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The Blame Game

UPDATED BELOW:  Israel now has one, count ‘em, one, ally left on the planet.  Guess who that is? I’m shocked, shocked, that Israel is blaming the humanitarian flotilla for getting itself attacked, since after all bringing drywall and water purifiers to the suffering Gazans makes you “extremist supporters of terrorism.”  Does this drill sound familiar? [...]

The Devil’s Spawn

Apparently unable to find anyone more qualified to discuss the matter, Fox News Sunday trotted out ol’ Liz Cheney, Daddy’s fifth deferment, to talk about…  wait for it…  corruption.  Really.  She ought to know a thing or two about that, given that her father steered billions in no-bid contracts to the company he had just [...]

Oil and Trouble

I remember being startled to read in a science fiction novel that, in its imagined future, oil long since had been abandoned as an energy source because of the unacceptable risks involved with its extraction, transport, and burning.  Just like that.  Too bad such irrefutable logic escapes us still (the book was written in the [...]

Randian Success Stories

(h/t RMP’s Daily News Blast) To anyone with a passing acquaintance with the bankrupt Tribune Company that came from reading its newspapers, it would seem counterintuitive that the charlatans responsible for the current crummy simulacra of those once-respectable, if not great, papers that now land with barely a sound on long-suffering porches from coast to [...]

Positive Ape Factor

About 200 years ago, give or take a zero, I managed the sales division of a theatrical lighting company.  Most of us, including myself, had earned our chops climbing around in flylofts, swinging from light to light on the old, wooden, and impossibly high ladders large auditoriums use, and feats of skill and daring were [...]

Freaky Friday

I was initially too lazy to post today, but then I started trolling the intertubes, and danged if I just couldn’t help myself.  The stupid is really burning today. For example:  Rand Paul Now lil’ Rand is considerably more attractive than his Papa, which couldn’t hurt (except for that unfortunate white-fro on the top of [...]

Tinkerbell Lives

Reading the mainstream media lately, in light of Tuesday’s election results, is perhaps even a bit more infuriating than usual.  While we always expect that Republican losses will be treated as bizarre, unexplainable anomalies in our, you know, center-right country, the piffle I’ve read here lately stands out as much for its inaccuracy as for [...]

Oil Is The New Greece

Amid the happy talk about that boring old oil spill that is, according to the media, practically gone anyway, a few plutocratic asses let out some pretty ripe one-cheek sneaks over the past day or so, and the room has gotten awfully humid and stinky.  Remember Moody’s?  The bond rating service that thought CDO’s were [...]


Polls are showing that it’s possible Joe Sestak will beat Arlen Specter in the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania tomorrow; a sweeter outcome I could hardly wish.  A Sestak victory would be another nail in the alarmingly perforated coffin of  Obama’s silly idea of postpartisanship, and it would also show the voters, unlike the media that [...]

Drinking Out of a Pineapple

Alert Hag readers have probably detected that I’m not much of a fan of suburbia, which is generally a dreary place to visit and I certainly wouldn’t want to work there, but I was lured over the hills when my longtime clients/friends, let’s call them Kevin and Sheila, up and bought a house in, well, [...]