Kneepad Countdown

When questioned about Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute,” repeatedly, lil’ Ricky temporarily put his big boy pants on and said the following:

“He’s being absurd, but that’s you know, an entertainer can be absurd,” Santorum told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room.” “He’s in a very different business than I am.”

Never mind whether these two are in the same business, which they indisputably are, but Rick Santorum calling Rush Limbaugh “absurd” has got to hurt.  It would be like Condi Rice calling Colin Powell a house negro; George Wallace calling Pat Buchanan a bigot, or Mama Cass calling him fat.  If Limbaugh doesn’t gleefully throw Santorum under the bus for his heresy, in the next five minutes, I’ll eat, well, I’ll have what Rush is having.

Look forward to one of two things:  Santorum drops out, or he gives Limbaugh a Monsignor-grade blow job, metaphorically of course, on Monday’s show, at the latest.  I’m betting on the latter.



  1. dirigo says:

    Moving “above the fold” here with the Rush story, I’ve noticed through two sources (Chris Matthews, and David Atkins on Hullabaloo) a theory put forth that Rush may be confusing pop-as-you-go Viagra with the 30 day pill cycle.

    It may be that Rick, expert on sex that he is, will have to do an intervention on Rush’s behalf. On air of course. ASAP. Definitely Monday.

    Just think of the ratings!!!

    • cocktailhag says:

      Funny that he’d mix his own business up with other peoples’. Righties never do that, ordinarily.

      • dirigo says:

        But, as we know, some of them are always concerned about precious bodily fluids.

        • dirigo says:

          There’s Rush losing some accounts as the week ends, and reports that Fluke may sue for slander.

          At the same time, with what he said on air, he might be exposed to an FCC violation. He wasn’t obscene exactly. Or was he?

  2. loretta says:

    You’d think that Wife #4 (too lazy to look up her name) would have schooled him a little by now. As in, “Honey, you take the pill once a day, whether or not you have sex. Need another olive, dear?”

    There are no contraceptives save barrier methods that would require repeat uses for sex, and even those have time limits.

    Another thing, why is it that the women are accused of being sluts, when they must have a willing partner, who presumably has equal responsibility to prevent conception, or in many cases prevent STDs.

    We can only hope Rush gets a rip-roaring, flesh-eating STD some day. Oh, karma, karma, karma.

    Maybe Wife #4 will dump him over this. He’ll have to buy another bride.

  3. loretta says:

    Which just goes to prove Al Franken’s book title, “Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot.” He sure is.

  4. michlib says:

    Why is it that the most rabid anti-pill zealots are exactly the people nobody would want to have sex with anyway ? In fact , Rushbo is a prime beneficiary of the pill as it enables women to contemplate sex with his ilk without the spectre of permanent punishment for a momentary lapse of judgement.

  5. loretta says:

    “momentary” being about the time lapse.


  6. loretta says:

    Plus, having used the Pill for 16 years, here’s how it works. (Rachel Maddow must have channeled me tonight.)

    You start on the Sunday after your “little friend” (as my mother would modestly call it). Take it for three weeks every day at the same time. The fourth row of pills are placebos, so you can throw them out or take them if you are stupid and can’t remember to start over again a week later. During that fourth week your little friend will visit.

    Women use it for all sorts of reasons besides birth control – for alleviating bad cramps, endometriosis, anemia, acne, hormone imbalance, etc. Lower dose pills are prescribed all the time even for women in menopause.

    Are men in Congress as dumb as Rush? I thought Ron Paul was a doctor, and OB/GYN. He should have weighed in by now.

  7. loretta says:

    Was that John McEnroe? KeyRist.

  8. Ché Pasa says:

    I believe there is video of Condoleeezzzzaaaa calling Colin a “house negro” and him shooting back some outré insult about “saddidy,” but I can’t seem to find it in the voluminous Condi files I used to keep up to date. But since she went back Stanford, I haven’t been on top of things…

    Nevertheless, groveling is certain. I think little Ricky likes it.

  9. loretta says:

    The apology we would have rather heard from Rushbo (in my best MAD magazine stylings – shameless ripoff of “Scenes We’d Like to See” and “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions”)

    My Fellow Americans,

    It’s true. I don’t know squat about squaws. I thought contraception was a football play. The only pills I’m familiar with are ones you abuse, so it’s obvious why my ignorance of women’s birth control is so vast and voluminous – like my waistline.

