MTP Disgraces Itself Once Again this Morning Just for Ratings

Since David Gregory took over MTP his ratings have gone down to the point that two weeks ago the unheard of happened and ABC’s This Week won the ratings battle. So MTP is searching for ways to win the week to week battle which they won last week. In their promo for this morning’s show they put on their website:

A Special Edition: As anger reaches a boiling point at town halls across the country, health care reform takes center stage. We’ll take an in-depth look at the debate with some leading voices: Fmr. House Majority Leader Rep. Dick Armey (R-TX), now the head of FreedomWorks, an organizer of protesters at town hall meetings; Sen. Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK), Member of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions; Fmr. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD), an informal adviser to the White House and author of “Critical: What We Can Do About the Health Care Crisis”; & Rachel Maddow, Host of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show. Plus we’ll get perspectives from around the country with Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY); Bruce Josten, Executive Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce; and Gov. Bill Ritter

Because of Maddow’s excellent research and reporting, Armey was forced to resign from his association with the the global law firm of DLA Piper. An Open Salon writer Michael Rodgers provided excellent background on the Maddow-Armey appearance if you are not familiar with it. He wrote, “Apparently DLA Piper didn’t like being associated with Armey’s FreedomWorks astroturfing campaign designed to misinform and encourage people to disrupt town hall meetings being held across the Country for the purpose of clarifying issues about health care reform.” The post also has a video clip from when Armey made an ass out of himself in a debate on Hardball between Salon’s Joan Walsh and Dick Armey where Armey tells Joan he’s glad she could never be his wife,

Armey tried to soften his firing by DLA Piper explaining to Politico’s David Mark, “The firm is busy with its business, and shouldn’t be asked to take time out from their work, to defend themselves of spurious allegations,” Armey said. “No client of this firm is going to be free to mind its own business without harassment as long as I’m associated with it.”

If MTP really wanted to inform the public as CBS Morning Show did one hour earlier, they would not have let Dick Armey obfuscate, confuse and waste valuable time just to have a shootout with Rachel. The absence of facts and truth is what is missing most from the debates and M$M coverage. Armey’s successful fight to kill Hillary health reform and his kill efforts now are disgusting in the extreme because of the suffering and huge economic problems created. Half of all personal bankruptcies and mortgage foreclosures are due to lost or inadequate health insurance coverage.

So NBC in its infinite wisdom, gives this scumbag and completely failed former congress critter their platform to continue to wreak damage just so their ratings will compete with ABC. They finally allow their best journalist to appear on MTP so Rachel can participate in a fight that was already over when Armey was fired. Where was NBC News when Rachel did her research behind the Town Hells and Armey’s Army marched and yelled so that the insurance and health industry can continue to screw this dupe Army and millions of senior citizens?

The M$M blames Obama for losing his message on a program he didn’t create because even though he has thoroughly debunked all the myths and lies during his Town Halls they claim he hasn’t because of those Town Hells and the insurance paid ads and thugs that they give maximum coverage instead of ensuring they provide the truth and debate on issues that are justifiably contentious.

Even when ads opposing reform are prepared, deceit is the prime method. The Right Wing Health Care Group who created the anti-socialist medicine ads tricked British women into appearing in the ads.

The number one distortion that continues unabated is the simple fact that there is no such thing as Obamacare. The president chose, wisely or not, to let congress develop the reform plan. There are five bills, three in the House and two in the Senate that are a long ways from being completed into a final bill. Yet, the Repugs blame everything on Obama as if their part, which should be a major part, plays no role in the objections Americans have on all sides of the political spectrum.

During the MTP show this morning both Coburn and Armey claimed eureka the solution is to let anyone use any plan in any state. So in good ole capitalistic fashion, the states with the best insurance will cause all the others to improve. They totally ignore the fact as has been pointed out by Obama in his recent Town Halls, that those state programs who would have outsiders from around the country descend on them, would be overwhelmed and that mayhem and state economic disaster would result. This is typical Repug thinking that there is always a simple answer for the most complex problems and since it sells well, why care about the true consequences.

Those of us who want single payer want it done at the federal level so that each state can’t have a totally different version and moving to another state creates great difficulties. Obama said from the start of his presidential campaign that single payer is out. Some states have decided to go single payer on their own. Obama has pledged that any public option will not eventually lead to nationwide single payer. We are left with the public option as our only hope to rein in the insurance/health monopolies that rake in trillions that could be spent on actual health care. Now even that option is fading away.

