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Busy as a Whore on Saturday Night

Sorry posting has been light lately….   I’m up in Seattle, putting in a garden, and simply haven’t been thinking about world events, which is rather pleasant when you get right down to it….. CHNN regrets the lameness.

You Are What You Eat

At the risk of sounding (again) like a Liberal Elitist, what is it about righties and their disgusting food?  Invariably, whenever you hear about a restaurant chain run by and for the greater glory of Fox News America, it’s impossible to boycott it because no one in their right mind would consider eating there in [...]

Reminds Me Of An Old Joke

I was wandering around at Crooks and Liars, and I found another piece of video that is a lovely coda to the Trump video in the last post. It seems that racist nincompoop Russell Pearce, State Senator from Arizona, is running into a few bumps with the dastardly Liberal Media down there. Stunningly, Arizonans evidently [...]

A World Without Trumps

Undaunted by his embarrassing “Let’s do Lunch” column, which was so offensively dumb that it drew a rare rebuke from his NYT colleague Paul Krugman, David Brooks wrote another unintentional howler today: Very few people have the luxury of being freely obnoxious. Most people have to watch what they say for fear of offending their [...]

Making Sarah Palin Look Smart

Thus spake the frothy mixture: SANTORUM: My big argument with Paul Ryan is that he doesn’t apply a lot of these programs to the current generation of seniors, or those who are at or near retirement. And I think that presupposes that a lot of those current seniors don’t want to participate in the economic solvency [...]

Lose the Religion, Already

I was pleasantly surprised with President Obama’s speech today, and although by now I find myself reluctant to believe much of it will happen, for once he firmly laid the blame for the deficits and debt where it belongs, with the Republican Party.  Of course, the fact that he hasn’t been making this point in [...]

Education, Politico Style

Whenever I find myself in a good mood, and yet with a blog to write, I’m forced to go over to Politico to find something that will annoy me enough to drive me to drink, which usually leads to writing.  In a sense, I kind of owe them.  The worst, of course, are the little [...]

It’s the White ACORN

Just when I was contentedly glorying in the delicious schadenfreude of the Wisconsin spring elections, amid the predictable and plaintive wailing about election fraud from the usual suspects, I popped into the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel for another satisfying jolt but instead found this: In a political bombshell, the clerk in a Republican stronghold is set to release [...]

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

At the opening of Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell describes Scarlett O’Hara thusly: “…she wasn’t beautiful, but everyone thought she was.” Now, before you start thinking I’m going to bring up the battle axe of the borealis, I’m not, because my argument isn’t really about beauty (or lack thereof).  It’s about the deep and [...]

Your Retort To The Super Patriots

Slumming through Harper’s April issue, I read a review of Mark Twain’s door-stopper autobiography by former editor Lewis Lapham.  Pretentious as he is in his way, Lapham heaps praise on Twain as an iconic historical figure while seeming to hedge on the greatness of the work itself, the first of three planned releases of The [...]