    Obviously, from the fact that I have been married now four times and have sired no progeny, I’ve been shooting blanks for 40 years. Unplanned pregnancies were never an issue, since I either wasn’t getting any, wasn’t fertile, or wasn’t involved with women.

    My impotence involves more than biology, folks.

    I humbly apologize to all women for my existence, and all decent human beings who were subjected to my bombastic bullshit on the news, despite the fact that they normally wouldn’t listen to my radio show at gunpoint.

    I can’t blame them, really. I’m so burned out and sick of myself, it’s time to quit. Since my golf game sucks as bad as my opinions, I can only hope it improves with more practice. Lord knows there’s no hope for my personality.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Four women, so far, have married that bulbous blowhard. Seems money can buy love; maybe that’s why he’s so annoyed. He has to pay, why shouldn’t everybody?

  10. dirigo says:

    Was the woman discussing “personal sexual recreational activities”?

    Like David Cameron, Rush has had admitting he mounted the horse – and backwards at that.

    Dance the night away.

  11. meremark says:


    The backfire this time might actually blow away that Lamebrain blowhard.

    Yeah, really. Sponsors have dumped him. Media Matters is over the top barraging him with recitations of his own words. Doors of officeholders are slamming shut, no more Lamebrain access.

    Let’s see if it plays out in his syndicate stations losing sponsors during March. Lamebrain (‘s position) is and long has been fragile and vulnerable much more than the bluster and bluff pretense would ever acknowledge. Fragile as Humpty Dumpty, overreached for only an instant splat! crack! and all the kingsmen can not have that time (window of opportunity) ever come again to recreate whole from the shrapnel and smithereens.

    Here’s my report as a stringer for a CHNN Exclusive:
    Almost 20 years ago I started my personal crusade to crash Rash Lamebrain. I would monitor his programming and then call the radio buys exec at the ad agency for the sponsor — don’t even bother to call the sponsor (for example Snapple). Call the Media buyer, Radio Division, subcontracted under the ad agency that handles the entire ad budget.

    This is the key thing: Know where the decisions and time-buy purchase orders are made within the ad biz labyrinth.

    So one day, as Lamebrain’s racist bigotry got too furious and druggedly delusional, I managed to call and shame five of his sponsors to withdraw, including two major accounts of United Airlines and Sears.

    The next day, Ol’ Half-a-brain started his programming with this (nearly verbatim): “Y’know, there are people out there who don’t want a man to do business. A guy just wants to do a little business, and there are people out there determined to get in the way and stop him ….” And I knew he was talking about me but trying to not admit that he was talking about me. I was so proud of myself … and my experiential knowledge of the inner workings of the ad biz.

    I have never let up against him. Been sidetracked and interrupted, certainly, but I have dogged him all along the way. And now, finally, at long last, I am sure he is splat! cracked wide open! on an unforgiving concrete slab at the bottom of a deep shaft. Undone not by me but by, as was predictable, too much weight too high up and the effect of gravity on man-in-the-moon marigolds. ‘Whom the gods would destroy, first they raise up’, or something like that. Crack! Splat! ding dong, the bastard is dead, the mean old bastard, the bastard bigot, ding dong, the sick and wicked bigot is dead.

    I am sure because I have kept his case file and his biography is my expertise.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to cast his horoscope, wrap that around a straw kachina doll, and stick pins and daggers through it until Lamebrain stops breathing. Oh, happy day.

    Understand, (as I do), that cutting off the head of the hate radio snake kills the entire extent of the genre. Which means, in progressive Portland town, Liars Larson is now a dead airhead talking, barely, after being gagged and half-choked swallowing Breitbart. See here for more in some particulars.


  12. meremark says:


    Whoa! I wrote all that and then saw this:

    Rush Limbaugh Issues Statement Regarding His 3-Day Misogynistic Attack On Sandra Fluke, March 03, 2012 6:00 pm ET, by Media Matters staff

    For over 20 years, … I chose the wrong words.

    I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.

    Ya gotta admit he has never so capitulated. Odds bodkins.

    And maybe also know: It’s too late. It won’t save him this time. Splat! Crack!


