The No-Way-Both-Ways Neocon-Repug Rules

If you look at any political remark from Neocons-Repugs they will first say “No way!” then ask any fools listening to believe it is just dandy for them to have it both-ways using twisted logic and facts. These forked tongue, con artists operate under the following rules:

  1. Never talk about the consequences of the current problem or offer any real solutions only complain and whine about the problems created by liberal-Dem solutions.

  2. If it conflicts with your current goal, totally ignore anything previously said even if only minutes ago.

  3. Never let facts or consequences affect what you want to convey.

  4. Don’t concern yourself with what is best for the country or the world only about what is best for your reelection or ideological group.

  5. The end always justifies the means so integrity or truth is irrelevant as long as you can rationalize your motivation.

  6. Determine the most damaging framing for the liberal-Dems and then create any facts to reinforce that message and repeat it as many times and from as many sources as possible.

  7. Take every opportunity to play the victim especially when it is far fetched to make that claim.

  8. Make sure every message includes one or more of these themes: big, bad, socialized government; tax cuts never hikes; increases debt; dire security threat; and No.

  9. Above all, use fear to the utmost, prey on insecurities and threaten disaster if liberal-Dems are allowed to do anything they propose.

Neocons-Repugs operate in reversed problem solving mode. Decide what will not work, think of all the ideas that will prove failure, select the best that will emotionally involve your audience and then make up whatever facts or evidence is needed to back up your claims. Here are some examples:

Men’s zippers that won’t stay zipped: When President Clinton unzipped his with an intern, the Repugs saw the most decadent, terrible man who should be impeached, yet when Neocon-Repug critters do it and do it often they are just normal men who have made a mistake. Joe Conoson in his Friday Salon piece put it this way, “Whenever the latest Republican politician is caught with his zipper undone, a predictable moment of introspection on the right inevitably ensues. Pundits, bloggers and perplexed citizens ruminate over the lessons they have learned, again and again, about human frailty, false piety and the temptations of flesh and power. They express concern for the damaged family and lament the fall of yet another promising young hypocrite. They resolve to restore the purity of their movement and always remember to remind us that this is all Bill Clinton’s fault. What they never do is face up to an increasingly embarrassing fact about themselves and their leaders.” The last two fallen unzippers, Ensign and Sanford, may be excommunicated from the Club because they didn’t make their wives stand by them during the press conference and actually seemed contrite about their betrayal. The hypocritical fact that both were loud objectors to Clinton’s, one-time, brief dalliance might save them as happened with Newt Gingrich.

Health care reform: Neocons-Repugs loudly proclaim they want the best health care that capitalism can provide yet don’t care how few people are covered or how many get screwed by the insurance companies. They don’t want Dems to let government control costs yet tell everyone that all the Dems want to do is spend money. They don’t want government rationing care, yet it is OK for insurance companies to dump any expensive clients and only insure healthier and wealthier clients like them. They don’t want to greatly increase government debt through a public option even though that option will offer serious competition that will significantly lower costs for everyone. They want health providers to be able to offer all the tests they want and thus let profit decide medical decisions even though government care has clearly proven that it allows doctors to make decisions that is best for the patient and does not allow money to be a significant factor and that is exactly what the congress critters have and use.

Terrorists and national security: They warn with trembling voice that the terrorists who number in the thousands are ready to invade our shores so we have to fight and kill them in other countries while ignoring all the resulting millions of innocents that are killed, injured, suffer greatly and become homeless or countryless. The Neocons-Repugs thump their chests believing American democracy and culture is so great that America must insist that all in the world should aspire to our greatness even though they encourage our CIA and policies that will force those ignorant nations to be a model democracy like America no matter the cost in money and lives. It is irrelevant that these nations have tyrannical and misogynistic leaders identical to evil empires as long as they promise to love America. It is also totally unnecessary to actually visit and study these countries’ culture and history because that could interfere with running the world.

