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Putting Their Mouths Where Their Money Is

On some level, you have to hand it to to Governors Rick Perry of Texas, Sam Brownback of Kansas, and Terry Branstad of Iowa; this may be the first known incidence of Republicans actually walking the talk, rather than, as usual, letting others do the legwork while they cash in, and eat at Morton’s afterward.  [...]

Digging Deeper

I was all set to write a mocking post about Mitt Romney’s new house with the car elevator, and I’ll get to that in a minute, but then along comes this: (CNN) – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev tweaked Mitt Romney for his characterization of Russia as the “No. 1 geopolitical foe” of the United States, [...]

Odor in the Court

The media is duly abuzz about the Supreme Court hearing arguments for (and agin’) Obamacare, beginning today.  But the coverage is revealing; the case is discussed solely in political terms, blandly acknowledging that the highest court in the land functions not as a neutral arbiter of “Equal Justice Under Law,” but as just another sleazy [...]

Make My Day

Where’s Condi Rice when you need her?  As usual, pretty much everywhere; if you’re the NRA or the increasingly infamous ALEC and being exposed as the two organizations whose “charitable” activities led to the death of Trayvon Martin, you’d better be launching into a Busby Berkeley production of “No One Could Have Predicted,” maybe even [...]

Think of the Children

I think I just figured out why Rick Santorum is so obsessed with nudity in other, more attractive people; whenever he tries it, he invariably looks like chopped liver.  Actually, chopped liver is way too kind; he more closely resembles a half-melted pate’ sculpture of Jabba the Hut.   Given his undoubtedly teeny and uncooperative [...]

Happy Friday in Wisconsin

It seems that Republican State Senator Pam Galloway, once part of Governor Scott Walker’s 19-14 majority and sponsor of a wingnutty gun law, is stepping down to, wait for it, “spend more time with her family.”  Her departure leaves the recall-adjusted state senate evenly divided, and after a Palinesque half term, she’s fleeing to avoid [...]

Rip Van Cohen

Considering that Richard Cohen has been a Villager in good standing since before I could drink legally, typing up dumbed-down Broderisms at the WaPoo with thudding regularity, you’d think he’d have at least absorbed a little bit of what was going on in that town all those years.  But no….  it seems he thinks that [...]

Fetid Fishwraps

UPDATE: Here’s Monday’s subversive, unprintable horror: Courtesy of (h/t Daphne) For about the eleventy thousandth time in my life, I’m moved to deeply regret the long, miserable three years I spent faithfully delivering the Oregonian, although it was, much to my chagrin at the time, a heavier and more widely subscribed rag back then, [...]

The 1% City

Looking over the city skyline on an unexpectedly beautiful day like this leaves me wondering what cities will look like in a future dominated by the 1%; all of the tallest and most architecturally significant buildings were built by proud local businesses seeking to make a statement for themselves, and virtually all of them are [...]

A Hollow Sound

When one ponders what could possibly be wrong with us as a society when all our time, money, and political energy is devoted to developing a larger and more formidable military and police state, and in our spare time, all we manage to do is call gays icky and women sluts (and worse).  Politics, to [...]