    • cocktailhag says:

      Wasn’t that great? I don’t think he’s ever, even slightly, apologized before. Maybe at this point, Santorum and Romney won’t have to kneel and get to work like hookers behind a dumpster.
      That’d be something.

      • meremark says:

        ‘pon my word! This ‘kerfluffle up some gas‘ is erupting an over-arching nuclear-winter doomsday of ‘their’ discontent, it seems to me and giddy seeing it, I do declare.

        Limbaughts are panicked puke-awful. mygawd mygawd this is thoroughly enjoyable — That’s enterTAINment!, Folks — so long-devoted I have waited for the day.

        The doom of dumbots is at last at-hand, but better: I (we) can watch (through our webscope) the proceedings. Dying Rush’ed is good news; getting to watch his death throes is GREAT news.

        The linked item at Media Matters gathered 100 comments overnight, while I slept smiling. One comment embedded a link to a transcript source of Lamebrain quoted: “I never apologize,” dated said in 2007, (or 2009, I don’t know, I didn’t bother to follow the link … being tear-blurred ROTFLMFAO).

        And then: another comment embedded a link to The End of Rash Lamebrain story on Glenn Beck’s bumwad The Blaze, and noted that going there discovers rightwing commenters agonizing in pain. Of course I couldn’t wait.

        So I click to The Blaze for my first time ever. The budget must be thin; there is an advertising avalanche to clear a way through to get to see the article. And then, there must be 200 comments, I don’t know, I didn’t count and I didn’t see a running count displayed.

        So I start down the pile-up, reading comments. I read maybe 50 or 100, mostly repetitious and nonsensical, and when I glanced at the window ‘slider knob’ which shows the percentage frame position along the total vertical scroll, I was dismayed to see my reading effort (50 or 100 comments), had gotten me hardly halfway along the entire list. So I skipped ahead to read the final few comments at the bottom of the scroll; (all saying ‘love Lamebrain, hate liberals’).

        And then, and then … wait for it . . . at the bottom there is a Page counter showing there are TWENTY more Pages of comments, like the first Page and equally as long I would expect, but I don’t know, I didn’t go there any farther.

        Mygawd, is there only ONE website where ALL ‘conservatives’ comment? I thought Greenwald’s 300-500 comment pile was too much to try to see all of. Mygawd, there must be 20 Pages times 200 comments per Page under GlennBeck — OVERNIGHT — all shouting ‘hear, here’ or somesuch burble’n'glub. And, worse, they can’t spell or speak a coherent sentence.

        People, rightwacko People: Your Lamebrain is dead. Crawl back in the skanky skunk hole you crawled out of onto the internet, and once you’re there and staying put, then long live your lame brain yourselves.
        Just get out of our civil sight, because you are out of your right minds.


        • loretta says:

          Ha! I went to THE BLAZE for the first time yesterday, too. Serendipity, baby. I was actually interested in the new conspiracy that Alex Jones and Glenn Beck are promoting – that Obama had whatsisface Breitbart murrrrdered.

          Now, I like me a good murder mystery and all, but this one just feels like a non-starter.

          While I was fighting off the avalanche of pop-up ads, I was also looking if Beck supported the birth certificate hoax theory reintroduced by Joe Arapaio (sp)….I didn’t see if GB weighed in on that yet. I probably won’t go back to find out.

          Heck, you want to see Right Wing Angst, just go to Daily Caller or Mediaite, or Politico for that matter and read some comments. I can’t read more than 3-4 before I feel as though my life is getting sucked down a hole.

          Speaking of life being sucked down a hole, my son (who is not quite 12) and I watched a movie last night (for free) called “Supercroc” which was incredibly bad. However, we watched it thinking it would be bad, and we laughed so hard, I can’t decide if it was a waste of time or not. I guess getting that good of a laugh is always worthwhile.

          • meremark says:

            If I go to Daily Caller Mediate or Politico (Talking Points Memo, Think Progress, dailyKos, Huffington Post, and such a confusing number more of the ilk), all I see is rehash of what’s on TV, or the AP, or CIA Punch ‘n’ Judy. No news, them. No origination of reports. (Compare, say, as opposed to Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, Greenwald, Global Research, and some others.)

            Yeah, save yourself the immersion, loretta, here’s your answer: Yes, Beck was birther before he was speak-no-birther.

