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Hats Off to Hazen

After reading so many accounts over the past two years of how we are in ” uncharted waters ” on the economic front, I decided to search the intertubes and other media for eras in our history that bear any resemblance to our current condition, and perhaps some lessons we may derive. The 1890′s was [...]

What’s With This Guy?

Keep Moving, Folks; Nothing To See Here

How could any sentient being accept this person as a viable national candidate?

Divine Justice

Well, I’ll be damned, but it seems that Supreme Court Justice (!) Clarence Thomas has practically turned into Malcolm X these days, thanks to his epileptic, dreadlocked, and possibly suicidal nephew, Derek, getting into just the sort of potentially death-dealing scrapes with the law that Thomas has thought were the best thing since sliced bread [...]

Lucy and the Football

If I were a member of the “liberal media,” I would have had it up to my well-groomed eyebrows with Republicans, and I would never believe a word they say until I’d fact-checked them several times.  Why is it somehow worse for these cretins to be called “biased” and/or “liberal,” than it is to actually [...]

Smog Gets in Your Eyes

The Los Angeles times just published an unintentionally informative article about the upcoming “clash” between the “conservative” Roberts Court and Obama’s “progressive agenda.”  Of course the article fails to point out that the Roberts Court isn’t conservative, it’s nuts, and Obama isn’t progressive, he’s a tad to the right of Nixon.  But never mind all [...]

The Fart Heard ‘Round the Church

Despite myself and prior opinions of the man, I would like to raise an Independence Day glass (or, more likely, several…) to Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, who, in his adorably loopy style, has given me a reason to feel patriotic on America’s Birthday.  Once again, unintentional honesty from a Republican has suddenly given [...]

Pravda on the Potomac

Well, it’s about time.  In light of the McChrystal fiasco, the Pentagon has suddenly discovered that its 60,000 or so PR flacks must have been lying down on their multibillion dollar jobs, perhaps on Facebook or Craigslist, and has a new plan to prevent any more Rolling Stone episodes upsetting its most sacred moss, the [...]

My People

Like other once-marginalized minorities, I’m generally in favor of other cocktailhags representing me in government, media, and elsewhere, but given recent events, honestly, people like John Boehner, Jane Harman, Jan Brewer, Maureen Dowd, Sally Quinn, and on and on, do make me at times question my own loyalty to my people.  The key difference seems [...]