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The Hit Man Switches Teams

Last night John Perkins spoke at the Student Union ballroom at Portland State University before an enthusiastic crowd of about 300, promoting his latest book, “Hoodwinked,” about the ongoing economic crash.  In a wide-ranging speech that veered from shrunken heads to corporate personhood, Perkins exudes hope that out of the ashes of the predatory capitalism [...]

Shameful Bowing Ignorance

I’m well aware that facts are irrelevant when it comes to Repugs and RWCAs. They daily show American voters their exceptional hypocrite skills and choice of choosing power over facts and what is best for our nation. On Obama’s trip to Japan, they saw our president bending low when greeting the Emperor and immediately concluded [...]

More Running To Mommy

I touched on this subject Saturday, discussing Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin, and also wrote about it at some length in an August 31 piece, entitled, “Running to Mommy,” but basically, I’m getting a little tired of the phenomena of Republicans (and I include Joe Lieberman of course….) behaving badly for no other reason than [...]

War Hawks and President Obama, the COST is much too high

Frank Rich in his op-ed today really nailed the Afghanistan myths and the War Hawks deadly foolish desire to send 40-80,00 more troops into a mission and country they clearly don’t understand: McChrystal thinks we might even jolly up those Muslims who historically and openly hate America. “I don’t think much of the Taliban are [...]

Chicago Politics

“Back since the days of old Methuselah, Everyone loves a big bamboozler.” I was forcibly reminded of Fred Ebb’s immortal lyrics from “Chicago” as I watched Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean take to the airwaves, mercilessly, these past few days to generally make asses of themselves, but nonetheless be treated with undeserved respect and attention [...]

Go Gay, The Homeless Will Pay

I guess it’s a matter of priorities.  It seems that the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, DC has officially announced, well, threatened, that if the DC City Council approves gay marriage, they would “no longer to be able” to do any charitable work under city contract.  So there.  My first thought is that this same question [...]

The Return of Chatty Cathy

Growing up, my sister had a doll named Chatty Cathy.  She was a large doll, a life-size 3-year old girl (but oddly with a flip hairdo like the sorority girls in Animal House, especially at first…) whom, when a string was pulled in her back, a paleotechnic speaker in her chest would squawk out something [...]


EXETER How were they lost?  What treachery was used? MESSENGER No treachery, but want of men and money. Amongst the soldiers this is muttered, That here you maintain several factions, And whilst a field should be dispatched and fought You are disputing of your generals. One would have ling’ring wars with little cost; Another would [...]

Victory, Even in Defeat

UPDATED BELOW:  UPDATE II One of the funniest things about the right is that they never lose, even when they do, and they even have rather disturbing success convincing others, or at least the media, that this is so.  A lot of us, and certainly any trained psychiatrist, would look at their behavior each day, [...]

Putting the Curlers In….

I had an unusually lengthy and arduous today at the mushroom; painting impossibly high and narrow walls and stairwells, and contemplating writing something about the topics I was mulling, Joe Lieberman, and Joe Lieberman, both of which made the day even worse.  Perhaps tomorrow, which will be a shorter day, will work out better.  Or [...]