            Obviously Obama is native-born American, (altho his purported father B.Obama,Sr., was a British citizen). Also obvious is something smelling fishy (that doesn’t go away and isn’t confined to conspiracy-sniffing minds) about Obama’s birth.

            Maybe the curious thing is this: As a mixed-race baby in 1961, (pre-Civil Rights Act sensibility), Barry was abandoned at birth, and so adopted by and raised a foster child of the CIA [ gasp! ] … which had a (taxpayer-funded) program MK ULTRA 1950 – 75 with the stated mission of raising a person from birth indoctrinated (surreptitiously) to become a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ adult.

            There was a movie about that, titled that; many folks have seen the movie. The CIA’s experimental human-psychology ‘research’ into sodium pentathol, mescaline, LSD, MDMA, amphetamines and more, looking for a ‘truth serum’ pill for ‘mind control’ (whew), all THAT was about that ‘Manchurian Candidate’ program, too, and associated ‘dispensations’ of intelligence — what citizens know and when it was given to them to know — 1946 to present day, ongoing. After all, is that not the charter business of the CIA?

            Just saying, we can plausibly believe when the CIA (said it) was looking for free babies at the same time a vagabond mother was giving hers away, perhaps a match was made and they hooked up (without ever telling any of us: We, the Folks, ‘WTF’). It coulda happened. Long ago in far away Hawaii. Who knew?

            Keeping with Breitbart’s m.o. he likely was, too, editing video he aimed to damage Obama with. Also consistent in Breitbart’s work he very probably stole (plagiarized) someone else’s investigative results and wanted to take that credit.

            I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout no Breitbart ‘tapes’ in-the-works nor in-the-can, but I sure see a VAST archive of ammunition he could have been stealing from … to screenwrite adaptations for TV & Hollywood ‘based on true events.’

            Indeed, I see a Review Copy manuscript for a book in-press, of which the money-shot chapters are here:

            It’s a tedious read through a concise sketch of the whole complex enchilada, and its many ingredients are difficult to handle all together without a cogent worldview consistent across and wrapped around the timeline 1947 -to- present day, a singular thematic post-WWII ‘plot’ in which each and every ingredient, in the book, fits with and refines reality. And, but, which none in thrall of TV ever heard of.

            Maybe that’s why TV screenwriters get the Big Bucks.

            Spoiler Alert for the book chapters linked above: It, (the XXth Century), is all very complicated; and, Obama is a CIA agent, adopted at birth, foster-raised and -ingrained under CIA tutelage. (America’s anti-heritage?)

            I use a device to check the ring of truth about outlandish anecdotes I hear of. In that, I check its resolution in another dimension seen through the crosshairs of a horoscope. Whatever I read in an astrology chart has to corroborate the timeline of the anecdote, (or, at least not refute it), in order to most convince me of veracity.

            In the book Chapters linked above, I can verify these cited data:
            Obama: Friday, August 4, 1961, Hawaii.
            His mama: Sunday, November 29, 1942, either Beirut or Topeka.
            Her papa: Saturday, March 23, 1918.
            Her mama: Thursday, October 26, 1922.
            1918 to 1916 to 2012 is all of-a-piece quite highly probable.

            A second source of scandal on Obama is another book, already published. The author ‘knew’ Obama (in biblical style) during his Chicago years; (met and married (agent?) Michelle there Oct.3 1992, whatever that tells us). Come to find out another view of Hawaiian Obama in Chicago hob-nobbing Southside in the African-American underground groups beneath the El can see him on assignment undercover as a snitch for CIA/FBI/Etc. Maybe think of him as James Bond, or Judas Ischariot, at-large in the White House of US politics, gayly polysexual.

            Imagining that, read this interview with the author here: South Hampshire Herald

            Read the latest hoop jumped through, right here right now from

            February 29-March 1, 2012 — Federal judge tosses out law suit against Obama accuser Sinclair

            In a decision announced on February 28, U.S. Judge Richard Leon of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia dismissed a $30 million law suit brought against Larry Sinclair by Internet publisher Dan Parisi. Last March, Leon threw out law suits brought by Parisi against the distributors of Sinclair’s book, Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble [B&N], and, in which two gay trysts in 1999 between Sinclair and then-Illinois state senator Barack Obama are described in detail.

