Sheesh.  Seems like Mary Cheney and the Park Ranger have another little turkey baster bun in the oven, trust fund already set up, while the rest of America has all but stopped having babies due to the havoc wrought by Grandpa and his organ grinder monkey.  That’s nice.

Stories like these make it difficult at times to hang onto my ordinarily sunny disposition.


  1. NW Woods says:

    Only slightly off topic. I had to pass this on…

    U.S. Most Admired Nation, Poll Finds

    By Scott Horton

    What a difference an election makes. The National Brand Index, a ranking of countries on the basis of their perceived position in culture, governance, people, exports, tourism, landscape and education, has just released its results for 2009. The United States has reemerged as the most admired nation on earth, leaping seven slots from its 2008 position.

    “What’s really remarkable is that in all my years studying national reputation, I have never seen any country experience such a dramatic change in its standing as we see for the United States for 2009,” said Simon Anholt, the founder of NBI, which measured the global image of 50 countries each year. He believes that during the previous administration of George W. Bush the United States suffered in the world ranking with its unpopular foreign policies but since Obama was elected, and despite the recent economic turmoil, the country’s status has risen globally. “There is no other explanation,” Anholt said.

    When the editors at the Weekly Standard are finished celebrating Chicago’s failure to secure the 2016 Olympiade, it will be interesting to see how they characterize this. The rightwing Bizzaro World has tended to portray being despised by foreigners as a demonstration of national strength and character, and being admired as a demonstration of weakness.

  2. mikeinportc says:

    Well…., Jenna & Barbara’s kids will need an evil puppetmaster someday . Supply & Demand, the Magic-of-the-Marketplace & all that. …or something. :(

    • cocktailhag says:

      That’s really a thought too horrifying to contemplate, yet so plausible. Lord knows those Cheney apples don’t fall far from the tree…. And the Bush girls seem just as dumb as poppa.