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The “Port” of Lewiston

Lots of people don’t realize that the little town of Lewiston, Idaho, is a seaport, partly because it seems impossible that a spot hundreds of miles inland that no one’s ever heard of could be so.  Such skepticism is entirely warranted; Lewiston wasn’t, in fact a port until the completion of four taxpayer-funded dams on [...]

No One Could Have Predicted

  Well, even though Condi is still patting herself on the back for Iraq and whatnot as she runs around hawking her hilariously titled book,  No Higher Honor, it turns out that she does have a teensy regret or two, and Ferragamos and Hurricane Katrina are involved, not necessarily in that order.  I remember those [...]

The Columbia Gorge, Revisited

Back in high school and college, a trip to the Columbia Gorge wasn’t really about appreciating its beauty, but about getting away to party and make mischief, which we naturally did with some frequency.  In the process, though, I did manage to discover a lot of favorite spots, surprisingly few of which I’ve forgotten in [...]

The Real Death of Outrage

Long ago, when peace and prosperity reigned in America, gambling addict and professional scold William Bennett wrote a hectoring screed about the moral depravity of President Bill Clinton specifically and liberals generally; its cane-shaking title was The Death of Outrage. Ol’ Bill, undoubtedly blinking in the sun as he emerged from dropping suitcases of cash [...]