None of Your Business

It was a telling moment when Mitt Romney said that niggling little things like the massive income inequality that’s turned out so phenomenally well, for him anyway, ought only be discussed in “Quiet rooms,” where, presumably, the servants couldn’t hear.   It seems that after the recent unpleasantness, the rich are hurriedly drawing the portieres when they talk about their wealth (and the unfortunate poverty of all others), a far cry from the days of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.  Ordinarily, I’d say that it’s way past time for rich people to start shutting up about their money, but in this case, the effect is considerably more chilling.  What Romney is essentially saying is that the days of the rabble having even a clue, much less a say, about how things are run in this country are well and truly over, and it’s time the government just give up and get on board.

It’s fairly easy to see how such astonishingly authoritarian, anti-democratic  thinking, worthy of any kleptocratic dictatorship, has become mainstream enough to be casually bandied about by serious presidential candidates.  This imperial disdain for the lower orders has been quite aggressively sold to us by a lazy, insecure, and compromised media owned by some of the world’s most ruthless and degenerate corporations.  Mrs. Alan Greenspan, an ol’ cocktailhag also known as Andrea Mitchell, marveled at how Mitt channeled the the beauty of the mythical Saint Reagan, when, to most observers, he churlishly sneered at an uppity 99%er, “America’s right and you’re wrong.”  Morning in America seems to have, in this case, awakened to a nasty hangover; Mitt may not drink, but releasing those hundred-page tax returns could cause a headache, too.  And it hardly needs mentioning that simultaneously fellating the rich while pissing on the poor (or dead Afghanis, as the case may be…) is the whole point of Fox News; they just throw in the racism and chest-thumping to bring in the rubes.  A good offense is always the best defense with that crowd, and South Carolina seems to have awakened that instinct in the usually robotic Mitt.

It’s a bit more difficult to understand why Americans, especially those on the right, for whom “freedom” and “liberty” are supposedly so sacrosanct, not only acquiesce, but actually cheer, when a few hundred obscenely wealthy people get together and tell their candidate to go out and inform Americans that whatever happened to all the money is simply none of their business.   For a person like Romney, who has lived his life blissfully free from the prying ears and eyes of the little people, it must be deeply annoying to suddenly have to hear the words of a non-underling; no wonder he got so crabby.  For a normal person, however, who has to endure the slings and arrows of everyday existence, I wouldn’t expect such a thing to sell.

But sell it does, and I think the reason is as obvious as it is depressing.  Even in the heyday of the “liberal media,” when media ownership was much more diverse and competitive, both newspapers and TV networks could still often be stymied by powerful and corrupt interests, be they corporate or governmental.  But the governmental ones were, by definition, public, and therefore less completely opaque, so it was less arduous and dangerous to expose their misdeeds.  The corporate ones, on the other hand, are able eschew all accountability,  armed as they are with legions of expensive lawyers and, when that doesn’t work, somewhat less expensive hired thugs.  Sadly, the corporate model is now being adopted by what we used to think of as our democratic government, a bleak coda to an era when corporations became people and actual people became, well, the help.

The last vestige of flesh and blood people having any power great enough to tame gigantic and rapacious corporations, our federal government, has decided, quite recently, to just admit that it isn’t really ours, no matter how much it costs us.   In this sense, Romney is only ratifying what was a “bold” step by President Bush, a “pragmatic” one by President Obama, and by the time Romney came along, Reaganesque:  Corporations are right; we (the people) are wrong.  Glad that’s been cleared up.


  1. mikeinportc says:

    About as life-like as I’ve ever seen him.

    We should all come together, and be as one. Damned Socialist! No wonder Newt’s coming on .
    Btw, Willard, does “coming together” include bringing the cash to the party? Didn’t think so. ;)

    • cocktailhag says:

      Not his own cash, you may rest assured. One of the many perks of the ultra wealthy is that they don’t really have to well, pay for anything. The super-pacs are more than willing to foot the bill while Romney’s money works on its tan in the Caymans.
      It’s good to be the King, piss-boy.

  2. The Heel says:

    I admire Romney for having solved the servant problem. I hate the fact that I haven’t :(

    You know, maybe one good thing comes out of this. Maybe the shameless display of wealth and bragging with toys will be toned down, a little. Nothing more vulgar than a nouveau rich little punk showing his gold chains and Ferraris like some Albanian pimp daddy :)

  3. Ché Pasa says:

    I would venture to say that man has issues.

    I’m sure his wife of 43 years must have to keep him away from the servants or they’d all quit and tell tales inconveniently.

    Better get him to one of those Mormon Counselors before he implodes on the stump.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I do expect that to happen. There’s something all wound up, under that Ken doll exterior. It pops up more and more all the time. Lucky for him the media is so deferential that it rarely happens in interviews.

  4. dirigo says:

    It’s clearer than ever that the earnestness of the left is no match for the rabid pieties of the right.

    Gingrich (with Callista, a recent, experienced Med tourist) is the mutineer on our cruise ship, and we’re all staring, aghast, at the reef ahead.

    Real, realpolitik. Get real.

  5. rukidding says:

    “It’s a bit more difficult to understand why Americans, especially those on the right, for whom “freedom” and “liberty” are supposedly so sacrosanct, not only acquiesce, but actually cheer, when a few hundred obscenely wealthy people get together and tell their candidate to go out and inform Americans that whatever happened to all the money is simply none of their business.”

    This is what I really do not *get,* myself. My rightwing fundie family members are amongst the cheering TeaBagger hoardes, and believe me, we are all deep into the mid-ranges of the 99% (lucky we’re not “lower” on the economic totem pole). I can only surmise that, like so many other conservatives, my family members adhere the Rush brainwashing that – one day soon their “ship” will come in, and they, too, do not wish to be sullied by having to pay ANY taxes.

    Suffer the little children… NOT!!!!! And of course, these are all pious “christiany” church goers, but why pay attention to what Jesus preached, when the sermons coming from Doug Coe’s “Family” mega-churches are so much more enchanting???

    I sort of “get” the racism that nasty Newt sports about. The Southern Strategy has long worked bc a lot of USA citizens have been *encouraged* to let their racism be bold and out front. But racism is *cheap,* and it pits the 99%ers against one another, distracting them long enough from the 1%ers ripping them off.

    Why they think it’s *great* that Romney destroyed US citizens’ jobs in order to massively enrich himself, alone remains, for me, one of life’s mysteries.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Well, I think it comes down to the warp and woof of the conservative mind; they are, at bottom, authoritarians, and love the idea of, if not personally stepping on those below them, then having others take up the task. It’s kiss up, kick down with this bunch, and that sells to insecure (white)people anxious about their place in the hierarchy.
      As economic conditions continue to deteriorate for the vast majority of Americans after nearly 40 years of conservative dominance, scapegoats must be found, and enemies made. Otherwise, more people would look around and ask “Where DID all the money go?”
      Better to stir up logic-defying hate for “the other,” which can be whomever is most in ill favor with one’s particular audience, while emptying the cash drawer in the resulting hubbub.
      Each decision comes back to money in some way, whether it be kicking up Islamaophobia and Israel-mania for more war loot, anti-environmentalism for oil loot, or “social issues” for Jesus Freak loot. The list goes on and on.
      Republicans may be irrational, but they go about it in a quite rational way, for which they deserve considerable credit. It also makes them easier to understand, but only for those of us not fed a steady diet of their BS. That excludes a lot of people.