The Dangers of Self-Googling

Ah, time flies, whether you’re having fun or not.  I had completely forgotten about the time Zerohedge picked up and ran one of my blog posts, dressed up with some pretty arresting artwork.

I’ll try to write something more substantive (and, needless to say, fresh) tomorrow, but in the meantime, maybe you’ll get as big a kick out of it as I did.



  1. nswfm says:

    Time flies when you’re working, and since then, you’re probably working even more.

  2. cocktailhag says:

    Yep. Smaller stuff for less money, but it’s a living.

    • nswfm says:

      I meant FDL. But smaller jobs for less money…hope people are grateful instead of freaking out over every little thing.

      • cocktailhag says:

        Mostly, they are. The best thing is that no one worries about “resale” anymore. As for FDL, I have grown into the rhythm of it. Weekly deadline and all.

  3. avelna says:

    Missed that one the first time around. The artwork adds um, context.
    Good news – Geithner’s apparently out. Bad news – he’s probably going to be replaced by someone as bad or worse.

  4. mikeinportc says:

    You are not authorized to view this page.”

    I’ll take your word for it . ;)