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Book Saloon: The Lies of Sarah Palin

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and thus reading more (political, natch) books than usual, but none seemed new and juicy enough to review.  Fortunately, Karma chose to compensate me for the money I’d thus far wasted at Powell’s; I showed up at a Firebagger Meetup in Portland, and they had FREE BOOKS.  I grabbed [...]

Giving War a Chance

I guess the bright spot in President Obama’s Afghanistan speech last night is that a great deal of Kabuki was devoted to making a meaningless, marginal drawdown of troops in an endless, decade-long fiasco into some sort of dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  Establishment Republicans predictably howled about the errant perfidy of “playing politics [...]

Why We’re Fucked

Stephen Stanley, who gets paid (no doubt handsomely) to write stuff.   I came across an interesting, if a little depressing, missive today, one which was ironically tagged at Democratic Underground.  It serves as a grim reminder that the dismal state of not just the US economy, but our collective grasp on reality, is not [...]

The Special Olympics

I’ve been loath to post over the past few days, partly because I’m in Napa, and partly because the stupidity of the news of late leaves me depressed, tongue-tied, and even thirstier than usual.  All such conditions lead inevitably to writer’s block, although the comic possibilities of Weinergate were admittedly tempting.  I was finally roused [...]

Time Wounds All Heels (Almost)

Well, it looks as though John Edwards is in, as Mammy might say, “a heap o’ trouble.”  At this late date, such an outcome seems unsurprising; Edwards may be both rich and white, usually sufficient credentials for blanket immunity from wrongdoing, but sadly for him, he’s not only a Democrat, but worse, a liberal one. [...]