            Parisi and his three companies, Inc., Whitehouse Network LLC, and White House Communications Inc., were represented by the expensive Washington powerhouse law firm of Patton Boggs. Parisi alleged that Sinclair’s book was libelous against him. However, Leon, in throwing out the cases against Sinclair and his distributors, rejected the libel claims.

            Leon’s order is as follows:

            Case Name: PARISI et al v. SINCLAIR et al
            Case Number: 1:10-cv-00897-RJL
            Document Number:

            Docket Text: ORDER For the reasons set forth in the Memorandum Opinion entered this date, it is this 28th day of February, 2012, hereby, ORDERED that defendant Sinclair’s Motion to Dismiss [94] is GRANTED; it is further ORDERED that the above-captioned case is DISMISSED as to defendant Sinclair. SO ORDERED. Signed by Judge Richard J. Leon on 2/28/2012. (see order) (kc )

            The background in Leon’s 2011 decision stated:

            “In January 2008, Larry Sinclair, also a defendant in this case, made public certain allegations regarding the use of drugs with and sexual activity between himself and then-presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama. Parisi, the owner and operator of the website, challenged Sinclair to take a polygraph regarding his allegations. Sinclair ultimately accepted this challenge and polygraph examinations were administered by Edward Gelb in February 2008. In June 2009, Sinclair wrote and published a book about his allegations and subsequent interactions with Parisi and Gelb entitled “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?” (‘the Sinclair book’). Jeffrey Rense, also a defendant in this case, wrote the foreword to the book. Plaintiffs contend that the Sinclair book, as well as the forward, contain defamatory statements regarding Parisi and the website, and further, that these statements caused the website Whitehouse. com to shut down in 2008.Indeed, Parisi had hoped to sell that site to a mainstream political/news entity during the 2008 presidential election year, but now alleges that he was unable to do so in light of Sinclair’s defamation. Thus, he and his fellow plaintiffs claim damages of $30,000,000.”

            Sinclair, who is not an attorney, represented himself in the case in which he was pitted against one of Washington’s most powerful law firms. That, in itself, is newsworthy in a city that thrives on the rich and powerful using the courts and $700/hour attorneys to get their way.

            Be careful around Wayne Madsen, y’know. He’s the one with the former-NSA c.v., now author of the book in-press (above) outing Obama (Case file: ‘Soebarkah’).

            It’s hard to believe things we never learned.
            It’s hard to learn things we never believed.


          • meremark says:

            Oh, also, Breitbart as Feb. 1, 1969,

            (although he was adopted and raised by a foster family, so birthdate is slightly suspect)

            fairly corroborates he died from a natural cause of The Fates, more than there are foul-play murderous indications. What uncertainty there is, seems to involve medications or pharmacology, so if indeed he was ‘terminated’ it was by the doctor, with a pill bottle, in the metabolism — whether Dr. Witting or Dr. Witless or Dr. Feelgood is another question.


    • avelna says:

      Kinda an ironic “apology” when you consider that his Viagra has been covered by insurance for years now. Last I heard, Viagra has no other medicinal uses (having bombed out as a blood pressure med) than for eeerectiiile dysfunction. The whole thing is also ironic considering March is national women’s month.

      • says:

        Not necessarily, but he is self-insured anyway, so he pays a ton of money for his health insurance, and it’s a good thing he can afford it. If Rush were not rich or if he did not work at company with group health, he would have been, up until last year, uninsurable in the free market. No health insurance company would have accepted him.

        If he were an unemployed or under-employed schmuck at age 61 with his health problems, he’d have no insurance, or what insurance he could buy today at the high-risk pool would be very expensive and not very good. It would not cover Viagara, I can tell you that much.

        He buys his Viagara out of pocket, at $20 a pill.

        • avelna says:

          Self-insured or working for a company with group health? In any case, whether the Viagra he used is paid for by insurance or not, it is covered in most health insurance plans. Which implies (in his view, anyway) that it’s permissible for men to have unlimited sex, but not women.

          • says:

            His entire argument eliminates any male involvement whatsoever! You’d think he was talking about lesbians needing birth control, for the complete lack of mentioning MEN in the picture at all.

  13. rukidding says:

    My take? Limpdick clearly LOATHES, destests & despises women. Why? Who knows, but my *guess* is that El Lushbo probably has pathetically small equipment & can’t get it up, except maybe for young boys & probably then only with Viagra.

