Beats Working

So it seems that the bubbly but bonkers Delaware Senate (!) candidate Christine O’Donnell helped herself to about twenty grand of her many campaign funds over the years, and now that mean ol’ Melanie Sloan at CREW is getting all schoolmarmish about it.  The humanity!  Everybody knows at this point that all folks who are Republicans choose their lot in life to lead lives of luxury while avoiding work, what with so much money always sloshing around; like the famous bank robber said, “That’s where the money is.”  The CREW lawsuit, perhaps unintentionally, is pretty laughable, given that it makes a big deal about such a paltry amount so soon after Dick Cheney and his eye-poppingly enormous haul went Dubai-bye.  Corruption, it seems, is only problematic for those not yet elected.  (Or, in Cheney’s case, sort of elected….)  With both thievery and lies, size indeed matters, as poor Ms. O’Donnell is now discovering.

Blaming O’Donnell for upholding what are really exemplary Republican values seems both churlish and counterproductive; without the sort of wingnut welfare upon which O’Donnell and virtually all of her compatriots have depended for all of their lives, what young person is ever going to join the movement?  If one’s entire political life is dedicated only to furthering the interests of the rich against everyone else, it’s only natural to expect that some of that cash is going to flow your way.  And if your values dictate that human worth can be measured by the size of one’s Swiss bank account, you’ve probably figured out that honest work isn’t going to cut it for you.  So, like O’Donnell, you turn to Republican politics simply because the pay is good and, well, it beats working.

Here in Oregon, we have Bill Sizemore, who, having failed a time or three at “business,” dedicated his life to leeching money off of sociopathic rich peoples’ repeated and shameless attempts to manipulate our initiative system to, essentially, take over the world.  (These are the sorts of obsessions that plague the lives of people too rich to have any more practical concerns, which is one merciful argument for taking some of this destructive wealth away via taxes…)  Sizemore teamed up with a bunch of billionaires, mostly but not entirely from elsewhere, to ruin the state’s finances just like California, and partially succeeded.  In so doing, he was able to avoid useful work for decades, until his casual mixing of campaign funds with his lifestyle spending got too egregious even for permissive Oregon, and his benefactors finally abandoned him, even as he’d spent a lifetime rendering himself both unemployable and in serious legal trouble catering to their whims.

What sort of message does it send to little tykes who prefer shilling to work, and thus aspire to a career in Republican politics, if our system keeps tossing people like O’Donnell and Sizemore under the bus every time they buy themselves something nice?  If it weren’t for the no-work gravy train, it’s unlikely that any self-respecting and ambitious kid is going to go Republican, maybe ever again.  They’re going to say, “I gave up masturbation for this?”,  and then go hang out with the liberals, where at least they can smoke pot and get laid, even if they have to get a J.O.B.

Going Galt’s great until the money runs out.


  1. The Heel says:

    This country is beginning to make Italian politicians look sincere and respectable.

    So there we thought Sarah was the culmination of deranged “wing-nuts-ism” and along comes little Christine and makes her look “palin-comparison”.

    OK, off to another bong hit and self-abuse (dreaming of “hot MILF witches”, starring Sarah & Christine….)

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  3. retzilian says:

    The comment section on the new entry does not work. Maybe you can check it and I’ll be back.