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Anything Goes

In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking. Now, heaven knows…..  Anything goes! It’s hard to pinpoint the exact day when the news media just decided to bail out completely on even politely trying to distinguish lies from truth, but the transition is now so complete that I bet a [...]

Who Asked You, Ed Koch?

The Huffington Post has a charming feature I like to call “The Island of Misfit Toys,” wherein they let embarrassingly cuckoo nonentities write something and put it way at the bottom, providing unexpected delight to the eager reader.  On a slow news day, you can go in and read has-beens like, say, Tony Blankley lying [...]

Petty Gossip

In the face of the damning revelations of his inattention/complicity to decades of sexual abuse and corruption, the Pope is sounding more like a clueless, petulant sorority girl these days than like his more sinister old Nazi self, so I guess you could call that an improvement.  Sorority girls are a lot of things, but [...]

Enough With the Doors

When I was in Seattle last week, I saw Pacific Northwest Ballet perform three modern ballets by Ulysses Dove and one by Victor Quijada at the beautifully renovated McCaw Hall near Seattle Center.  Although I was unfamiliar with Dove’s work, I generally expect good things from PNB; it’s what’s known in the dance world as [...]

Come and Get Me

In the wake of the inciteful words and subsequent violence from the right following the health care vote, it didn’t come as much of a surprise to me that no Republican dared to utter an unqualified denunciation of even the acts themselves, much less the violent rhetoric from Fox and talk radio that provoked them. [...]

Enter the Grave Dancers

For about the thousandth time, the Republicans are gleefully announcing the death of the Democratic Party, assuming correctly that the dead are about the only ones they can beat, and even then not always.  What is being said about the health care reform could be old tape of what Republicans have said about any non-right [...]

Out of Pellets

Yesterday Glenn Beck compared health care reform to, among other things, the New Deal (which is only scary to his Social-Security drawing audience, natch..) and, get this– Pearl Harbor.  Now, really.  Obama has nearly three years left in office; what, in heaven’s name, is Beck going to invoke next?   Not that anyone in his [...]


UPDATED BELOW: I don’t know how many Hag readers have access to “Savage Love,” Seattle Stranger editor Dan Savage’s excellent nationally syndicated sex advice column, but he has a favorite acronym he uses with writers in hopelessly doomed relationships: DTMFA, which, if you haven’t guessed, stands for Dump The Mother Fucker Already.  He only says it [...]

After You, Who?

Lord, but have we been hearing a whole lot about “freedom” lately, and how “government” is its enemy. This message which would have been considered by our lately revered but strategically unremembered founders to be something of a slap in the face, but in today’s climate of unabashed corporate ownership of both our “free” press [...]

Moody’s Gets Moody

It seems that Moody’s, one of the insightful bond rating services that notoriously rated Wall Street junk AAA in the years leading up to the crash, is finally getting tough.  Not with the banksters, though, but with the US, UK, and other governments, who, according to this infallible oracle, face structural debt that must be [...]