Reminds Me Of An Old Joke

I was wandering around at Crooks and Liars, and I found another piece of video that is a lovely coda to the Trump video in the last post. It seems that racist nincompoop Russell Pearce, State Senator from Arizona, is running into a few bumps with the dastardly Liberal Media down there. Stunningly, Arizonans evidently have an event there that’s anachronistically still called the “Fiesta” Bowl, although I’m sure that the legislature will rename it something more American soon. (The Velveeta Bowl for States’ Rights?)  Like all sporting events, it involves corrupt, worthless Republicans with lots of money, from whose ample man-breasts flow the mother’s milk of Republican grifters like Russell Pearce, so naturally there’s been a bit of an annoying scandal.
Like Trump, and Bush before him, Pearce completely dismisses the very notion of an adversarial media, especially one who gets so schoolmarmish about the difference between lies and truth. He proudly says to the understandably exasperated reporter about the documents proving his innocence of blatant criminality he somberly promised to produce two weeks ago, well, she’d get ‘em when she got ‘em, so jump in a lake. (I’m paraphrasing, of course.)
Best of all, he tells her, when she pleads that she is just doing her job, he barks back, “You know, your job is not to harass.”
Ooh, get thee to a finishing school, you uppity broad. As you can see by the part with the Teabagger she put in at the end, this retort didn’t go over well, and provided me (and I hope, you) a needed laugh on a typically disheartening day. Go Channel 12!!!
Reminds me of a joke that went around these parts back in the olden days, about a spelling bee between Dan Quayle and Bob Packwood, both of whom coincidentally owe their very existence to a brain-dead  media; the word in question was “harass.”
Quayle put an “e” on the end.
Packwood thought it was two words.
Both were smarter, and a good deal more dignified, than this cretin Russell Pearce, and both still make evergreen punch lines.  I’m guessing Pearce doesn’t read, at least for comprehension, a whole lot.   Let’s hope Arizonans do, at least enough to recall him.


  1. mikeinportc says:

    Unfortunately, most of the MSM agree with Pearce on the role of “journalists”. Wonder if the Tea Party-ist will hold those sentiments consistently, or let it slide with their favorites?