Getting Our War On, Again



Well, it seems that those danged Libyans are perhaps already the next grateful recipients of America’s Love Bombs, as we’ve brusquely pushed aside the momentarily dominant cheese-eating surrender monkeys themselves, the French, within a few hours, to “take the lead” in the latest attack on perennial enemy of all that is white and gas-guzzling, the dreaded BPWO, or Brown People With Oil.  That is, the US military, led by Constitutional Law Professor Barack Obama, has once again abruptly noticed some transgression or other that we routinely commit ourselves, and used that excuse to have the US military go in and make sure the oil stays in the right hands while they tend, as it were, to the  faux “humanitarian” crisis.  Bombs are, as you’d expect, involved.  Yee haw.

Doesn’t this stuff ever get old?  I mean, old in the sense of the two other wars we’re busily and expensively losing that everyone suddenly seems to have forgotten?   Unlike new consumer products that have lost their charm and are thus headed unmourned for the landfill, wars never go away these days; they just accumulate, like the plastic Texas (or Rhode Island, depending) size island floating somewhere in the Pacific.  Meanwhile lives are ended and/or shattered, terrorism gains new fuel, resources are irretrievably wasted, and a once-great society descends into ham-fisted, penny-pinching oligarchy for no apparent gain, outside of a few already large fortunes increased.  Oil always prices keep going the same way, generally at an even faster rate.  Mission Accomplished?

At least in the earlier wars, a little more effort, and certainly much more time, was put into making people feel good about sacrificing their future to enter, prosecute, and some conveniently distant day, make the middle class and poor pay for the glory of it all.  Contentious UN votes and speeches created some semblance of popular involvement in such a drastic choice, and large peace rallies were held, all to little practical, but at least some comfortingly symbolic, effect.  This time though, they didn’t even bother.  We’re just once again at war, and why and for how long is really none of our business, and even on Al Jazeera, where I got the news, nobody questioned this.

As Glenn Greenwald and others have repeatedly noted, war is just another of the many major public policy decisions that have been, informally during the Bush years, but increasingly aggressively during the tragically misnamed era of Hope and Change in which we now live, simply removed from the realm of things about which ordinary Americans have any say.  Tax policy, always favoring the rich and well connected, are just as sacrosanct as programs that actually benefit anyone are suspect; indeed the very concept of what government really is has been utterly lost as the monster that has replaced it just rumbles along despite wide disapproval from its citizens.  At one time not all that long ago, it was still possible to believe that a single person’s vote could make a difference…  Later, in 2008, it briefly seemed that at least a whole lot of people’s vote could.  But as we roll into 2012, we find, maybe with pained resignation, that no matter what the voters think, government has already long since chosen its course, and if we don’t like it, we can pound sand.

Austerity at home, and bombing abroad, year ten.

UPDATE: Well, I of course had to go to AlJazeera again to see it, but in an otherwise smarmy, dismissive and infuriatingly unenlightening presser with some Pentagon flack named William Gortney, I found out not only that a bunch of things in the “battle space” had been “flattened,” but that one of our dizzyingly numerous missiles now being deployed is called, “The Growler.”



  1. The Heel says:

    Funny that those Frogs beat us to the punch!

    The very insightful book “Washington Rules” by Andrew Bacevich explains rather well why American power projection (aka Imperialism) was, is and will be the underlying vision for US foreign policies. Yes, you can elect Mulattos, Fags or Chicks in the future and NOTHING will change on that side of the game. It is fascinating in a sad way.

  2. retzilian says:

    Bernie Sanders did an interview where he encouraged a primary challenge from the left, and I’m all for it. We can’t use Kucinich, although someone like him would be ideal; Russ Feingold would be great, but would he do it, and would his being Jewish hurt him in Iowa and New Hampshire? Probably. However, I thought it VERY unlikely we’d elect a black man back in 2007 when the primaries were heating up. I loathed Hillary then (and still think she would have been a carbon copy of Obama except not as eloquent), so electing her would have been the same story as we have now.

    No, we need a charismatic outsider, someone who has no skeletons in the closet (that rules me out)…. Elizabeth Warren? Barbara Boxer? Yes, I’m thinking female.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Feingold would be the best, and he no longer has anything to lose by tweaking the Democrats. I doubt Boxer would buck her party, especially after just being reelected, but she’s the only female of national stature I can think of. Warren lacks both name recognition and the right resume, but if the CFPB gets gutted, she ought to make Wall Street her issue and go for it. It would serve Obama right.

    • The Heel says:

      I would disagree to the carbon copy thing. My girl (I donated and hence get to call her my girl) has balls and knew the game. Would have had a great advantage in the “first 100 days”, by not having to go through the usual learning curve and would have gotten a few things done. That is what I like to believe.
      We will never know for sure, but one thing I am very sure about is that the left would be convinced by now, that a President Obama would have been much better..blablabla… hope… blablabla change ….blablabla… – at least he is eliminating this myth with his impotence.

      • cocktailhag says:

        Yeah, but one time I heard her at a 2008 campaign event, croaking like the ol’ battle ax she can be, and I figured she was done for. The Saturday Night sketch about the 3:00 am phone call, with her in curlers and cold cream, sealed the deal.
        America isn’t ready for a cocktailhag as President, yet. Those vodka shots with Yeltsin may look good to us, but those Independents go for image, and I don’t think the bourbon and turban look would ever go over. Call me crazy.

  3. dirigo says:

    Hag, the “growler” is a fighter plane.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Hmmm. All this time, I thought it was an exceptionally stinky poop.

      • dirigo says:

        Admittedly it’s not a great name for such a romantic thing as a fighter jet, but many of our boys in the armory like acronyms that obfuscate and make no sense, as well as names for equipment that imply both a significant threat to life and limb if unleashed while grating on the ear as well.

  4. dirigo says:

    The model of the modern, crazed Arab colonel in drag, and, the modern major generalissimo American prez …

  5. The Heel says:

    In the NYT this morning, “D-Cube” (= Disgusting Dweeb Douthat) is criticizing Obama for going to war, but mainly for doing it too softly…Who would have guessed?

  6. avelna says:

    And now for more on our war in Afghanistan:
    Obama apparently wasn’t given the opportunity to nix the publication of these photographs. Bet he’s pissed.

  7. Henry says:

    Can’t we all just “get along”? :) I think this would be a good topic for a Robin Williams routine, bombs over Libia~.