Days of Whine and Poses

Rep. Paul Ryan holds a copy of his budget. | Jay Westcott/POLITICO

Crybaby Paul Ryan threw himself on the floor today, blubbering and screaming, about how mean ol’ President Obama called his ludicrous, gilded age budget what it is: “laughable.”  Worse, he also called it a “Trojan Horse” and “thinly-veiled social Darwinism.”  That both these things are true escapes lil’ Paul, since he was too busy masturbating to Atlas Shrugged when he should have been reading The Iliad, and everyone knows all Republicans hate Darwin.   Unwittingly describing George W. Bush to a “T,” Ryan whined  (from Politico):

“History will not be kind to a president who, when it came time to confront our generation’s defining challenge, chose to duck and run,” Ryan said. “The president refuses to take responsibility for the economy and refuses to offer a credible plan to address the most predictable economic crisis in our history.

“Like his reckless budgets, today’s speech by President Obama is as revealing as it is disappointing: While others lead by offering real solutions, he has chosen to distort the truth and divide Americans in order to distract from his failed record,” added Ryan, who is in Wisconsin campaigning with Mitt Romney ahead of Tuesday’s primaries there. “His empty promises are quickly becoming broken promises – and the American people will hold him accountable for this violation of their trust.”

I see.  Obama’s just a spending machine, hurling trillions at futile, lost wars while cutting taxes on the wealthiest, and racking up the worst job growth record since Herbert Hoover.  He also chose to “divide Americans in order to distract from his failed record,” and as a cherry on top of this BS sundae, Ryan promises Americans will hold Obama accountable.”  Earth to Ryan:  that was the last guy.  And deficits wouldn’t be a “defining challenge” had the Worst President in American History not deliberately chosen to run them up.

Facts don’t matter to Republicans, of course, and the easiest guide to deciphering their BS is, as Harry Reid once trenchantly commented, “Whatever they say, believe the opposite.”  Ryan isn’t a smart man, but he does know the drill: accuse your opponents of whatever it is you’re doing, and chances are that the dumbest elements in America, the Republican base, will believe you.  Ryan’s pathetic excuse for a budget makes no effort to tackle the deficit; indeed it increases it by trillions of dollars, while literally taking from everyone else to hand more money to the rich.

Predictably, other Republicans piled on, as they are wont to do.  Here’s another, documented, crybaby, House Speaker (!) John Boehner:

Eric Cantor's smooches are just not enough.

“If the president were serious, he would put forward a plan to deal with our debt crisis and save Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid for future generations of seniors without raising taxes on small businesses that are struggling in this economy,” Boehner said in a statement. “Instead, he has chosen to campaign rather than govern, and the debt crisis he is presiding over is only getting worse.”

Remember when these Republicans fretted about huge tax cuts, unfunded wars, and a multibillion dollar giveaway to the pharmaceutical companies called Medicare part D?  Me neither.  Back then, it was verboten to even mention deficits, because every cockamamie right-wing idea simply had to be adopted, budget be damned.  And far from “saving” Social Security and Medicare, Ryan’s “budget” eviscerates the latter while making inevitable the collapse of the former.  The only part of the budget held harmless is, naturally, the bloated “Defense” budget, which Ryan wants to increase by $500 billion.  To defend this demented idea, Ryan went so far as to call the Pentagon’s top generals liars, and was forced into a humiliatingly abject apology days later, an experience from which he has clearly learned nothing.

Whatever the Village has to say about Obama’s new aggressiveness in calling out the GOP (and Howard Fineman has already reached for the smelling salts),  whenever Paul Ryan and John Boehner start caterwauling so piteously, it’s a good day for the President, lame though he often is.

Better late than never.


  1. avelna says:

    Better late than never.


    • cocktailhag says:

      Of course, before you get too excited, remember he is in campaign mode. That’s the only time he ever takes the righties on.

      • avelna says:

        Will all the Obamabots remember this in two years do ya suppose? Eh, probably not.

        • cocktailhag says:

          Call me a cock-eyed optimist, but if Obama doesn’t shape up in the next term, there will no longer be any such thing as Obamabots.
          (Until he gets impeached, anyway… Same shit, different faux Democrat)

  2. Teddy says:

    Let me check my calendar — why, yes, it’s a Leap Year, otherwise known in the Land of the Free as a Presidential Election Year. Check back with me this time in 2013 to see if Obama is still talking like this, or if he’s instead fallen prey to leading the Grand Bargain Catfoodians off a cliff with our Social Security and Medicare, neither of which contributed to this ‘deficit’

    • cocktailhag says:

      Of course he will; he’s lame. But still, we must take what we get in this life, and Paul Ryan on the fainting couch, albeit temporarily, is as good as it gets.

  3. dirigo says:

    Women, according to Nikki Haley, don’t care about contraception, any more than Ryan or Boehner care about fiscal rectitude.

    • cocktailhag says:

      That was pretty remarkable; and on The View, no less. What an addlepated twit she is.

      • dirigo says:

        Yeah, and Nikki immediately started tap dancing about it when one of the interlocutors declared that contraception (and, presumably other sex-based things) were important to her.

        • cocktailhag says:

          Yes, she’s rumored to be a bit of a fallen woman…. It’s quite amazing, the lack of self-awareness. Did she think she was on Fox and Friends or something?

          • dirigo says:

            Nikki Haley! – Guest hosting on Fox & Friends. Nikki’s first interview: the tag team of Sarah and Katie!

  4. loretta says:

    I can’t stand listening to Paul Ryan’s used-car-salesman voice. He talks like a con man. I last only a few seconds longer than when Snowbilly is speaking.

  5. Teddy says:

    When I went afk last week at this time, Nikki Haley was supposed to be indicted federally for tax fraud. What happened with that?

  6. michlib says:

    I say it’s time we start an ” Adopt a Billionaire ” support network and assisted living program. Lo these last thirty years I thought it was working Americans, folks that gets taxes deducted BEFORE the check gets in their hands that were getting screwed. Happily, the Republick party rises to defend the downtrodden and truly injured tier – our billionaire brethren. This safety net business and regulatory stranglehold are hurting them. Wall Street needs our help people ! Can’t you see that ? How can we be so selfish to expect a modicum of comfort or security in old age. And remember, per Ayn, selfishness is a virtue when practiced by the job creators ( in China ); but by the rabble – not so much. And Social Security benefits used by Ayn ( cancer is expensive ) and Paul Ryan ( to help put him through college after his fathers’ death ) are earned benefits; when accessed by the rabble – its an ” entitlement ” – as if you are recieving a gift !
    I hope somewhere Lewis Powell is burning in hell.

    • cocktailhag says:

      They’re all the same; exceptions to the rules they want for others.
      Like “pro-life” women who’ve had abortions, “mine was different; it was a very difficult time for me,” and blah, blah, blah.

  7. Bill Schee says:

    I never before realized how much Boehner looked like a Beagle.

  8. PI says:

    I am kind of stunned that Boner knows how to use the subjunctive!