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Oh, The Humanity

The reptilian and oleaginous Fox News “Democrat,” Doug Schoen, has taken to the Daily Beast fainting couch, and I for one couldn’t be more delighted.  Deeply alarmed that some annoying facts might be seeping into the rhetoric if not the actions of the presidential candidates, Schoen hyperventilates that “Occupy Wall Street Has Seized Control of [...]

Let The Idiot Speak

Allen West should take a cue from another House Negro of the racist right, Clarence Thomas, and STFU.  Better to, as they say, keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.  Today in The Hill, West is given enough rope to hang himself, and unsurprisingly he [...]

Hope and Change?

Even as I’ve been swamped with work and blogging at FDL (I’ll be posting two more Sundays, in addition to my usual Thursdays, I just found out), I’ve become increasingly annoyed with politics, and  as such depressed about the election season now inescapably upon us.  But as if to drop another load of BS into [...]

Thirsty Thursday

Well, it’s Thursday, so I had to post at, and thus was left with too little time to slap something together for here.  There are only so many hours in a day for unpaid work, after all….  H/T to commenter Avelna, who gave me an idea, which I sorely needed. See y’all tomorrow.

New and Improved?

In what can guardedly be called a victory for Color of Change and allied progressive groups, ALEC has, like a cat covering its poop, announced that it will no longer focus on crazy wingnut ideas that cannot be plausibly linked to the “economic” issues they supposedly are dedicated to championing.  Therefore, making sure darkies and [...]

The (Belated) Education of John Avlon

John Avlon, CNN contributor and  Villager extraordinaire, has made a veritable career out of pushing false equivalencies; he literally wrote the book on the subject, in which he touted, among other things, the risible notion that Alan Grayson was exactly the same as Glenn Beck.  Entitled “Wingnuts,” the thesis of this discount-bin tome was that [...]

Get me a Bromide, and Put Some Gin In It

Last night I wrote at Firedoglake, with characteristic dismissiveness, about how poor little Ann Romney was sooooo hurt that someone pointed out, correctly, that she’d never worked a day in her life. Boo fucking hoo, and all that. But for the dead-enders of the Republican noise machine, no fainting spell is too fake to repeat [...]

Exhuming McCarthy

I just don’t know what it is about Republicans and the 1950′s, but you may rest assured it isn’t the top tax rate of 91%, the high rate of unionization, or even Ike and Mamie.  No, the things they like about the 1950′s are all the things normal people recognize today as, tacky, retrograde, and [...]

Farewell, Li’l Ricky

Faced with the strong possibility of losing (again) in his home state, Rick Santorum has done the brave, or rather, cowardly thing and dropped out of the race, thereby preserving his all-important wingnut welfare career.  While this comes as no great surprise for those of us who knew he never had a chance, by which [...]

Book Learning

One of the great advantages of having spent an embarrassingly large amount of my disposable income over a quarter century on books is that the darn things just never stop coming in handy.  Although lack of space, blogging, and less travel in the last few years has sharply slowed my acquisition rate, for each Presidency [...]