The president said many times in his Town Halls that any public option would be self-sustaining and would not be able to use public funds if it got into financial trouble. It would have no government competitive advantage. The Repugs refuse to recognize that fact including the head of the American Chamber of Commerce on MTP this morning and make the false claim that a public option will ruin the insurance industry because of an unfair competitive advantage. The Repugs love the fact that Fedex and UPS have more than successfully competed with the US Postal Service, yet when Obama makes that point when defending his version of a public option, it is totally ignored.

This morning HuffPo reported that the Public Option is not the essential element according to Obama’s health secretary Sebelius who indicated to get Repug support that Sen. Conrad’s Co-Op idea may be necessary to get health reform passed. Many on the left shout that the Dems should get some balls and just use reconciliation and stop trying to woo the PON Repugs and the need for 60 votes in the Senate. Conrad has pointed out correctly that there are requirements to make reconciliation work such as paying for everything in the bill in six years that make this approach an unrealistic option.

I’m glad that all this grandstanding nonsense and distortion are happening now so these tactics will be old when more honest discussion can take place in the fall. I doubt that they have forced Obama to retreat because I suspect he already had that in his process thinking knowing that it would be very hard to get a true public option into a final bill. This distraction from the real debate has obscured many reforms that will get into the final bill and create a much better system than now exists.

That doesn’t mean I am at all happy for just getting any kind of bill passed or that I am backing down from the fact that by far the best solution is single payer. However, what Obama has pointed out and can’t be ignored, to crash our insurance based system too quickly would create economic crisis that would make the bank bailout puny in comparison. Any serious system changes will take considerable time and agony to implement.

For reform opponents to ignore Obama’s plea that to do nothing would be disastrous, is the utmost in hypocrisy and lunacy. It takes a lot to top Repug hypocrisy, but somehow they keep doing it. As their OWE, I suspect their tactics will backfire by the fall and many more Americans will see them for the hypocrites they are as happened in the last presidential election.

PS. As of this posting, I can’t find a link that would provide the video of this mornings’ MTP. When one is available, I will provide it.

Segments from this show were released at 1PM.


  1. cocktailhag says:

    I can’t wait to see the clip, RMP. Dick Armey… Why does being a corrupt, discredited Republican give you a lifetime spot on TV? It is really tiresome.

  2. dirigo says:

    Good stuff, RMP.

    In the moment, it may be that a half, or three-quarters, of a loaf of health care reform, is better than nothing, especially after Clintoncare went down.

    In that context, readjustment in the system to allow the insurance and pharma interests to “re-imagine” themselves without crashing completely, may allow single payer to bubble to the top at some future time; except that the neanderthal Republican “states rights/home rule” pols will still be around, arguing for their sweetheart local contracts and “voluntary” responses by states to federal programs.

    It’s possible that single payer could become very attractive down the road. Big Insurance and Big Pharma could re-imagine themselves into irrelevancy along the way, especially in the backwater states where “refusal” to accept federal money leads to a few more state bankruptcies.

    Maybe during a second Obama term?

    Dream on.

    Anyway, dream or not, Obama second term or not, we will likely have met our demise by that time, with or without a ruling from one of Sarah “Half-A-Whack-Job” Palin’s Death Panels.

    • rmp says:

      It is totally amazing that when 14,000 Americans lose their health care each month and the Repugs tell Americans we have the best health care in the world when we rank 19 out of 19 in the list of the highest industrialized nations or 37th by WHO that status quo is what we need. Coburn to explain why our ranking is not correct, blamed our low ranking on infant mortality on medicare and not the insurance companies because medicare is poorly run. He totally ignores the fact that the insurance companies won’t insure the underclass and only insure the healthy or wealthy adequately. They let the government take care of those where they can’t make huge profits. So medicare takes care of them and then gets blamed because they do. I am so tired of these status quo sickos who have zero compassion or humanity.

      • dirigo says:

        I’m with ya, bro’ …

        Let me vector out into storyland, where alternative narratives live long and prosper.

        There’s a lot in the papers this week-end about the AMC television series “Mad Men” – beginning its third season.

        It’s about Madison Avenue ad people, operating just prior to the assassination of JFK; that is, season three starts in 1963, a bit before Nov. 22nd.

        Where was JFK killed?

        So there’s all this blather again about the Sixties, including Woodstock (Gag!).

