SOGOPs how do you get out of this outhouse? Your health is at stake!

The Repugs have been sent to Obama’s outhouse to Shit Or Get Off the Pots. They know it and are now wiggling like crazy to free their dumb asses. The stink the GOPers drop into American political discharge has not reached enough Americans, but if Obama’s long-term plan works, it will reach them before voting in November.

Obama’s plan reached its second stage with his State of the Union address where after waiting patiently through his first year as president, he began the attack phase. The launch became more immediately successful than planned once the House Repugs allowed him to have its House Retreat session televised which started the GOPers inevitable march to the outhouse. If I’m right about Obama’s plan, all Repug lying, deceit and hypocrisy tactics will no longer work nearly as well except on those whose brains are frozen and ears only hear what they want to hear regardless of the facts, logic or history presented.

The first stage was simple and excruciating to those voting for Obama on the hope he could actually have some success in changing partisan Washington mowing down as many lobbyists as possible in the process. As one of those voters, of course I knew that it isn’t Washington that’s broken, but our entire election system that quickly snuffs out the vast majority of those congress critters and executive branch leaders who go to Washington to bring change. I don’t buy into those who claim Obama’s naivete is being crushed by those ruthless Repugs. He knew who and what they are and who they really represent- the Corporate Communists.

For his plan to work during the first stage, he needed to use the best weapon anyone has against this group of compassion-less hypocrites, give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. The most modern and robust example, Dubya and The Dick. That meant spending an entire year not fighting back against congressional Repug PON and Waterloo tactics no matter how emotionally tempting.

Obama does possess remarkable restraint- probably too much at times. He was clearly the right man for this job. When vicious attackers think they are winning, they become careless and don’t notice the noose that is about to lasso and strangle them. Although Obama is now fighting back in all areas. For the rest of this post, I am only going to address health care reform. It can’t take a back seat to the economy and jobs because it was Obama’s biggest legislative agenda his first year and with all its complexity the best area to defend against foolish, fear mongering, fact-less proclamations.

Obama revealed his health care reform tactics during a surprise press conference on Feb. 9 just after Sen. McConnell and Rep, Boehner held their meeting with the media at the doorstep of the White House after leaving the meeting with Obama to plan the Feb. 25 Summit Clash of the Titans. Well, only one Titan, the Repugs, definitely are far from Titans, hopefully more like road kill after the Summit. The Repugs will be in Obama’s den where he determines the agenda and sets the rules. Not a fair fight from the start.

Allow me one emotional digression before listing selected paras from the transcript of that press conference that reveal in Obama’s words how he will likely keep the Repugs from escaping until they are thoroughly pummeled. Sen. McConnell sobbed on the Senate Floor (link includes video) on Friday talking about his long tenured chief of staff who was heading for K Street to make his delayed fortune while spending his Senate career catering to Wall Street and helping them and his boss to ruin lives and our and the world’s economy. This sobbing senator is the same leader who never gives a damn about the hundreds of thousands of Americans dying due to our sick health care system and is doing all he can to murder millions more by killing health care reform.

Here are the paras:

Now, bipartisanship depends on a willingness among both Democrats and Republicans to put aside matters of party for the good of the country. I won’t hesitate to embrace a good idea from my friends in the minority party, but I also won’t hesitate to condemn what I consider to be obstinacy that’s rooted not in substantive disagreements but in political expedience.

My hope is that this will be the first of a series of meetings that I have with leadership of both parties in Congress. We’ve got to get past the tired debates that have plagued our politics and left behind nothing but soaring debt and mounting challenges, greater hardships among the American people, and extraordinary frustrations among the American people. Those frustrations are what led me to run for President, and as long as I’m here in Washington, I intend to try to make this government work on their behalf.

So I’ve got these goals. Now, we have a package, as we work through the differences between the House and the Senate, and we’ll put it up on a Web site for all to see over a long period of time, that meets those criteria, meets those goals. But when I was in Baltimore talking to the House Republicans, they indicated, we can accomplish some of these goals at no cost. And I said, great, let me see it. And I have no interest in doing something that’s more expensive and harder to accomplish if somebody else has an easier way to do it.

So I’m going to be starting from scratch in the sense that I will be open to any ideas that help promote these goals. What I will not do, what I don’t think makes sense and I don’t think the American people want to see, would be another year of partisan wrangling around these issues; another six months or eight months or nine months worth of hearings in every single committee in the House and the Senate in which there’s a lot of posturing.

What I agree with is that the public has soured on the process that they saw over the last year. I think that actually contaminates how they view the substance of the bills. I think it is important for all of these issues to be aired so that people have confidence if we’re moving forward on such a significant part of the economy as health care, that there is complete transparency and all of these issues have been adequately vetted and adequately debated. And this gives an opportunity not just for Democrats to say here’s what we think we should do, but it also gives Republicans a showcase before the entire country to say here’s our plan; here’s why we think this will work. And one of the things that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell both said is they didn’t think that the status quo was acceptable, and that’s, right there, promising. That indicates that if all sides agree that we can’t just continue with business as usual then maybe we can actually get something done.

To your question about the 25th, my hope is that this doesn’t end up being political theater, as I think some of you have phrased it. I want a substantive discussion. We haven’t refined exactly how the agenda is going to go that day. We want to talk with both the Democratic and Republican leaders to find out what they think would be most useful. I do want to make sure that there’s some people like the Congressional Budget Office, for example, that are considered non-partisan, who can answer questions. In this whole health care debate I’m reminded of the story that was told about Senator Moynihan, who was I guess in an argument with one of his colleagues, and his colleague was losing the argument so he got a little flustered and said to Senator Moynihan, “Well, I’m entitled to my own opinion.” And Senator Moynihan said, “Well, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.” I think that’s the key to a successful dialogue on the 25th or on health care.

Let’s establish some common facts. Let’s establish what the issues are, what the problems are, and let’s test out in front of the American people what ideas work and what ideas don’t. And if we can establish that factual accuracy about how different approaches would work, then I think we can make some progress. And it may be that some of the facts that come up are ones that make my party a little bit uncomfortable. So if it’s established that by working seriously on medical malpractice and tort reform that we can reduce some of those costs, I’ve said from the beginning of this debate I’d be willing to work on that. On the other hand, if I’m told that that is only a fraction of the problem and that is not the biggest driver of health care costs, then I’m also going to insist, okay, let’s look at that as one aspect of it, but what else are we willing to do?

And this is where it gets back to the point I was making earlier. Bipartisanship cannot mean simply that Democrats give up everything that they believe in, find the handful of things that Republicans have been advocating for and we do those things, and then we have bipartisanship. That’s not how it works in any other realm of life. That’s certainly not how it works in my marriage with Michelle, although I usually do give in most of the time. (Laughter.) But the — there’s got to be some give and take, and that’s what I’m hoping can be accomplished. And I’m confident that’s what the American people are looking for.


  1. cocktailhag says:

    Ah, we shall see. Great post, RMP; I just got into LA and I’m enjoying the fabulous weather.

  2. nailheadtom says:

    There’s a socialist majority in the House and Senate and the president’s a socialist. So how can all these utopian failures be blamed on the minority party? The fact is Pinnocchia Pelosi and Harry the neo-Mormon can’t keep their own soldiers lined up. By the way, rmp, anybody that cares to do so can access the mendacious verbiage of Jon Favreau. Why are you needed to disseminate the speeches of the most powerful man on earth?