The Sky That Didn’t Fall

Thanks Bloomberg right decision.@now Christie, while thanking O, must re- declare for Romney, or take blame for next four dire years.


There are several reasons Republicans are currently snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but by far the most significant one is because of their absurd case of the Chicken Little Syndrome.  Back in the day, talk of black helicopters, mysterious deaths, and treasonous collusions with enemies of one sort or another were muttered over moonshine in swampy trailer parks, but today we have CNN contributors like Erick Erickson talking about end times, George Will’s spittle-flecked anti-Obama typing making Rush Limbaugh look like Dr. Phil, elected officials worried about Sharia Law, and rich slobs threatening to fire all their employees if a bland, centrist Democrat is allowed to serve out another lackluster term.

Even the most Fox-addled dipshit has to see the rather stark difference between these “dire” predictions and observable reality.  Normal people can barely manage an eye roll at such utter horseshit.

But as the Washington Post put in a refreshingly honest editorial, this attitude isn’t merely turning out to be ineffective, but after a while, it backfires, big time.  The Post used the same word I have for it: insulting.  While it is impossible to be a sentient American and not have felt at one time that a politician was insulting your intelligence, at least they have generally done so somewhat sparingly; it’s slightly less of an affront for them to expect what they said five years ago to have slipped your mind than it is when they expect you to have forgotten what they said yesterday.

The New York Times was equally incensed at the insolent mendacity of the Romney campaign from start to finish, setting the tone for a string of vitriolic editorial non-endorsements of Romney in conservative papers across the industrial heartland.  The lesson seems to be that lying works, but only up to a point, and then it suddenly, spectacularly, stops.  Friendly, and even purportedly “liberal” media will carry water for any Republican capable of fogging a mirror, but they have quite unexpectedly announced that they won’t carry a whole swimming pool, much less a rapidly rising ocean.

Given the doe-eyed credulity with which the media eagerly accepted previous (and equally far-fetched) predictions of doom from Republicans in the past, all the way from the Imminent Soviet Takeover to Weapons of Mass Destruction, you’d think they’d have gotten some oxygen to their brains by now, or at least before notorious hippies like Michael Bloomberg and various auto CEO’s did, but better late than never.

We can never be sure which specific lie did it, but we have finally found the point at which the flaming pants consume the candidate, and better yet, embolden the fawning courtiers that pass for our Fourth Estate to belatedly begin to call things by their proper names.  I’ll drink to that.


  1. mikeinportc says:

    Ditto that. ^ [Lol Imagine that, your own dittoheads. :) ))))))) ]

    That said, Willard could still win. Never underestimate the power of teh stoopid. ;)

  2. nswfm says:

    OK, I’m drinking to that, also.

    • cocktailhag says:

      As well you should. A little medicinal herb might help. too, although I have only heard that from others.

      • avelna says:

        And, after tomorrow, that medicinal herb might, just might, be a little easier to obtain, there and here, at least until Obomber or Mittens sees fit to overrule, again, the people’s choice. It has been satisfying, however, to see some take their heads out of the sand, open their eyes and actually smell the shit. If only it would last.

        • cocktailhag says:

          I personally voted for full legalization; it’s also going to probably win in Washington. There are one or two things to be excited about this election.

  3. RUKidding says:

    Well I dunno, but thanks for reading these “nooz” papers and reporting back. I hear-tell from my fundie family members the most *insane* bizarre whack-doodle loon-ravings that it makes even cynical old me gobsmacked. I have to wonder if some reptilian alien actually whisked at least one of my sibs up to their space ship, so that the reptile could take over her body/brain complex.

    Seriously lunatic rantings have ensued about End Times!!!11!!!! Apocaplyse NOW!!11!!!!! If COMMUNIST Obama winz we’re DOOMED…. Sharia Law!!!111!!!!!! and so on…

    I repeat that my family members are highly educated, well traveled, and they at least *used to be* reasonably sophisticated.

    It’s truly breathtakingly sad & quite literally *frightening* to witness their barking lunacy on any given day, but this Kabuki Show of a pathetic excuse for an “election” has driven them ’round the bend. And of course, their treasonous ravings can all be filed under the usual: IOKIYAR. Seriously treasonous, imo, but hey: if that “N” word “wins,” then FUCK THAT SHIT blah blah blah….

    One sib ran down the street to her hoity-toity country club in Pittsburgh PA recently to go *genuflect* & fawn over sniggering frat-boy W. Apparently told W how she “prayed for him daily whilst he was POTUS” (too bad the diety didn’t listen), but that now that the “N” word is in the White House, she doesn’t pray for “that one,” but does allegedly pray for “our nation.” I guess Chimpy had a good snigger-fest (do with that what you will) cuz I doubt that he was anything but three sheets to the wind and probably coulda cared less about anything except who was buying the next round and could someone get this slobbering white lady away from me!!!

    Egad. What. A. Mess.

    The lunatics have been permitted to believe that they’re “in charge” of the asylum bc it makes it that much easier to rip them off.

    Over and out…

    • cocktailhag says:

      That was hilarious. Want to do a guest post about having a righty family? Mine all switched in later years, except my dad, who (coincidence?) dumped my mom for his younger secretary and left her with 4 brats, 3-9, to return twenty years later, so he’s not really family, except the values part.
      Ditto my aunt and uncle, whose liberal children have long since abandoned them en masse and I’ve seen once (at my mother’s funeral) in †he last 20 years.
      Republicanism inherently drives away the normal and the pleasant.

  4. RUKidding says:

    Oh and P.S. Lord High Miffed is now duly declared a “Christian” by my fundie family who, not that long ago, declared Mormons to be the scourge of the planet bc: Satan Worshippers!!! Not Christians!!!111!!

    They are, one & all, singing the praises of Mr. Christiany Mormon Mitt, and all of his fantabulous religiousity…

    Ain’t that grand?

    And no, they certainly *do not see* the contradictions, the hypocrisy and/or the cosmic dissonance. Not. At. All.

    Doncha know? They’ve ALWAYS felt that Mormons were all “Chistiany” ‘n stuff… simply ALWAYS. The end.

    • cocktailhag says:

      It’s like the righties who hated Nixon until Watergate, then they loved him. The Mormons earned their chops by kicking gay ass in California, and are now part of the tribe. (Not letting in darkies until 1978 can’t hurt, either; none of that political correctness among Saints, either….)
      Shut up about those Golden Tablets and polygamy; they were hoarding canned goods before Glenn Beck was even born, that’s good enough.

      • RUKidding says:

        “The Mormons had good news today. Billy Graham, who is 112, has taken Mormonism off his website’s list of cults. This is typical of Christian right’s stance on Mitt Romney. They still believe he will go to Hell for all eternity but in this life, they’d like a tax cut.”
        Bill Maher

  5. meremark says:

    Coincidently I was reading about this hysteria of histrionics, the Chicken-Little ‘Doom!‘-boom desperados aiming to infect irrationalism in fellow travelers. And reading that it doesn’t work, fails, and backfires. Although failure sometimes is an egregeously long time, such as the histrionical 1925 Scopes ‘descended from monkeys’ trial still, in 2012, 80some years on, un’resolved’ definitionally as irrational, hysterical and irrational as all the ensuing unintelligence designed upon it.

    The article is Catastrophism, naming the psychological syndrome of demented apocalypteers and armaggedenistas. It’s a book review, fer gawdsakes, read it if you like.

    I supplemented that presentation with reading reference material on Velikovsky.