        I spent a good deal of time in Texas, only half-heartedly and not entirely on a voluntary basis; and the warp and woof of people like Armey and Coburn doesn’t surprise me. I covered people like that. Local reps in that region are even worse. Good grief!

        But considering something like Mad Men – and the public relations business as a whole, and politicians symbolized by Armey, Coburn, Grassley, and Palin – you have a public debate (ON ANY ISSUE, NOT JUST HEALTH CARE) driven by chamber of commerce talking points more than rigorous intellectual exchange.

        It’s the same – year in and year out.

        It could be George Wallace talking about how smart people can’t park a bicycle straight, or ANY Republican talking about how great it would be to have private fire services all across the country (How about The Blackwater Hose, Ladder, and Fire Suppression Solutions Corporation?.

        It’s the same crap; and the thousands (millions?) of people who are susceptible to this stuff, from a Grassley or an Armey, are STUPID.

        This is THEIR story , THEIR crackpot narrative, and they want it to be the narrative for all of us.

        Why, as far as health care goes, Pilgrim, these good ol’ boys would like to export their great plan to merry old England! That way, all sorts of useless people – from Stephen Hawking to Ted Kennedy to Helen Keller to Itzhak Perlman – would be dealt with. Mercifully but firmly.

        Not be too parochial, but I’m from the East, and up here it’s not our story. Not by a long damn shot.

        • rmp says:

          I was stationed at Little Rock AR from 1966-68 and know well the mentality you speak of. Texas was worse than Arkansas but not by all that much. The good ole boys are like a discriminating fraternity and if you were an outsider, you could never be accepted or understand how things really are. The arrogance and clannishness overwhelms any facts or logic.

          So someone like junior is supported right or wrong and believed over anyone else who is an outsider. It doesn’t differ from the Jewish Americans who believe Israel right or wrong even after watching the atrocities committed in the attack on Gaza.

          • dirigo says:

            When I was in Texas for the second time as a reporter (the first as a member of the Air Force) I was twice called a communist to my face at separate social events (having identified myself as a reporter and as someone from Massachusetts).

            Though I’ve resisted this political conclusion for a long time, I do think now that the entire recent (as in the last 30 years) “free enterprise/privatize every fucking public operation in sight/deregulate until we’re all nuts” movement germinated in Texas (because that’s what I started hearing all the time covering local boards there right after Reagan was elected). And the Bushes have been the ones to bring this whole thing to its quintessence nationally, notwithstanding Reagan himself and the influence of California Republicans.

            It’s not my damn story and I won’t swallow it.

          • dirigo says:

            Remember though, the Bushes were never “from” Texas.

  3. cocktailhag says:

    The clip was pretty revolting, RMP. Watching Dick Armey’s pants repeatedly burst into flame, uncommented upon by anyone except Rachel was pathetic. When introduced, he should be identified as “corrupt former GOP Rep, now a lobbyist for Pharma and insurers.” He wouldn’t shut up, and everything he said was a lie. It failed even as good TV, let alone political discourse.

    • rmp says:

      Agree. Daschle was a poor choice and he hasn’t kept up to the debate even as well as I have and I am not supposed to be anywhere near his so called expertise. I don’t think he has even watched Obama during his recent Town Halls which provide excellent info on how to recognize the falsehoods in the other side’s propaganda for the health industry.

      It was Rachel’s first time in the ring where it is so hard to not let other more experienced thugs dominate the conversation so she did OK but not up to her high standards. When Rachel asks Armey a question or points out his hypocrisy, Gregory leaves Armey alone. Gregory was such a poor choice to take over MTP and Russert had serious problems as well doing any real journalism as an interviewer.

      • cocktailhag says:

        I have a visceral dislike for David Gregory, and not just because he’s dumb as a post, but I can’t stand looking at a guy that looks like a monkey in a wig. Something about his mouth, and it’s immeasurably worse when he opens it. Letting a walking, talking conflict of interest like Armey filibuster the whole segment on his show, spouting predictable and false blather shows that Gregory doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.
        Nor does he care if anyone else does. Letting Rachel speak would have made him look even dumber, so he rarely let her, yet used her as a hook to draw eyeballs to his crappy show. Talk about bait and switch.

        • Jebbie says:

          Why is half a loaf better than none? All that will do is encourage these assholes to keep up their tactics – because it’s quite obvious that they are working.\

          Bullshit. Pull the fucking bill and point out exactly why hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans will suffer because of a lack of affordable health care.

