Badgers and Weasels II

As you’d expect, I’m as nervous as a whore in church that infamous Koch whore Scott Walker will prove tonight that entire states can be simply purchased, outright, by our new unelected overlords.  Thanks a lot, Chief Justice Roberts.  As you’d also expect, Walker supporters are currently resorting to dirty tricks, including deceptive robocalls telling recall petitioners that their votes have already been counted.   What’s a little surprising, though, is how shabbily obvious the whole tawdry spectacle is, and yet it’s working.

Wisconsin voters have been repeatedly treated to viral videos of Governor Walker openly pledging fealty to power-mad billionaires, watched a steady parade of his closest associates indicted or granted immunity for crimes high and low, assaulted with blaring, saturation-level TV advertising, and subjected to Potemkin street theater from insultingly transparent astro-turfers.   And yet, about half of badger state voters either don’t know, or don’t care, that they’re eagerly handing over control of their own future to a bunch of greedy sociopaths who wouldn’t swerve to miss them, if they drove their own cars, that is.

I’m familiar with the concept and power of authoritarian followership, having read some of Bob Altemeyer’s and John Dean’s work on the subject, but I’m still baffled that so many ordinary working people thinking it would be good to have such a blatantly crooked Governor essentially selling off their state for spare parts.   While Walker busts unions, relaxes environmental protections, and cuts taxes for his wealthy puppeteers,  a whole lot of Fox-addled nitwits nonetheless “stand with” him, evidently not realizing the game they’re playing is musical chairs.  Even if he is removed from office, the damage Walker has inflicted on Wisconsin, and on democracy itself, may never heal.  Worse, since Wisconsin is clearly being used, as Tom Barrett has belatedly said, as a “laboratory” for similar plutocratic coups elsewhere, even defeat will only change the tactics, not the strategy, much less the goals.

For all his delusional vainglory, Walker is simply a means to an end for his creators, and is as dispensable as he is replaceable.   His oily phoniness, amorality, and tendency to surround himself with thieves and nincompoops isn’t a bug, though, it’s a feature.  In fact, the disgust he inspires in his opponents is part of his charm to his admirers, who value pugnacity over competence, and flim-flam over reality.  Torture advocate Mark Thiessen of the WaPoo waxed rhapsodic just yesterday about Walker as  the ideal Romney VP, revealing among other things that the name Spiro Agnew means nothing these days.

Scandal, avarice, deception, and cheating are the new coins of the realm in the post- Citizen’s United era, and unfortunately the sacks of coins involved are all but bottomless.  The Kochs alone have “invested” several million dollars to prop up Walker, and even if they lose this round they still have more than 49. 9 billion left over for the next one(s).   As goes Wisconsin….




  1. daphne says:

    Pardon the expression, Hag, but a very hearty “ditto.” We can only hope that less than half of them know not what they do. And yes, I know that “hope” is not the path to victory.

    • cocktailhag says:

      It’s profoundly depressing, watching so many chickens vote for Colonel Sanders. I’ll be watching Ed Schultz tonight, and drinking heavily, one way or the other.

      • daphne says:

        Me, too (watching Ed, that is; the drinking comes just before bedtime or I won’t be around long) plus the no-doubt second live edition of Ed, and then another Rachel and another Lawrence – with special guest Ed – if the suspense continues.

        • cocktailhag says:

          Yeah, I always watch Ed in rerun, just prior to tipping over. Tonight the coverage will be different, I’m certain. On his radio show, I heard turnout was huge in Dane and Milwaukee counties, which is good news. The horrifying part is that the righties are all fired up too.

  2. avelna says:

    I admit, I honestly do not see what those who end up voting for Walker see in him (with the exception, of course, of the loony Fox News viewers and the big corporations.) He has screwed, and is still screwing over the 99% – for want of another term – and they’re voluntarily bending over to let him do so. Are people really that dumb and/or ignorant? It is profoundly depressing.

    • daphne says:

      The consensus, as scrupulously reported by Charlie Pierce on Esquire, is that they’re more anti-recall on principle than particularly pro-Walker. There’s even a sign at one of the polling locations reading “Recall Santa. I didn’t get everything I wanted for Christmas” which I suspect George Will is responsible for. Talk about a bogus comparison…

    • cocktailhag says:

      There was a great picture, maybe at Balloon Juice, of a well-tended yard with a “stand with Walker” sign, with a dog taking a dump right next to it. I would like to personally poop in every Walker voters’ living room. What is wrong with people?

  3. Ché Pasa says:

    Having lived through the second gubernatorial recall in American History — that of the hapless Gray Davis — and lived through it in the belly of the beast, I can tell you, it is a nasty business all around.

    Walker deserves recall whereas Davis never did, which is possibly one reason why the Davis recall was successful, whereas the Walker recall might not be.

