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The Appalachian Trail

One thing any alert homebuyer should always look out for when purchasing a home is the presence of Hillbilly Remodeling, a daring yet time-honored art form that takes perfectly sound houses and turns them into unstable messes that eat money and poop debris in equally copious amounts.  You see, houses, when built, have to follow [...]

The Alpha Sigma Sigma House

Why is it that one of the most important qualifications for being a righty is to be, well, an ass?  As a group, they invariably turn out to be rude, condescending, nasty, and unpleasant, especially when they’re wrong.  No wonder Rush Limbaugh is on his fourth wife; who could ever live with these people?  A [...]

Birds of a Feather

In some ways, it would be liberating to be a chickenhawk.  You get to be proven demonstrably wrong all the time and get praised for it, and you get to dress up like George W. Bush and go winging around the Imperium with manly men like Stanley McChrystal, or in a pinch David Petreaus.  Best [...]

Yachts, And the Rising Tide that Lifts Them

I read this piece in the Chicago Tribune today (h/t RMP’s Blast…), and I couldn’t help but notice how drastically it missed the point, which is the simple  fact that it seems like all of these people who not only cause the world’s catastrophes, but the pancaked ninnies who tell us about them, have yachts, so [...]

With Friends Like These…

Over at Huffpo I stumbled upon one of the most spectacularly asinine pieces of Democratic concern-trolling I’ve ever read, from some manipulative and obtuse nincompoop named Peter Connolly, which amply demonstrates why establishment Democrats only win, occasionally, because their opponents are just slightly more untrustworthy, corrupt, and authoritarian than they are themselves, and they are [...]

Mud People

As the BP disaster continues to unfold I’m struck again by the emergence, probably odd to most people, of the universal but bizarrely general term, “mud,”  blithely used to describe the many and various goops of the industrial world as though people have any concept of what the hell that means.  No one bothers to [...]

Horton Hears a Who

“We care about the small people” –BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg, (who appeared to be of normal size.) What a genius….  Stuff like that always goes over big with the 90% of Americans who happen to be Lilliputians, not unlike that time when Leona Helmsley declared that she, too, was too darned gigantic to even pay [...]

A Thimble in the Ocean

Fareed Zakaria, on CNN: This whole discussion is a terrible example of how the media can trivialize political discussion. The presidency is a serious job, the most serious job in the country. And here we are, asking the man to dress the part, to play-act the emotions. Give us satisfaction by just doing something, even [...]

The New Miss Manners

Well, ol’ Howie Kurtz has finally weighed in on the firing of Helen Thomas, and boy is it a doozy.  (Not doozy in the sense of surprising, natch…).  He argues, ostensibly more in sorrow than envy, that Helen had become a crazy old aunt overdue for the attic that, get this, only lasted this long [...]


I am again having trouble believing that the American people as a whole really care about veterans, or perhaps even the people who are actively serving today.  They might on an abstract level, but there’s no risk in that. Troops care for troops.  Veterans care about veterans, and family members care as best they can [...]