          Pull it and every fucking day for the rest of this Congress and next, read a damned statement into the record why it was pulled. Take every advantage of Speaker’s Minutes on the floor every day and repeat it until the message is drummed into the head of every citizen who cares.

          Name names. Republican – Democrat – Alaskan – Texan – whoever.

          Name names – every goddamned ex-congressperson or Senator who takes a fucking dime from Big Pharma or any other related industry, including the AMA.

          Fuck them. Obama – Rahm – Armey – Breaux – Tauzin – the who goddamned lot of them. Let the motherfuckers go to Israel for their healthcare.

          • dirigo says:

            I’m not arguing for a half a loaf, and, as a man with a sonorous voice, I’d be glad to take the well during Speaker’s Minutes and read all those names into the record (along with the ties to their industry sugar daddies).

            But I am not a member.

            What to do?

            I want Obama to bite these people on the ankles and not let go. Why isn’t he?

          • rmp says:

            Israel’s health care is too good for them. How about the health care the Palestinians are getting, especially those in Gaza?

  4. Jim White says:

    Six. There are six lobbyists working on the health care bill per lawmaker in Washington. Six. They are spending over a million dollars a day. If only someone like Obama would point out how sick that is, we might have a chance of turning this back on them and the companies they represent. But he won’t dare…

    • cocktailhag says:

      It’s ridiculous. Can you even imagine a world where a Republican President and congress would bend over backward to please Democrats? They stuck ‘em in a basement. They put three righties for every Dem, even if said Dem was Joe Lieberman, on TV. How small a minority must the right have to get proportional face time? I’m sick to death of it. Some liberal media. Sheesh.
      Just noting the money trail would help, but ol’ monkey face must think that’s unseemly or something.

    • rmp says:

      There are plenty of other surrogates who can do it or cabinet members like Sebelius and they just wimp out. Daschle who has received a lot of health industry money sounded like a wimp even when he tried to act tough.

      Talking about six, there are six senators who represent only 2% of the US population who are making the critical Finance Committee decisions.

      • Jim White says:

        Ooh. Now we only need one more “six” in the mix to get 666, the mark of the beast…

        • rmp says:

          Another six? Maybe others can come up with something better. The one that comes immediately to mind is under reconciliation. Everything in such a bill must be paid for in six years and be revenue neutral. That doesn’t count at this point because there is little chance reconciliation will be used by the Dems.

  5. rmp says:

    Dirigo on your bite question. Obama believes in a bite that gets stronger as time goes on so that he has a firm grip and can take a real chomp at a critical point. There are months left in this contest and he doesn’t want to sap his strength so it is not there when most needed. The problem with that strategy is an opponent that keeps switching attacks and characters and has done so much damage bite by bite that there is no place large enough to bite hard on or a critical moment.

    • dirigo says:

      That’s the way I’m interpreting what he’s doing, and I respect that, just as Holder’s announced strategy related to a rather narrow, initial look-see into the torture regime may yield greater results over time as pressure builds, finally revealing the larger picture that cannot any longer be ignored.

      I know it’s frustrating right now because it seems all is lost: Sebelius is frowning, Drudge is crowing, and blah blah.

      I note the stories today about James Carville calling for a vote (and a presumptive defeat) of the Democrats’ best health bill as a way to set things up for the mid-terms. His frigid wife naturally begs to differ, snarling that’s it all over now, baby blue, for health reform.

      I’m not a lawyer (but I play one on TeeVee), and I am familiar with the courtroom tactic – as is suggested perhaps with Obama appearing to concede to the Republicans this week-end, and with Holder’s framing of a special prosecutor’s mission on torture – of going for a small victory within a larger set of issues, and letting that small victory highlight the larger issues, which will be revealed eventually within subsequent hearings or procedures as a set of unconscionable problems screaming for a solution.

      I very much hope that’s what the president is doing.

      It would be sweet success in the end if all that happened.

      Half a loaf this year; the whole enchilada next year, or the year after, eh Jebbie?

      • rmp says:

        That is why I won’t make any firm judgment about Obama until the one year point. I recognize that by that time, I might be almost as mad as Jebbie. I am not predicting what my judgment will be. There are way too many variables. I may not sound like it sometimes, but I am more of a realist than an idealist.

        • dirigo says:

          I gave up on idealism while driving to Texas for my post-Vietnam permanent party assignment in Wichita Falls, which occurred deep in the heart of 1969 during the same week of the pre-event build to Woodstock, some twelve years before I went to Amarillo (of my own demented accord), and, with a pen and notebook in hand, representing the Fourth Estate, was called a commie pinko rat.