    Initially, the scheme was to challenge Davis with Darrell Issa — brilliant, right? As colorless and wonkish as Davis was, Issa was a cipher as far as most people were concerned (some of us knew him as a criminal, but that’s something else again.) Polls showed Issa hadn’t a chance. So.

    They get Schwarzenegger. By that time, Dems in California were competing with one another to see who could denounce Davis with the most passion. Everyone knew Davis didn’t have any friends.

    It’s like the dynamic is reversed in Wisconsin; the celeb candidate against Walker in the recall would have been Feingold (I’m guessing, since there was so much breathless speculation that he’d run), but he declined, much as he declined to get involved in the Madison protests until they were nearly over.

    I’m sure Barrett is a nice man and a reasonably competent pol, but he certainly doesn’t come across as a firebreather ready to go mano a mano with Scotty. I could be wrong about that, I’m only going by what I’ve seen of Barrett which isn’t much.

    And this is a rematch… which to me seems deadly.

    But still, apparently Barrett has a chance. Money can buy elections sometimes, not all the time (ask Meg Whitman). Of course, if the Kochs had been backing her… you never know.

    As it is, Old Man Jerry Brown (he just turned 75 and is waxing philosophical in his dottage) has turned out to be… well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be all that surprised if he switches parties before the end of his term…

    • daphne says:

      My sister – a Santa Monica resident of all liberal enclaves – reported the voting line resembling a death march in that election. They couldn’t turn the tide and they knew it.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I was in LA during the Davis recall (as well as the runup to Iraq), and watching the LATimes drop Robert Scheer for Jonah Goldberg (!) I pretty much wished for that big earthquake that would knock us all into the Pacific. The Kochs are smart, though. They picked a cheaper state, to start with. If it works, we’d better all watch out.
      As for Jerry Brown, he has made me a lot more in favor of early death, even for myself. From porking Linda Rondstadt to being the more boring version of Alan Simpson is a mighty fall.

  4. Bill Schee says:

    Greetings. I’m still reading but, to be honest, I am so fucking discouraged that I don’t expend much energy writing any more, either here or at UT. I’m also getting more active in urging people to donate organs that I sometimes lose track of what’s important to me and what’s not. To be honest, a lot of what was important 4 years ago just doesn’t ring the bell anymore. This recall is important for many reasons but there isn’t a hell of a lot I can do about it. If the asshole wins, then the asshole wins. The same goes for Obama. If he wins in November, he’ll do it without my vote. As a matter of fact, I may have voted in my last federal election.

    OK, now that I’ve bummed everyone out, how’s tricks?

    • cocktailhag says:

      I know the feeling; one asshole always wins, and it’s seldom less smelly than the other. This case seems a little more clear-cut than most, though. Were it not for the courts and the right’s infamous mischief in that area, I probably wouldn’t vote, either.
      Ah, well.

  5. Annice says:

    This is going to be a nail bitter for sure!

  6. meremark says:


    Here is a website to watch vote counts realtime.


  7. mikeinportc says:

    Hi Bill :)

    Now if we could just get None of the Above on the ballot , for every race , there’d be a satisfactory option for everybody. Probably improve turnout too. ;)

  8. michlib says:

    What will Barry do now ? Blame the loss on slick Willie’s visit ? At least he went to the battleground. The union brothers must be pretty miffed if this is what BO meant by ” walking in their shoes ” with them. Possibly a nice guy, but his advisors and media gurus stink to high heaven. And whatever the Democratic party needs right now, a ” nice, agreeable” chap is not a need. A Harry Truman type ( now extinct ) would have double digit leads over Willard and coattails to match. OY.

    • nswfm says:

      Same shitty work on his own campaign–big events and fundraisers and no campaigning for fellow Dems in 2010 and he wonders why he got shellacked. BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T SHOW UP, PBO!

      He barely shows up while trying to sell his ideas like the healthcare and other things he wants and then…fizzle. How about using your bully pulpit to sell your ideas, President O? My cat does a better job of getting me to do things for her than O does, and she’s not a constitutional lawyer who should know better. Didn’t give his campaign money last time, won’t this time. Left his slot blank on the CA ballot this time. May write in someone in the fall.

      • cocktailhag says:

        He lost me the first time he compared the federal budget to the family budget, with a straight face. It’s a thrown game.

        • nswfm says:

          Well, he lost me by picking Geithner for the head of the Treasury who is in charge of collecting taxes, right after we found out Geithner didn’t pay taxes and had been warned to make sure not to mess up on paying those taxes. He didn’t dump that dumba$$ at the time and then brought on ThatAsshole Larry Summers. It kept rolling down hill….

          • cocktailhag says:

            Yeah, and before that it was FISA, and each day lately it’s drones. It would be nice if you only got a Republican when you voted for one.

  9. dirigo says:

    Another failed, former governor of Massachusetts, banished long ago to the ivy groves of academia … where no one can park a bicycle straight.