Hippies Seize “The Economist”

As though hearing the dependably buffoonish Newt Gingrich suddenly smoke the peace bong while all the most (formerly) warmongering congressional Republicans waxed foreboding about the “open-ended” costs (!) of our third (or so) war in Libya wasn’t enough, yesterday I came across a copy of The Economist, which appears to be a surprising new member of the Blame America First crowd.  ”Where Will This End?” was splashed plaintively across the haunting cover photo of a soldier on a bleak airfield below a darkening Habib sky.  The thing could have come from Code Pink, circa 2003, but instead had gone to press mere hours into the execution of the no-fly zone, from the magazine that recently, and irrevocably, tossed its credibility into the crapper with its stubbornly persistent love of all things Bush.  They may have come for the tax cuts, but they stayed for the wars, and in both instances made enormous asses of themselves.

Maybe that’s why they’ve joined the new Republican Peace Movement; as a belated gesture to the literate Americans that sorry publication has lost in droves over the years, and in so doing confidently assuming that a left-handed show of abandoning its tiresome warmongering might do the trick.  I’ve got news, you craven, snobby Brits….  It won’t work, and that’s only half the story.

In terms of being wrong about everything, The Economist has given Bill Kristol a run for his money over the last ten years, and as Bob Haldeman memorably put it, that toothpaste is hard to get back in the tube.  At least over at Fox News, they have the advantage of appealing to the stupid, who are a lot more forgiving of even the grossest errors, but The Economist heretofore relied on its snobby, faux-erudite, well, elitism, to put the exact same contemptible bullshit over.  To the wrong people.  I can’t be the only one who, halfway the third long and boring essay about the wonders of the Bush Tax Cuts and/or the evils of regulation, sorely regretted buying such a crummy piece of low-rent propaganda and vowed never to do so again. Their annoying and intrusive advertising at Salon and elsewhere further cemented my undying hostility and lack of respect for them, even from a marketing and business standpoint, since their undoubtedly expensive advertising would be more wisely placed in the Murdoch media.  (They’d probably get a discount, to boot.  Especially on Beck’s show…)

Previously, I was inclined to be opposed to this, as all other, wars.  As a rule, I don’t believe in American Exceptionalism raining from the skies in the form of bombs.   But now that the Economist has put on the love beads and patchouli, I’m tempted to buy a Hummer, adorn it with flags, and go out cruising for hippies to run over.



  1. The Heel says:

    I have reasons to believe that one certain Hippie just returned to Oregon :)

    Have you read Noam Chomsky’s “Hope and Prospects”? I always thought he was too radical but must say he hits a lot of things on the head in this one. Definitely worth reading.

    Gotta run, getting a turret for my Hummer….

  2. retzilian says:

    I’m going to have to take your word for it (the Economist article), because I can’t take another Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World article from neo-cons and oligarchs arguing against Obama’s obvious Wall-Street-Anglo-World-Domination policies that would be considered HOLY WRIT if anyone with an “R” after his/her name were promoting them.

    It is obvious that Obama is just another Military-Industrialist puppet. The only reason the Rs are upset is because they aren’t manning the switches right now. They want their majority back.

    Meanwhile, in Buyers Remorse, Ohio (I have to laugh), the voters are going to be organizing for at least two, if not three referendums on the ballot this November to undo the atrocious anti-labor-anti-job-anti-government policies passed by that pissant Kasich (an asshole of widely understood huge proportions, as I have already noted).

    My humble city has just been notified that we are going to experience $6MM (million) in cuts to our school system, a school system of only 4 schools with approximately 3,000 children. Imagine how much $6 million over 5 or 6 years (can’t remember exactly) would do to us. The only reason I live here is because of the school system. So, the superintendent is holding a special public meeting for the parents and citizens of this town to rally for change. HA! These are the same folks who voted that asshole Kasich in as governor. I live in a really RED city.

    I probably should not attend that meeting, since the combination of schadenfreud, righteous indignation, hippie smugness and over-informed combativeness will probably blow me up.

    • The Heel says:

      I’d love to see this eruption. Maybe we can see it on youtube, later?

    • cocktailhag says:

      I’m with the Heel. I’d like to see a performance. I find that blow-up combo potentially quite alluring, as does the Heel, natch, but probably for the usual reasons. You’ll have to take my word for it too on the Economist, because I was unable to open that repellent magazine. (CHNN regrets, a little, such journalistic sins…)

  3. mikeinportc says:

    Score this one(the Libya episode) BSFN* . Don’t let it screw up yourself. I even heard Michelle Bachman make sense yesterday . Of course, she couldn’t just stop there . Put the pedal to the metal, & drove off the CRAZY cliff , immediately afterward . ;)

    * [Very!] Blind Squirrels Find Nut

  4. nancy says:

    O/T, but this piece by Lance Mannion, who I love because he’s brilliant, anecdotal, and because I know he’d be a great neighbor, is Cocktail Hag bait. It’s about our nation’s current collection of governors. (Don’t skip the link after the Andrew Cuomo gasp). I had no idea about the Kasich Wall Street stuff. WTF’s up with Ohio? Disclaimer: I grew up there. It’s the Red state that most certainly ought to be Blue.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Ah, I just fell in love with this Mannion person. I do differ a bit with the quote at the top, though. When facing a big ticket or something, why not at least try to see if policemen might not like a little romance? Worth a try.
      The whole “Gov Hurts” thing, so ably skewered of late by Jon Stewart (a sign itself of its inherent idiocy…), is probably the best hope that Dems won’t be deservedly routed in 2012. Cold comfort, indeed.
      Retz had a thing or two to say about Ohio, none of it good. Evidently you were smart to leave.

      • retzilian says:

        Oh, heck, that idiot Kasich is talking about privatizing LAKE ERIE. As if this is even possible. I mean, it’s shared by 3 states or something, never mind CANADA. Yes, I could see Canada from my house if the world was flat. heh.

        Meanwhile, Traitorous-Selfish-Ungrateful-Shitheel-Native Son LeBron James has a solution to the economic woes of the World Class Cleveland Orchestra (no exaggeration, it is a fabulous orchestra): he’s offered to BUY it and ship it to Miami.

        Over my dead body.

  5. nancy says:

    Also too, my brother-in-law spent most of his career at the top levels of HUD —- no more to protect the innocent—-but he claimed that after the illustrious Sam Pierce, Cuomo was at the top of his Jackass-as-Boss- List.

    The Economist must have been infiltrated. Who dunnit? It wasn’t the Rupert, right?

    • cocktailhag says:

      I met Cuomo once, in an elevator leaving an art event with my sister. (this was Nov 2001…) I thought he was either charming, accessible, and even handsome in the right lighting, or hitting on her, but I could be wrong about all of those things. (Certainly the first three are increasingly in doubt….)
      The Economist? I think it started with Thatcher and just grew, like Topsy. Now they’re scrambling because they only have eight readers.