Israel: The fact that Obama wants to stop the natural growth of settlements when the settlers live in such a dangerous environment shows he is an Arab appeaser yet when only a few settlers a year are injured or killed by unguided missiles its OK to slaughter almost 1,400 Gazans most of whom have absolutely no choice about where they live and due to Israeli oppression lose what little they have if they are fortunate enough to survive the killings and atrocities. Israel can demand any concessions from the Palestinians and when they don’t graciously accept, it is their fault that peace can’t be found. Greenwald in his Update III put it best Friday, “Goldfarb admits he thinks torture is tolerable when we do it to Them but not when They do it to us because — as he puts it — “Of Course We Are Superior and They Are Inferior ” (that, of course, is the very definition of “moral relativism,” which Goldfarb and his allies like to pretend they oppose even as they exemplify its core premise). And — other than a view that Muslims generally are inferior — what possible ground is there for claiming moral superiority over the numerous detainees at Guanatnamo and elsewhere who, even by the Bush administration’s reasoning, were guilty of nothing? Independently, it’s bizarre to hear someone proclaim themselves morally superior when, just a few months ago, they were celebrating the benefits of the wholesale slaughter of an entire extended family — including small children — in Gaza.” Then in most heinous, hypocritical logic that supassed any used for the Iraq invasion, the Neocons-Repugs blamed the Gazans for the atrocities that the Israelis had no choice to carry out because they were under such dire threat to their safety. So dire that the Gazans still have no right to try and recover because it was these enemies of Israel who caused the horror not Israeli policies and oppression and theft of the Palestinian homeland.

Iranian election: Neocons-Repugs say Iran almost has a nuclear weapon that can hit Israel so the crazy Iranian government has to be forced out through revolution. The Neocons-Repugs could care less about all the injuries and deaths that would occur to those Arabs (Persians) just as the Reagan Administration didn’t care about the more than one million Iranians that died in the Iran-Iraq war when we supported Saddam who later became the pariah who justified our war with Iraq. Since the Neocons-Repugs then refused any dialogue or contact with the Iranian government, its OK to be in the dark and believe the country and people froze in place since the Shah was ousted. Israel keeps in touch and absolutely knows that the threat is so dire that the U.S. or Israel must attack their nuclear facilities. The Neocons-Repugs warned Obama about his ridiculous idea of talking to the Iranians and because he isn’t strongly encouraging a revolution there will be no choice but to attack and soon.

Climate change: The Neocons-Repugs shout it’s colder than last winter somewhere, somehow so all those thousands of world scientists are blowing smoke about global warming even though the Neocons-Repugs have no scientific proof other than their gut feeling and having spent a long time on our planet. Any climate change bill that angers any lobbyists is wrong. The coal, oil and nuclear energy companies are critical to our economy and should not be hindered from doing their fine work. All the Dem legislation will do is add to our deficit and it can’t affect global warming since it doesn’t exist.

Commenters are more than welcome to add to these examples.


    • rmp says:

      Just think what these thugs could accomplish for America if they gave a damn about anyone or anything but themselves.

  1. cocktailhag says:

    I’d add the childish, “we dish it out but we can’t take it” factor to your already large pile of righty BS, RMP. All criticism of Republicans amounts to treasonous slander, worthy of censure, threats and much public fainting and pearl-clutching. Meanwhile, Republicans run around calling liberals traitors, criminals, racists, Muslims, terrorist-coddlers, etc, as airily and incessantly as though they were talking about the weather, free of consequence. Sarah Palin is the prime example of this, as she has become the crybaby-in-chief, dreaming up ever-greater persecution fantasies, while the venomous words about others that are her trademark seem forgotten.

    • rmp says:

      I hope that my exposing their rules doesn’t cause them to change tactics. I love the way they kill their future on their own. Palin is a prime example of who I would love to see compete with Obama.

  2. cocktailhag says:

    Dang, that Boner annoys me, even more than the rest of them. Did you see at UT that an otherwise sentient being praised that peanut butter colored halfwit for just that performance? Sheesh. How many boring words does it take to say no?

    • rmp says:

      Anyone who is into a Boehner bone over his silly performance, is too hard to deal with and too cock sure of his loyalty to ineptitude.

      • cocktailhag says:

        Well, this was someone whom I don’t ordinarily think is that dumb, which is why I found it so remarkable. Did you see it?

        • rmp says:

          No. I can only take so much Repug virus exposure. It depends on what your definition of dumb is. To me, he is dumb in terms of both slyness and versatility when you compare him to someone like Rep. Darrell Issa of CA or Sen. Lindsey Graham of S.C. They are very intelligent and far more sly in the way they apply their Neocon-Repug rules. Boehner acts like a man perpetually ready to stick his bone in and could care less about the circumstances or audience. His subtleness in technique belongs with the Three Stooges.

