwiches in the USA

According to a lengthy New York Times article yesterday about a young woman who contracted e. coli and ended up paralyzed from eating a hamburger, the term “shit sandwich” is more than just a snappy metaphor.  You see, the secret ingredient in “American Chef’s Selection Angus Beef Patties” is, well, shit.  Worse, the shit might [...]

Imagine a world where everyone only can tell the truth

I became a glass half full guy when I was trying to figure out in my childhood living with a mentally ill, bipolar mother how I could be such a delight one moment and the dirty devil the next. Deep down I believed my mother loved me. I wanted to find a way to accept [...]

When Love Goes Wrong

In interviews prior to the release of his new film, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” Michael Moore said that he was making this movie as though it might be his last, and it’s easy to see why; the individual threads of his previous work have all been beautifully woven into an an astonishing tapestry of greed, [...]

Wars R Us

Just when most Amercans were beginning to think that part of our problem might be that we’re in too many wars, the Washington Ignoratti declare, with the characteristic oracular certainty that is their unfortunate hallmark, that the real problem is too few.  After all, where’s our 9/12 spirit, now that all those hypothetically glorious wars [...]