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Couldn’t Have Happened to a Nicer Gal

In this video, which although it’s a bit long, I highly encourage watching in its entirety, my poor little heart leapt at the Schadenfreude.  Posted without further comment…  (h/t, which reports that ALL their hateful sites are down now….)

Delusions of Gipperhood

When I finally stopped laughing, spraying booze all over, and dumbfoundedly slapping my forehead over Wisconsin Governor (!) Scott Walker’s fawning and delusional 20-minute kiss-up to an anonymous caller unconvincingly posing as uber-oligarch David Koch captured on tape, I got to thinking.  What, in heaven’s name, could make a person so gloriously, blindly lacking in [...]

The Penthouse, Finished

I went up to the penthouse today to do a couple of paint touch-ups, and it was looking so nice after the owners’ Herculean organizing efforts over the weekend that I thought I ought to take some pictures.  (For before and during pictures, search “penthouse” in archives, and everything should come up…)  This is the [...]

Teachers: America’s Latest Enemy

I’ll confess:  My mother was a public school teacher, who, according to America’s right, was a greedy, bottom-feeding freeloader ripping off the taxpayer for her own commie-tainted self-aggrandizement, but oddly, I remember her differently.  I remember her correcting stacks of papers each evening, sharing piles of Valentines, cards, and art projects from the children she [...]


CHNN’s managing editor has been clamoring, seemingly for weeks on end, for something – anything!!! – on Silvio Berlusconi, the 21st century’s first world-class, hair-plugged, near octogenarian diva, major domo buffo – and now! -  criminal defendant, with a prostitution charge stuffed inside a grab bag of official abuse allegations in his capacity as Italian [...]

Another Boner From Boehner

Maybe it’s just me, but I get a little offended at the sheer lameness of the lies that pour daily out of the GOP; it’s as though they don’t even care what the truth is anymore, since they rightly recognize that their “base” consists of, well, stupid people.  Today, right-thinking Americans everywhere are aghast at [...]

Let’s Play Cops and Robbers

While it is widely understood that reality has a liberal bias, never is this simple fact so glaring as when some righty cabal gets busted cooking up an illegal dirty trick or two; the fact that they don’t accept reality, or must clumsily attempt to create it on the ground, always proves their undoing.  So [...]

Watch Your Step, Sister

When I was Production Manager for Ballet Oregon back in the late 80′s, the company was in a sort of death spiral, which predictably ended in a merger of our company with the larger Pacific Ballet Theatre shortly after I left.  To draw needed ticket revenue (and touring gigs in the hinterlands), struggling ballet companies [...]

Is Rand Paul Single?

I never was able to work up the sort of affection for Rand Paul that I felt for his irascible but endearing dad, who bravely and repeatedly bucked his lockstep authoritarian party during the Bush years, but today I might have changed my mind.  It seems that the curly-headed Medicare freeloader lately of Kentucky has [...]

How Fussy Are You About Torture?

At long last, George Bush is receiving some comeuppance, albeit a rather mild one, for torture, the worst of his many crimes; as of now, not only will he perhaps die having never heard yodeling in its natural habitat, he’ll even continue to have to have his bankers come to him to do business.  You [...]