Come To Papa

Have you ever noticed how many Fox News Democrats are actually, well, Republicans?  Joe Lieberman is perhaps the most famous example, but it’s quite clear that the mediocrities they employ to “balance,” their typically 4-1 right wing “panels” have been sucking the Murdoch tit for so long, they’ve gone native, and their rhetoric sometimes makes Bill O’Reilly look liberal.  Take Juan Williams, please.  Known on the Fox set for giving foot rubs to Bill Kristol and helping Liz Cheney get into her girdle, the guy has long been recognized as an embarrassment to his primary employer, NPR, but everyone at NPR tried to look the other way, until he launched into a racist tirade about how he fears people in “Muslim Garb” when he gets on a (commercial) plane.

Of course, anyone capable of, say, telling time would realize how ridiculous his fears are; if Abdullah and Habib are going to blow up a plane, you can bet they’ll be smart enough to wear Dockers and ball caps, thus slipping by Williams’ eagle eye for terrorists.  Maybe NPR fired you for your jaw-dropping stupidity, Juan…. Ever think of that?  Of course not; it’s something in the air at Fox.  Luckily for Juan, their newly minted Free Speech Hero, Fox has a crack team at human resources who slapped together a $2 million multiyear contract for doing even more of whatever it is he does there before the day was quite over, and were he not so astonishingly dumb, he’d have taken the money and shut up.  (Then again, if he were smart, he wouldn’t have been allowed on Fox, and none of this would have happened in the first place.)

But instead, like Lieberman before him, along with virtually every other loser righty now lavishly employed by Fox, he turned his well-deserved repudiation into a whiny, self-discrediting episode of verbal diarrhea that revealed him to be nothing more than any of the rest of them; he’s already written a “column,” if you want to call it that, that unloads years of resentment at the mean and unacceptably “liberal” NPR, in which he gamely employs his eighth-grade writing skills to prove that NPR’s only offense was in not firing the ungrateful, insubordinate dimwit sooner.

But it’s clear that Williams will be right at home at Fox, where he will be appearing tonight, a few million richer, to cry on Bill O’Reilly’s shoulder about how “political correctness” is ruining everything that is Right About America, and probably recite the Teabagger oath. More power to him; as Fox would say, “I wish him well.”  And I mean it the same way Fox does.


  1. retzilian says:

    I never, ever liked him. He’ll fit right in with the 90-100 IQ people on FOX and will seem slightly smarter than Palin.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Just slightly…. You ought to read the piece he wrote at; the guy is retarded, and it really shows when he types. How do these people get jobs?

      • retzilian says:

        I started reading it awhile ago, before I came here. I was only able to read one paragraph before I hit the X on the upper right corner of my browser. ACK. I can only take just so much stupidity.

        I’ll give it another try, but I’ll have to hold my nose.

  2. Juan is the designated “liberal” on Fox. We know that. He knows that. Fox knows that. EVERYONE knows that. The fact that he never was a “real” liberal isn’t important.

    They are all props, put there by Fox to play a role in their political “pretend-game” that they call “News.”

    Frankly, I can’t stand watching this stuff anymore. I’ve decided it’s time for me to get back into watching classic movies or to reread classical English literature.

    Anything’s better than this crap.

  3. meremark says:


    The boys in the newsroom got a running bet, (a futile operation, is the head dead yet? ~ apologies to Don Henley), on who’s head rolls when:
    Elisabeth Bumiller, NYT ?
    What about Mara Liasson, NPR?

    The big wheels of FUX TV are going flat after all the pressure valves have popped. All those FUXers now aboard make a gallery of rogues staring out the windows of the vehicle, motionless, on blocks beside the information superhiway, to shoot jeers and jokes at passing by. Juan of Dubya may have a 2-year contract but FUX TV doesn’t, so he can’t be sure the checks will cash in, say, November, or after 2010.

    Speaking for myself there is some delicious but indecent morbid humor, (like watching a salted banana slug), to see FUX TV do ‘Space Odyssey’ HAL, “… fading, Dave … I’m fading … give me your answer, do … I’m half crazy … fading … it won’t be a stylish …” fade to black and bankruptcy, and oblivion.

    First came the advertiser boycott of Beck programming.

    Now comes the boycott of advertiser ignominy on the whole chamn dannel. Murdock turbidity. It’s time to DropFUX

    As if blowing off the door to ad revenue wasn’t enough on-air pressure loss, there now are subscribers out to BOYCOTT Cable TV, and gaining adherents to force cable operators to toss overboard the jinxed one with the short chosen lot. Or else the whole cable bundle gets severed. BOYCOTT cable-bundle TV. Pass it on.


    • meremark says:

      For those who enjoy the death-throes squirm of evil dying, FUX sucking gasp, currently Media Matters .ORG offers a veritable front row seat, a magnifying lens of the spotlight frying bozo bimbos and the insects on the set. Harken there and hear McLaughlin’s eulogy — buh-bye FUX TV.


    • cocktailhag says:

      I’ve been following this pretty closely; seems that since the rise of Glenn Beck, Fox doesn’t even pretend anymore, which is pretty embarrassing for the other “journalists” who have been looking the other way. Maybe we’re reaching a tipping point.