    I mean, seriously, in 2012, some fat blowhard is gonna call a young woman a “slut”?? Seriously? Methinks that the fat creep is filled with self-loathing, closeted bile, spite & jealousy.

    Why does he keep getting married? Beats me. Guess it’s a Republican thing or something. Check out the Craig’s list ads for guy-on-guy action when CPAC rolls around annually in DeeCee, yet I bet most of those guys end up self-loathing closet cases married to some twit of a conservative female.

    Go figure…

    • cocktailhag says:

      In my experience, lots of straight men hate women; especially the ones who are dumb enough to get involved with them. I’m going with the small penis hypothesis; when a guy hears “Last time I saw one that size I was changing a diaper” once too often, they get mean.

      • rukidding says:

        It’s true that straight men also hate women. Who knows if Rush is straight or gay, but there’s certainly been a number of rumors about his alleged gay tendencies.

        I don’t care about anyone’s sexual choices, but I do note that it *seems* as if a LOT of conservatives who are actually gay end up being married to women. Maybe some of those marriages are “agreements” (possibly the conservative wife is a lesbian). Whatever. But it strikes me that some of those conservative men (I’ve known a couple in my own life) are *forcing* themselves to be “straight” and be in a heterosexual relationship.

        I’ve personnally witnessed such men despising their wife and/or all women bc they’re in a situation that doesn’t satisfy their needs. Anyone who’s in the closet and desparately trying to pretend that they’re not gay is to be pitied, but sometimes their self-loathing (which is too bad) turns outwards towards the women they married.

        I’ve often wondered about Rush’s long-standing & incendiary hatred of all women, and it’s ALL women he despises, not just so-called “liberals.” There’s definitely something very very wrong with him. But that’s stating the obvious.

        • cocktailhag says:

          That’s one reason why closet cases so often are homophobes; if they can suppress their desires, so should everybody. What they don’t realize is straight people don’t have those feelings, so they don’t live lives of torment. Sam Seder took it one step further, saying that all homophobes are gay, in his great but unappreciated book, FUBAR.

  14. rukidding says:

    Oh and btw, Icky Ricky giving a non-”apology” for El Lushbo by calling Limpdick an “entertainer”??? Pull the other one, please, Frothy. What a bogus joke that is, but it’s the standard come back of ALL the dittoheads I know when Limpdick bellows out something that’s truly & grotesquely outrageous & disgusting.

    “Oh, Rushie’s *just* an entertainer… boys will be boys… ha ha”

    That’s the standard come-back line. Rush ain’t doing NO “entertaining,” methinks. Nope. Rush is bellowing out what all these limp-dicked shitheads think & believe firmly in their nasty crusty black hearts. Don’t believe for one instant that what Rush is doing is “entertaining.” bogus.

  15. loretta says:

    meremark- haven’t had a chance to read the link, yet, but before I do, I think there can be a case made that Ms. Dunham could very well have been with the CIA or some state department, considering her work in Indonesia and the Ford Foundation. I like Wayne Madsen, and according to him a few months back, he was being threatened by the WH about some info he was researching about Stanley Ann Dunham. She was an interesting person, and I wonder why in “Dreams…” Obama doesn’t mention her work very much. That book was good, I thought.

    However, I have yet to see any evidence indicating SHE was in Kenya in 1961, and you’d think all the people with a stake in this story would have found this by now. If they can’t find her in Kenya at that time, it’s just not possible for Obama to have been born there. And I do believe she is his mother.

    As far as MKUltra, my cursory research on this shows that people under the influence of MKUltra do not have wildly successful lives; in fact, they usually have all sorts of crazy things happen, and they often turn into killers.

    However, I agree we don’t know the half of it when it comes to Obama’s past. I wish he were the Socialist the right claims him to be; he’s obviously not!

    • rukidding says:

      There’s a number of citizens out there who *wonder* about Obama & some kind of long-standing CIA connection (as in the Manchurian candidate thingy).

      Like you, I could only WISH that Obama was the Socialist that conservatives love to call him. AS IF…

      Yes, there’s something definitely “interesting” about Ms Dunham and her “past,” plus I’ve often wondered about her untimely death. Lots of questions but few answers.