Crazy Like a FOX

Everywhere you go today you’ll find another righty, from Sarah Palin on down, blaming crazy people for their craziness, loudly and revealingly attempting to exonerate not just their heinous words, but more significantly, their disastrous policies, which both are almost designed to precipitate just such craziness.  Nearly lost amid the narcissistic pout-rage of which Palin’s, well, “reprehensible” Facebook blather today was only the clumsiest, nobody is talking about the 12th paragraph or so of all these stories, wherein unlikely bipartisan agreement finds that the collapsing economy, lack of mental health care, and skimpy government services leave a lot of crazy people roaming the streets.  Mission Accomplished, Republicans.

It’s depressingly familiar by now that Republicans like to crash the economy and benefit politically from doing so;  in classic “Shock Doctrine” protocol, they revel in the kind of destabilizing insecurity that allows fiscally debilitating policies like the Bush tax cuts or multiple wars to be implemented, and then the resulting catastrophes make their other, even more undesirable programs seem necessary and right, leading to further disasters, crazier solutions, and on and on.  But you have to hand it to them for covering their bases.  Who knew that Reagan’s deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill, punishing recessions, elimination of the Fairness Doctrine, relaxing of gun control laws, aggressive militarism, and top-down class warfare were all designed, and rather well, to serve a singular purpose?  At least until halfway through Bush’s tenure, anyway?

Well, here we are.  Unlike anything since Weimar Germany, we have all the elements required for the establishment of the kind of fascist dictatorship ol’ Prescott Bush et al longed for back in the day, thanks to a series of either conscious or at least lucky moves by the right over the last thirty years.  Shocking income inequality, massive unemployment, and widespread poverty.  National humiliation from failed military adventurism.  Crippling debt.  A two-tiered legal system that pits the all-powerful government against its lowliest citizens and leaves the well-connected unscathed.  Those horrendous, Banana Republic characteristics aren’t bugs, they’re features.  From there, all you need is repetitive, 24/7 demonizing propaganda against some easily marginalized Other and a lot of money to put it out, and you’re off to the races.  ”It works the same in every country,” as they said at Nuremburg, and as the escalating political violence and stiflingly narrow political discourse in America today shows, that ol’ Nazi was right.

You see, the right needs violent crazies roaming the lightly-policed streets to convince people that a more repressive police state would be good.  They rely on economic insecurity to goad the non-rich to learn to get by with less.  They require “Others” to blame for the serial disasters they create with such alacrity.  They even create enemies abroad, usually to simply grab resources, but just as often to make a mess that will inevitably lead to a lavish payoff, win or lose, to the military industrial complex and enable them to denounce and even prosecute their critics in a “Time of War.”   Heads they win, tails we lose.

This probably explains the extreme aversion to criticism Palin’s otherwise just routinely offensive video exemplifies….  Anybody capable of fogging a mirror could see through a blindfold that the mess we’re in, of which the Tucson shooter is just a small but telling part, is completely a Republican creation, the logical result of the fearful, fact-averse, and Darwinian society they had to have in order to realize their larger goals, and every so often, somebody is going to get killed.  That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Right wing hero Winston Churchill once described his political nemesis, Clement Atlee, as “a modest man, with a lot to be modest about.”  In a world deliberately made crazy, mostly for profit, that practically seems like a compliment today.  Given the untold horrors their ideology has produced at home and abroad, Palin and her ilk have a whole lot to be modest about, but what do you know?  They aren’t modest at all.


  1. nancy says:

    “blood libel”? This woman is a lunatic. After all the overheated RWNJ rhetoric, she evokes this phrase against her critics? I still remember the Goldmark family massacre–an anti-Semitic mental case who murders four people at their home in Seattle on Christmas Eve in 1985.

    • cocktailhag says:

      As though I have to mention it, she’s dumb, too. Hell, Jonah Goldberg even (mildly) chided her for the “blood libel” thing. One thing she ain’t is boring. (except, evidently, on TLC…))

  2. avelna says:

    If you haven’t seen it yet Greenwald addressed the issue today:
    Hey yeah, let’s lock ‘em all up – at least all thems that we disagree with!

  3. nancy says:

    I’m pretty sure I just heard that John Boehner was offered a seat on Air Force One to attend the memorial event in Tuscon, but he elected to stay in Washington to attend an RNC fundraiser. ‘nuf said. “We are doubling down, and learning not one thing.” Remember when the Republican party used to be the home of Junior League wives wearing aprons and pearls? And hubby had at least a semblance of country-club manners. (I know.) But at least the Bill Buckley claim to civility.

    Really, I thought our President rose to the occasion tonight beautifully, much in contrast to Facebook former almost beauty-queen.

  4. michlib says:

    The problem for Sarah , who read a speech written for her and has the expository skills of a pre-teen, is that the smarter rats are abandoning her ship first, leaving her with handlers possibly dumber than she is. Faux news no doubt has buyers remorse, as their huge investment has come up a cropper.

  5. dirigo says:

    The standard, then and now:

    “Suddenly, in a corner of Europe, the ripe seeds of Greatness burst into life & covered the hills & valleys of Greece with the golden harvest. The new capacities & desires which burned in the human breast, demanded a correspondent perfection in speech, – to body them forth. Then a voice was heard in the assemblies of men, which sounded like the language of the gods; it rolled like music on the ear, and filled the mind with undefinable longings; it was peremptory as the word of Kings; or mournful as a widow’s wailing or enkindling as the marital clarion. That voice men called Eloquence, and he that had it, unlocked their hearts, or turned their actions whithersoever he would. Like sea waves to the shore, like mountain sheep to their shepherd, so men crowded around this commander of their hearts to drink in his accents, & to mould their passions to his will. The contagion of new desires & improvements went abroad, – and tribe after tribe of barbarians uplifted the banner of Refinement.”

