Stupid White People

It was obvious that Mitt Romney would face something of a hostile audience at the NAACP convention today,  given that Nixon’s comparatively subtle Southern Strategy has blossomed in the Obama era from coded dog whistles to 76 trombones blasting “Dixie,” but I’m a tad disappointed he only got booed the once.  His undoubtedly carefully crafted message to African-Americans was, basically, that if they were too stupid to vote for him, it was their own problem.  This appearance was, like everything else Republicans do, designed not for its effectiveness on its putative audience, much less veracity, but merely to remind his base that the children of Cain, as Romney’s race-addled cult puts it, don’t like him, so he must be good.

The reason Romney is quite understandably more comfortable around white people, though saying so can get you fired from Politico, is that white people are, quite provably, pretty stupid.  Unlike black people, who had the good sense to reject George Bush, twice, by margins in the high nineties,  overwhelming majorities of we whities thought he was just Jim-dandy.  How’d that turn out?

Even a clueless automaton like Romney isn’t dimwitted enough to think he was going to win over that room; unlike his Foxbot supporters, African-Americans actually vote their best interests in a logical and fact-based manner, and given that so few of them are billionaires and so many are government employees, he knew was going to be about as popular as a Sex Crimes Investigator in a roomful of priests.  That was precisely the point.

The success, if you want to call it that, of the Republican Party is now entirely dependent on two shaky pillars: the stupidity of white people and the outright disenfranchisement of America’s smarter, browner, soon-to-be majority.   For Republicans, stupid white people are the last remaining mother lode of votes; who else would eagerly want to send their children into pointless, losing wars, throw away their retirements, shut off their streetlights, close their schools,  pollute their own water supplies, bake ( and later, drown) the planet, further enrich sociopathic billionaires while cutting the wages of everyone else, and letting their cities, bridges, and roads turn into dreary, pock-marked ruins?

Stupid White People, that’s who.  It’s so important to them that the browner sorts be starved, denied medical care and housing, harassed by law enforcement, tortured, jailed, electrocuted, or even outright murdered, that they’ll vote themselves into the poorhouse just to watch.  Ever since Yankee carpetbaggers put the kibosh on the really good lynching parties, every right-wing political organization from the NRA to Tea Party has been itching to bring them back, often successfully, as the outpouring of donations to Trayvon Martin’s killer make disturbingly clear.  This fact is not lost on the NAACP.

Nor is it lost on Romney and his ilk.  But for a lying, arrogant sleazebag like Romney, it’s worth enduring a boo or two to continue to rouse the (melanin-deprived) rubes into a state of high devilment.   His share of the black vote probably moved from Bush’s lofty 4% to, say, 1% today…..   What a nice and revealing percentage; too bad we white people in that same 99% aren’t very good at math.   Or voting.


  1. Annice says:

    I loved how that said they only booed him because he was white! They booed him because his ideas are stupid!

  2. meremark says:

    I heard of a new twist on perp-walking banksters. In Iceland there is some sort of bounty on captured banksters, and private eye(vestigator)s may register to be issued bounty hunter licenses.

    Not quite ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive’, but still … and already several are in custody, and others are being trailed.

  3. dirigo says:

    Mitt: “Take my umbrage, please.”

  4. RUKidding says:

    Thanks for your usual witty, cynical & realistic take on a specatcle like this. Sadly, you’re correct that stupid stupid white people seem to be in the majority for wanting to turn Team USA into a third world county based on the failed “logic” (heavily fortified with great lashings of bigotry, racism & sexism) that says: “I don’t want those dirty ___(you fill in the blanks)___ to get ANY of MY tax dollars. I’d rather see *everything* go to wrack ‘n ruin before those ___(fill in blank)___ get any help. They’re all worthless losers who are lazy welfare cheats with their hands out expecting something for nothing & simply just don’t want to work.

    ‘sides any second now… aaaannnny second now, I’ll join the 1% when all that money trickles down to me (aka, stupid white person only).

    • cocktailhag says:

      Pathetic, isn’t it? Take 30 years of Southern Strategy, 15 years of FOX, and three years of Citizen’s United, and the Gilded Age comes roaring back. This time by popular demand. Sheesh