The Brown Clown

It appears that Republicans have, lacking any less revolting choice, awakened with Santorum all over themselves.  Rather than just stripping the bed and jumping in the shower, as any normal person would in this situation, they’re using this meaningless and drearily recurrent Clown Car discharge to crank up the Wurlitzer of persecution fantasies against God’s Own Party.  These cynical pantomimes would by this point be too boring to write about, except that what started, absurdly enough, as an entirely fabricated “war” on Christmas has turned into thuddingly predictable 7/365 day affair.  Evidently taking a cue from the retail and greeting card industries, the folks at Fox and Republican Religious Complex have filled the calendars with exploitable holidays, and when there isn’t a holiday, any vaguely related current event will do.

When one begins with a narrative already in place to which every occurrence must conform, it’s much easier to come to conclusions about “why” a creepy nerd and loser obsessed with others’ private lives suddenly won three state primaries against much better-funded opponents.  You see, the narrative of the week had already been established,  Liberal Baby Killers Bully Real Americans, and then it happened twice more!  Bonus!  Tiny, powerless, retiring outfits like Susan G. Komen and the Catholic Hospital Complex both got cruelly slapped down by thuggish, hairy-legged harridans, provoking ritual pearl-clutching and chest beating (depending on gender, of course), not from those concerned, but from those paid to bloviate about such things. While that whining temper tantrum was still very much in progress, with more to come in TV green rooms across America, the dreaded, commie 9th Circuit Court tossed Proposition 8 out on its well-scrubbed Mormon ear.  The God-botherers are, as you can imagine, thanking Supply Side Jesus for dealing them such a Royal Flush of false victimhood, and are not unexpectedly using Santorum’s “victory” to “prove” America is as obnoxiously holy as they are.

Right.  The same America that so recently fell for Newt.  As I’ve mentioned before, the dire problems the Republicans are facing in 2012 are all of their own making, and all a product of the descent of the party from governing idea to marketing scam.  As Americans, even Republicans, we are quite aware we’re being scammed, because its happened so often before.  Basically, the Republicans have sold out to a bunch of wealthy interests who don’t have the country’s interests at heart, and enabled them to systematically loot its wealth.  Since saying so honestly, much less campaigning on such a program, would never do, they have instead promised the moon and the stars to religious zealots, racists, gun nuts, and what have you, inconveniently guaranteeing a bunch of disgruntled crazy people watching their every move, when all they wanted was the keys to the treasury.

Putting up a malleable figurehead like Reagan, Bush, or Romney, and then using the now-purchased presidency to pack the courts and agencies with fellow plunderers, thus, must constantly be accompanied by distracting sideshows to fool the rubes into thinking the party is, as Bill O’Reilly put it, “Looking out for” them.  This time, the rubes are getting restless, and you can hardly blame them.



  1. Bill Schee says:

    Obama will cave on the birthcontrol issue.

    I guarantee it.

  2. avelna says:

    they have instead promised the moon and the stars to religious zealots, racists, gun nuts, and what have you…

    And statehood thereon to boot! Whoopee!!!

  3. michlib says:

    Does anyone else find it sad that if Barry adopted Eisenhower’s 1956 platform for re-election, it would be a huge step to the LEFT ?