      • Jebbie says:

        “Half a loaf this year; the whole enchilada next year, or the year after, eh Jebbie?”

        If pigs could fly.

        You guys just don’t get it do you. Obama doesn’t give a fuck about whether a health care initiative is good for the people. He only gives a fuck that it gives him an issue to run on for a second fucking term. That’s the whole deal with these assholes in Washington. To them, it’s a goddamned game with the score being who gets elected, not who does what is best for the People.

        He’s no different than any of those other cocksuckers in Washington, MoC and lobbyists alike. He’s got his and to hell with the People.

        • dirigo says:

          I agree; that’s why I’m not an idealist. But I try to remain witty in the face of this predictable turn of events.

          Obama is really a black Bill Clinton, a child of the New Democrats; but he may achieve what Clinton could not – except it will be sometime in the future, at his convenience, not the People’s.


        • cocktailhag says:

          I’m beginning to, to my untold chagrin and annoyance, think like you about this, Jebbie. Either Obama has abandoned all principle or he’s a pussy. I don’t like either. How’d that triangulation work out for ya, Bill? The triumph of Hope over experience has become the triumph of experience over Hope.
          As an aside, I wish you wouldn’t denigrate cocksuckers so. I’m not a cocksucker myself, but I have a friend who is. Maybe you know her.

  6. rmp says:

    Here is HuffPo’s take on what was to me Maddow’s best response by far:
    Maddow Battles Dick Armey In “Meet The Press” Debut (video)

  7. rmp says:

    Here’s some video interview insights into the thinking of the RWAs outside the Grand Junction CO Town Hall. It’s clear that health care reform is only a vehicle to express disgust with Obama winning the presidency and for some to hide racism. The first woman says she is well informed by the TV and blogs and of course the only TV news she watches is Fox because it is fair and all the others are slanted and not real news. They also interviewed reform supporters.
    Inside The Mob Outside The Grand Junction Health Care Town Hall (video)

    • rmp says:

      The Beast’s headline, “7 Best Moments from Sunday Talk” is misleading. Unless Best can also mean Worst.

      • dirigo says:

        Leaving aside The Beast’s nefarious headline writers, I think some week-end reporters are making a meal out of Sebelius’ remarks.

  8. Kitt says:

    Maddow should have been allowed to state, unequivocally, what a complete lie Dick Armey was telling about Moveon and the Hitler “ad”. The reason I think is not only because it’s a lie, but because it’s a lie that is several years old and it’s a lie that has been debunked for several years. So, with that in mind, Dick Armey was on a national TV program either lying through his teeth or he is so ignorant as to be dangerous to himself and others. Either of those two possibilities, all by themselves, should be enough to completely discredit Dick Armey and keep Dick Armey off of the lists of talking head guest appearances.

    Also, I noticed that Dick Armey kept that idiot, imbecilic grin going that he held onto on that other program while Joan Walsh spoke, and now, today, while Rachel Maddow was speaking, he kept that up even while Tom Daschle was speaking. So it isn’t just that Dick Armey is frightened of women, Dick Armey just doesn’t know how else to act beyond holding a sickly grin on his face as his lies are being called out. He’s that pathetic.

  9. retzilian says:

    I’m fully prepared for the healthcare bill to fail; I’m ready to be there when this thing crashes and burns and people who have been holding out hope, who have been waiting for an affordable “public option” that is run like Medicare will have to start shopping for halfway decent (and it’s only halfway decent) health insurance.

    Then I’ll have a few good carriers (most of this area has such good hospitals and health care, it doesn’t really matter what your insurance is, all the providers take Anthem BC/BS, Med Mutual, Humana, United, etc.) and get these people something even if it’s just a catastrophic policy that keeps them from going belly-up if they get sick.

    There would have been a way for insurance companies to coexist with a public plan, but the Republicans are going to see to it that it fails. I blame not only Big Pharma and some of the bigger insurers (that have always had contingency plans to offer supplemental health insurance and were going to stay in the group plans no matter what the public option), but the Republicans.

    This infusion of money and rage is something I have never seen since perhaps the 60s, and even then I was just a wee lass. I feel sorry for all the Obama people who volunteered (as I did) and are seeing what is reality in Washington. Never again will I waste my time working for any politician.