    – Wide World 10, March 18, 1823
    – Selected Journals, 1820-1842
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson
    – The Library of America

  6. meremark says:


    Poverty is the leading cause of mental illness in this country.


    • cocktailhag says:

      That, and inequality. Michlib might want to chime in here, but if y’all haven’t read “The Spirit Level,” you ought to. It isn’t so much poverty, if it’s shared, than it is dire extremes of wealth and poverty. Hopelessness is the only response, with all its predictable outcomes.

      • meremark says:


        Yes, agree sure and certain. Okay,

        hopelessness is the leading cause of mental illness

        in this country and in all humankind.


      • michlib says:

        Since the 1980′s, this country has seen simultaneous bubbles in the number of mill/bill-ionaires, and a heartbreaking spike in poverty levels. The REAL physical, societal, and spiritual toll is documented by Richard Wilkinson.
        I’m sure meremark would agree that when the powerless feel hopeless, the petri dish of violent revolt exists waiting for demagogues to seize opportunities and liberties.

  7. meremark says:


    Here’s another one I like.

    Exposing white terrorism in the USA
    By June Terpstra, Ph.D. – Jan 12, 2011

    If the definition of “terrorism” means the systematic use of terror, including speech that supports and incites violence to achieve political goals, than why aren’t all FOX pundits and fundamentalist, gun-toting Tea-baggers not rounded up as terrorists? Where’s the liberal hysterical rhetoric about white terrorism? It doesn’t exist because whiteness is invisible and a majority of political liberals are white.

    If, the targets of terrorism include government officials, identified individuals or groups, and innocent bystanders, as fundamental to the definition, then it follows that under this definition the alleged attacker in Tucson is a terrorist, not some delusional lonely white guy who is a hero for FOX propagandists. If, terrorists seek to overthrow or destabilize an existing political regime, then most white right-wing whiners on corporate media are terrorists. In fact, according to these definitions since the US government also uses terror to maintain power, we must designate the government, media and its militaries and paramilitaries as terrorists (and majority white terrorists at that).

    Time has come to give the white supremacist and the white racist their legal punishment for they are the real terrorists in our midst with sleeper cells aplenty. The white supremacists are the real threat to peace and the evolution of the planet. If we are to follow the laws they have passed and for which they admit support, they must be punished and banished, perhaps even tortured for that, too, is the only thing they understand. In their own words, nuke em to kingdom come.

    Dr. June Terpstra is a white woman residing in the USA and in recovery from systematic white supremacy and imperialist hegemony.

    Tuscon is for terrrrists, white terrrrists … which starts with ‘W’ and that stands for ‘Wipe them out’.


  8. retzilian says:

    Well, it was only a matter of time before she self-sabotages, since all malignant narcissists are virtuosos of self-sabotage.

    She’s pretty much done on any level other than reality tv star like her pal Kate.

  9. avelna says:

    Palin hasn’t matured developmentally past early adolescence and she’s one of the worst specimens of a young adolescent – extremely self-centered, whiny and petulant. I don’t see that changing. She has exactly zero capability of self reflection – even less I think than Dubya. A Palin presidency would be worse than Bush II’s.

  10. Lynnrockets says:

    Great post. I found it and your blog on the blogroll at Palin Q+A. You did a good job of describing how the right will go to the end by always finding an “other” to blame. It is an ingenious ploy that incites many of the misinformed to join their ranks.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Thanks, and thanks for dropping by; I hope you will again. Divide and conquer; a tale as old as time.

    • Funny Diva says:

      Welcome, Lynnrockets!

      If you like good snark, stylishly written you’ll love it here!

      Not sure anymore how I got here. Either TeddySF from Firedoglake or from Bill in Exile (a very NSFW blog)

      Awesome blogging, C-Hag. Wish the topics weren’t so bloody depressing, but the prose is, as always, a great pleasure in and of itself.


      • cocktailhag says:

        Thanks…. Just wrote a new one, about Citibank’s perennial freeloading, which is just as depressing as usual, sadly. If something pleasant would ever happen, trust me, I’d be all over it….
        I’m going over to check out Lynnrockets now.

  11. mikeinportc says:

    ” I’m pretty sure I just heard that John Boehner was offered a seat on Air Force One to attend the memorial event in..

    I thought that it was a good thing ,that whatever his reason . Seemed like it was a photo-op for pols .All those with so much blood on their hands, there to decry violence and bloodshed.

    Then there’s the funeral, and related words and activity for the girl . Grotesque, IMHO. She’s becoming just another prop. Her birth date is irrelevant, despite the effort to make it otherwise.

  12. nancy says:

    NYT is reporting that Palin will do an “interview” on Monday, Martin Luther King Day, on Fox, with Hannity. An interview.

    This just keeps on keepin’ on.

    She’s going to prove them right. This is lamestream.

  13. nancy says:

    I know you’re finished with this thread, but I have to add that The Guardian is reporting today that Christina Green’s parents allowed her organs to be donated. Can you imagine a starker contrast than this response to sadness, grief and tragedy and Mrs. Allaboutme’s solipsistic whine? She, who also has a nine-year old daughter who is regularly toted around as a political prop. And by the way, I don’t think I could possibly have made the decision these parents made.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I saw that. But I beg to differ; ol’ Caribou Barbie probably has already sold her children’s organs, along with everything else that isn’t nailed down. The only thing that would baffle her is the part about not getting any money.