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“NO MORE BUSHES,” said Barbara Bush

Brings to mind a lyric by B.B. King: “Nobody loves me but my mother; and she could be jivin’ too.” ~ ~ ~ More blues from W, the imaginary blues man: “If you see my mama Tell her good-bye for me If you see my mama Tell her good-bye for me I’m tired of livin’ [...]

Boston Boys

Hag and I were communing off to the side about posting something on Boston.  He’s moving, and working on an FDL piece I presume.  I’m a tad busy, but also in shock about the atrocity in my hometown, which is, truly, our great historical mecca.  Yet, dumbstruck or not, scribblers must scribble. History is real [...]

Things That Go Boom

What a frightening place America has become in the past decade or two, and I’m going to go ahead, risking the sterling credibility of CHNN, and blame the bombings at the Boston Marathon (as well as nearly all the other such mass casualty events) on the righties.  From guns to bombs, Republicans have an inordinate [...]

The Surely Routine

When I was growing up, my mother had a particularly diplomatic form of reprimand, probably learned as a first grade teacher, that was very effective, so much so that we gave it a name in later years:  The Surely Routine. When Joan would come home from work in the afternoon and find that, contrary to [...]