  3. heru-ur says:

    “The Neocons-Repugs shout it’s colder than last winter somewhere, somehow so all those thousands of world scientists are blowing smoke about global warming even though the Neocons-Repugs have no scientific proof other than their gut feeling and having spent a long time on our planet.”

    So you are saying that you are unaware of any credible, scientific challenges to man-made global warming? If you are, how does one avoid knowing about these challenges? How does one not know that those who propose extraordinary theories need produce extraordinary evidence to back it up. And no, computer models that do not even consider the main greenhouse gas are not scientific evidence. Nor do the many weather stations across America placed in parking lots with air conditioner exhaust (the heat) pointed at them count as anything other than fudging the data to get the results you already want. See front page of for an example of each type.

    RPM, when I was young I thought the crazies early in our countries history who believed in witchcraft and so forth were gone forever. I was dead wrong. The planet has been cooling for a decade and the last two winters set records world wide. Of course, data that is contrary to a theory is tossed out in modern science now that it is so politicized.

    I’ll let you bluster on, but it is the highth of hypocracy to claim that only neo-cons or Republicans think that your new weather religion is heifer dust. Many of us have seen data that points to the sun as the source of weather variation on this planet. The Sun, perhaps you have heard of it?

  4. heru-ur says:


    Another story from down under.,21985,25401759-25717,00.html

    Andrew Bolt

    April 29, 2009 12:00am

    IT’S snowing in April. Ice is spreading in Antarctica. The Great Barrier Reef is as healthy as ever.

    And that’s just the news of the past week. Truly, it never rains but it pours – and all over our global warming alarmists.

    Time’s up for this absurd scaremongering. The fears are being contradicted by the facts, and more so by the week.

    Doubt it? Then here’s a test.

    It is only a Media news story, but I don’t think you can blame Republicans or other scary monsters for this one. Can you?

    • dirigo says:

      I have a question: Why can’t a permanent, presidential commission be appointed with, if necessary, de facto “cabinet-level” status, to determine whether or not there is a scientific basis for global warning?

      Or not.

      Just do it.

      Then all the screamers on this issue can scream about other things: like wayward Republicans, the myriad threats to the “culture,” or whether Americans should have to drive cars as small as basement freezers.

  5. heru-ur says:


    It would be nice to get real science on that issue and many, many more. To get “real science” we will have to figure out how to stop the politicization of science, and I am truly afraid that will not be possible in this country for a long, long time.

    Perhaps we can hope for other scientists in other countries to come forward with facts instead of self-serving hysteria? Maybe. Who knows? (but, they will have trouble getting published)

    Investigate how American science is funded and controlled someday to see why I am pessimistic.

    • dirigo says:

      This why this country has become a laughingstock, with it’s “faith-based” initiatives and it’s absurd, hypocritical “family values” politicians.

      A lot of the natives are still buying this stuff (but fewer we hope), but not too many others (I’d bet), people outside the country who can actually think and discuss such things as the scientific method.

      I think I’ll go buy some Texas high school science books. Read up on the problem with polar bears slipping off their little slabs of ice.

    • dirigo says:

      Who is politicizing science?

      What part of the political spectrum is that coming from?

  6. rmp says:

    I’m not going to take the time to do your research. The world’s scientists have thoroughly studied global warming, they have very substantial facts to back up their conclusions, it has been more than proven without any self-serving hysteria. Those who claim that global warming isn’t happening are in the very small minority. Your claims border on foolish and I don’t usually find you that way. This is the last you will hear from me on this.

    • heru-ur says:

      Do you think the ~ 31,000 USA scientists that signed a petition against the global warming hysteria should all be fired from their various positions as “bordering on the foolish”? With over 9,000 with PhDs on the list, that means we are giving out advanced degrees to utter fools!

      RMP, I knew you would not look at the picture in the one link or read the very short newspaper article in the other link — I know how hard it is when your religion is shown to be wrong. When it snows in Orlando, will you at least read a newspaper article that goes against your faith?

      • rmp says:

        I was distracted and wrong not to look at your links. The one by Bolt was better as a refutation than anything else I have seen although I am not a scientist so I can’t evaluate it. Do you have the link to the 31,000 scientists and 9,000 PhDs?