  10. Jebbie says:

    Obama is already in Big Pharma’s corner.

    Without a public option, all that’s going to happen is a windfall for the current insurance companies.

    Yep. There will be a mandate that ALL ‘mericans get health insurance, and the poorest of us will get gummint money to buy it….from the current thieves.

    The health care insurers are going to get their’s in the same goddamned manner that Wall Street got their chunk of our future.

    Everybody will be happy, eh?


    The GOP will crow about how they “defeated Obama’s plan”, Obama will crow that he got “his health care bill through Congress and into law” and the ‘merican people will pay the bill to both of them.

    Meanwhile, as soon as the ruckus dies down a tad, we’ll see the profits of the for profit hospitals, premiums for the insurance companies, and politicians of all stripes bragging about what a good fucking job they did for “teh People”.


    • cocktailhag says:

      I just watched “Sicko” for a second time tonight; it’s more timely than ever. Last time I saw it was with my mother about a year before her death. I have a post about this brewing, with two interviews down and one to go. More news later on this CHNN station, and on CHNN News Overnight.

  11. dirigo says:

    Howard Dean this morning is suggesting rather firmly that the public option will be in the paperwork during the reconciliation process after House and Senate bills are voted out.

    This on MSNBC with Joe “Free Market Guy” Scarborough, who concedes it’s possible to get said socialist provision in the end.

    The other interesting and very basic point on health care, made by Dr. Nancy Snyderman, was to insist that the country invest in its people through a real national health care plan. She says we can’t be competitive in the world economy without as many healthy people as possible; and implicit in this is a rebuke of the idea of unbridled market-based health care, which another wag on this morning’s Joe show says is unsustainable, not to mention immoral.

    It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

    Don’t lose heart, Jebbie!

  12. rmp says:

    Here are some MSNBC video links that fetaure Howard Dean on Morning Joe and the Today Show and how he sees the politics of getting a reform bill passed. It could explain why Obama is saying we don’t have to have a public option and that it is just “a sliver of health care reform.”

    My concern is, does Dean understand the reconciliation process as Sen. Conrad has explained it. Conrad claims it really can’t be used and Dean says it will be. What we should keep in mind is that we are only in the third inning and there are twice as many innings still to be played out.

    Compromising on health care? (video: “The public option is just a sliver of health care reform-Obama”)
    Morning Joe: Dean- We will have the public option
    Today Show: Howard Dean on health care plan
    Morning Joe: Dr. Nancy- We need a public option

  13. Annie says:

    Not for nuthin’, but all of the US healthcare systems which demo. lower costs while providing for optimal patient outcomes have voluntary Magnet Accreditation which is a (for profit, natch) program run out of an arm of the American Nurses Association and which entails professional nursing evidencing shared governance, engagement in nursing education and research, establishing and maintaining higher thanminimum standard of professional nursing care and practice and – gasp – evidence of safe patient case loads, safe work hour scheduling and safe work environments.

    All of these systems (Mayo, Cleveland Clinic [I used to teach undergradaute nursing clinicals there when I was on a long ago serfdom tenure track- full disclosure] and Geisinger) use nurses much more fully and professionally, and nurses are active partners in managing complex patient problems such as comorbid chronic disease conditions, transitioning patients fromhospital through inpatient rehab and on and into their homes and managing social needs in order to allow patients to actuallybe – er – compliant with things such as taking meds (can’t take ‘em if you can’t buy ‘em), eating fresh fruits and vegetables and walking/exercising adequately, for example.

    Never mind that there’s ample research and evidence which demonstrates that morbidity (complications) and mortality (death) rates drop significantly when patients are cared for by nurses with a minimum of a baccalaureate education in nursing.(IOM,Aiken, 1999)

    Whaddya mean there’s no option which includes nursing specifically?

    Knock me over with a feather….

    Thanks, RMP, for the MTP update. You watched so I didn’t have to.

    • rmp says:

      From what I have seen about the almost entirely ignored parts of reform, there is a real desire to learn from and copy best practices. When Obama spoke to the VFW today, he talked about how the VA wants to hear from any employee who has a better idea of how to do something so that the VA will be more efficient, cost effective and provide better care. He said that he knows other political leaders have promised the same thing, but he wants the VFW to understand he and Gen. Shinseki are very serious and have put substantial money behind the promise.

  14. rmp says:

    Substantiates what I said earlier about Daschle:
    The Secret Life of Tom Daschle, Moonlighting For The Insurance Industry