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Orange is the New Red

UPDATE BELOW: Michael Moore is getting a quite a bad rap today for the open letter he published at Daily Kos in which he had the temerity to publicly call for President Obama not to essentially make the Afghan misadventure a permanent thing.  The horrified cries of treachery and America-hating naturally rained down, of course, [...]

Eating Crow at Warp Speed

I don’t ordinarily go to Hollywood movies, an accidental abstinence born of a fortuitous blend of good old fashioned liberal elitism, cheapness, and bitter experience.  There is nothing more annoying than leaving a theater, fingers still slightly greasy from an overpriced bucket of popcorn I ate despite knowing better, and having also wasted twenty bucks [...]

Homophobes, religious faith and right wing fanatics share the same fear

American military male homophobes incessantly whine that to allow gays into my foxhole means I could be seduced or raped and so I couldn’t concentrate on killing the enemy because those fags wouldn’t be there to protect my ass, but to attack it. Lesbians aren’t technically allowed in the foxhole, yet if allowed to have [...]

Time on Their Hands

Perhaps there’s some significance to the fact that I just ran across Time Magazine’s November 24 article, “A Decade From Hell” on the morning of Black Friday, only to find that that discredited, desperate, and clueless publication blames the disastrous first decade of the 21st century on everything except the despicable media malpractice that made [...]

Book Saloon: The Great Derangement

Like most people, I have some difficulty pinpointing the exact date on which I fell in love with Matt Taibbi.  Was it that time when Glenn Greenwald quoted him discussing the wanton heap of corruption that is Tom Daschle by writing, “…he would blow a corpse for a cheeseburger?”  Was it just the other day, [...]

The Snake Pit

This postpartisan thing?  Count me out.  Throughout his campaign, but particularly after assuming office, Obama indulged in a fantasy few capable of fogging a mirror would entertain: that Republicans could be responsible partners in this experiment we call Democracy.  The guy went to Harvard, and he believes that?  I confess I hoped he was lying. [...]

The No-Talent Show

I have often groused dyspeptically about the tawdry circus acts that have replaced political discourse in this country, and the insulting way in which our media stars never fail eat it up, like slow children gazing in slack-jawed amazement at an unusually bad magician. Such misguided adulation then trickles down to the  dumber members of [...]

America needs immediate treatment for its AA addiction to itself

American Arrogance not only leads us into unnecessary wars and other international disasters it also means our execution of these failed-from-the-start missions is woefully inadequate. That’s because Americans continue to insist that they are superior to everyone else in the world. When you are superior that means you know better than those inferiors you are [...]

Gold Card Teabagging

On Wednesday evening, Al Gore appeared at the Keller Auditorium to promote his new book and raise funds for gubernatorial candidate Bill Bradbury, and I didn’t go, having just attended another event the previous evening, and not thinking it would be particularly newsy.  Well, it was.  The night before, the auditorium was vandalized by teabaggers [...]

Teabagging with Rich Lowry

Life must be pretty frustrating for third-tier righties these days; for eight long years they dominated the op/ed pages, waxing hawkish and Randian as the country did the same, spreading their tiny wings in the bright dawn of the Permanent Republican Majority.  Lack of real world experience or any discernible talent was no obstacle in [...]