    • omooex says:

      It’s true. Whenever I’ve blown up a plane, I’ve always made a quick stop at the Gap for proper attire. I can’t stress this enough to my friends and fellows in my fraternity of muslims/terrorists; presentation is such a small thing, but it makes a world of difference when it’s time to ignite your payload. You’ll find that any muslim/terrorist worth having at your party and/or seasonal event makes western attire a must.

  4. ouranos says:

    Fifty years ago, as ironic as it is, it would have been a white man on TV saying, “When I see a black man getting on the bus, I get nervous,” but Williams fails to see the irony.

    Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the U.S.” talks of exactly this kind of playing one group against another. Throughout our history as a nation it has been done, but we still haven’t learned. Juan Williams hasn’t learned. He would (or will) be thrown away in a half a heartbeat as soon as his usefulness has ended.

    Zinn’s “History” should be required reading for every American.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I liked that book a lot; it shows that textbook censorship didn’t start with some religious nuts in Texas, but has been going on all along, more subtly. Personally, I see Williams’ stock already sinking; without the cover of being “liberal,” what does he bring to the conversation on FOX?
      Not much.

  5. retzilian says:

    Ironic thing is, you’d probably be allowed to say that today and not get into any trouble. If one of those blonde bimbos on Fox said, “You know, when I walk out of the Metropolitan Museum and head north, I am really afraid when I see young black men with baggy pants and long jackets and doo-rags [sp] getting walking in groups. You know not all black kids are gang members, but all gang members are black and they live uptown…”


    It would be perfectly ok to say that right now, and even Al Sharpton would be too busy cashing in on his new media image to bother objecting.

    • cocktailhag says:

      The new dodge is always, “I’m just saying what a lot of people are thinking.” Bigoted people, yes.
      It’s astonishing how LITTLE political correctness is left to complain about these days, but complain they do. Sheesh.

  6. Fox News – They’re everywhere!

    I took time this morning to take care of some personal business. First, I had a dental appointment. I had to sit in the waiting room for twenty minutes watching a Fox News bimbo interview a “financial expert” who told me that tax cuts are “the only thing” that can save our economy – along with cuts in entitlements, of course.

    Next, I stopped by a local body shop to get a repair estimate on my car. They too had Fox News on in their waiting room. One of the Fox News talking heads was very upset that Obama has made 11 trips to Ohio this election season, but not one trip to the border.

    My head was about to explode. I decided to stop by the gym to escape the madness. After adjusting the settings on treadmill, I looked up to see Fox News blaring away on three 50-inch HD screens. I had to leave.

    I’ve made a point of never pouring my first martini until after 5 pm.

    Today may be an exception.

  7. mikeinportc says:

    Another (RWA) martyr, sacrificed on the alter of political correctness by those DFHs. When will it end? How many will it take? Oh! the humanity! :) ))))))))))

    This, & similar is why I’d guess that reinstating the Fairness Doctrine would be pointless. Anybody that wanted to get around the spirit of it, would do what Billo does . Bring on a tame/faux opponent,such as J.W., that buys into the same assumptions, argues the argument that he’s given, and does it poorly. Or an actual fringe-freak, that’s portrayed as representitive of an alternative view . I.e., people that are easy to beat up.

    • cocktailhag says:

      That’s what they do anyway…. I think it would be better if they just made all broadcast media identify their political affiliation, like liberal talk radio does now. Right-wing talk is called “news talk,” or some other misleading moniker, just like FOX calls itself “fair and balanced.” It’s a joke.

  8. retzilian says:

    I have to share a little anecdote of a senior (undoubtedly an avid FOXNEWS and/or Rush and/or Beck consumer) who challenged me the other day at a presentation I was doing at her resident council meeting at an upper-middle class Independent Living facility in redder’n-red Medina County. (Geographically not far from the infamous McCain-Palin rally where the world’s biggest idiots spewed their anti-Obama mania two years ago).

    Anyhoo, at the end of my talk, where I describe (among other things) the changes in Medicare that are all good news for seniors – such as the shrinking ‘donut hole’ in Part D, the increased eligibility for extra help in Rx plans and Medicare Savings, and the fact that their health care premium (Part B) will not rise, even though the costs will rise, so essentially they will experience a net gain, this woman insisted that her costs were going up and that the HCR was going to ruin health care. I said, “How so? Can you point out where that will happen?” And then she said, “Rationing.” And I said, “How is your care going to be rationed?” And she could not answer. She just insisted that it was going to be worse. She complained that her supplemental insurance premiums went up every year, and I said, “Yes. That’s the private insurance policy, and that’s the private company that raised it, not the government.” She didn’t like that answer, so she complained that she was paying X amount for her Part B, X amount for her supplement and X amount for her Part D and that it was over $300 a month.

    I said, ‘Yep. Sounds about right. But, for that $300 a month, you pay nothing else out of pocket. You are covered bumper-to-bumper going anywhere in the country, getting anything you want, regardless of cost, whereas someone like me for the same price has a $7,500 deductible, various co-pays and a lifetime limit of $1 MM. So, you have better health insurance than I do, and I don’t even get sick! So, politics aside, you have the cheapest health and best health care of anyone in the country.”

    She muttered, “Not anymore.”

    Miserable bitch.

    One of the women who run the facility said to me afterwards that she was glad I pointed that out to her because she, too, has lousy health insurance and pays a fortune for it.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Facts don’t penetrate such minds…. It’s the FOX in the dayroom, you know. Still, I think it’s excellent that you had a chance to point out some facts for the others in the room.