The Fart Heard ‘Round the Church

Despite myself and prior opinions of the man, I would like to raise an Independence Day glass (or, more likely, several…) to Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, who, in his adorably loopy style, has given me a reason to feel patriotic on America’s Birthday.  Once again, unintentional honesty from a Republican has suddenly given heretofore unseen and unheard liberals a chance to have their glaringly obvious conclusions aired, which happen to line up with those of the 58% of Americans who want us to get our asses out of Afghanistan, but are nonetheless strictly forbidden mention in the media.  Even as the tone-deaf and tremulous DNC waxed Rovian and instantly accused the troop-hating Steele of the most treacherous kind of treasonous traitorism, relatively sane right-wingers like George Will and Ron Paul calmly if belatedly stated the obvious: that Steele was, if a bit impolitic, well, correct.  Is it any mystery that Democrats are in such well-deserved peril?  What possible reason are they giving anyone to the left of Joe Lieberman to vote for them?  If we Democrats want a government that reacts to the truth about America’s wars like the Wicked Witch of the West reacts to a cold bucket of water, we’d vote Republican.

Thanks to our beloved and fearless Media, though, we are constantly told that war is like a delicate tropical blossom that must be carefully nurtured over many years, fertilized of course by organically decomposed greenbacks, lest it never bloom and our precious (but nonetheless expendable) troops will have died in vain.  That there is no historical evidence of this inane notion is never mentioned; it’s merely an oft-muttered prayer from the media’s rosary beads, and really no more or less nonsensical than everything else they say on any given day.  Given this fact, I about tipped over when I saw that Fareed Zakaria is once again hoisting a cheek and letting one rip, right in the front row of Our Lady of the Military-Industrial Complex, and on Sunday, too.  I’m sure it’ll go over about how you’d expect among the others in the congregation.  When I saw this, I immediately wondered if he’s single.  (Not that that’s a requirement or anything.)

Via Huffpo:

Fareed Zakaria criticized the Afghanistan war in unusually harsh terms on his CNN program Sunday, saying that “the whole enterprise in Afghanistan feels disproportionate, a very expensive solution to what is turning out to be a small but real problem.”

He actually mentioned that wars cost money?  He’ll be pumping gas soon.

His comments followed CIA director Leon Panetta’s admission last week that the number of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan may be down to just 50 to 100 members, or even fewer.

All Wile E. Coyote needed was one road runner, but his show didn’t run for nine years, either.

“If Al Qaeda is down to 100 men there at the most,” Zakaria asked, “why are we fighting a major war?”

Either CNN is just tired of paying for all that travel, or someone in the MSM got some oxygen to their brain.

Zakaria noted that the war is costing the U.S. a fortune in both blood and treasure. “Last month alone there were more than 100 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan.,” the CNN host said. “That’s more than one allied death for each living Al Qaeda member in the country in just one month.

He mentioned dead people, too?  Pretty soon even the gas stations won’t hire him.

“The latest estimates are that the war in Afghanistan will cost more than $100 billion in 2010 alone. That’s a billion dollars for every member of Al Qaeda thought to be living in Afghanistan in one year.”

Doesn’t he know the Blackwater/Halliburton rule?  ”If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”  It’s the bottom line on all their bids.  Maybe they just got the Google at CNN.

To critics who suggest that we need to continue fighting the war against the Taliban because they are allied with Al Qaeda, Zakaria countered that “this would be like fighting Italy in World War II after Hitler’s regime had collapsed and Berlin was in flames just because Italy had been allied with Germany.”

Somebody just compared somebody to Hitler….   Call AIPAC!

“Why are we investing so much time, energy, and effort when Al Qaeda is so weak?” Zakaria concluded. “Is there a more cost-effective way to keep Al Qaeda on the ropes than fight a major land and air war in Afghanistan? I hope someone in Washington is thinking about this and not simply saying we’re going to stay the course because, well, we must stay the course.”

Well, Fareed, perhaps you haven’t noticed that “stay the course,” often in those same words, has been the default setting of the US military for 60 years of lost/pointless/blowback-creating wars, but I have.  And the costs certainly aren’t new, either, although you might be forgiven for not hearing about this amongst your colleagues, who no longer bother themselves with such minutia.  Happy Fourth, and thanks, Michael Steele, for setting off some, uh, fireworks.


  1. avelna says:

    This one is quite worth the passing around – that is if you don’t mind!

  2. The Heel says:

    Happy Birthday America!

    Please, let’s revisit this whole election thing. It ain’t working the way it is now. Let’s officially buy votes. $10 per vote adjusted for inflation going forward. People (not corporations) can buy up to 1,000 votes.
    Let’s try that for a few hundred years.

    After I heard Rush Limbaugh suggesting on hate radio that Obama is in Cahoots with big oil, I am not surprised about Steele’s remarks. They obviously begin fabricating the next big lie and stick the lost war to Obama. It is mind boggling, but the unwashed masses (who can vote for free) will soon “know” it to be the truth. The Right wing machine will ram it down their throats until it is. Obama is responsible for the recession as well as for the (soon to be) lost war. It is fascinating how those things work, each and every time.

    But hey, let’s toast to America. Land of the free (of something)…

  3. nswfm says:

    Love your writing. From the Hillbilly Remodeling to this Fart in Church on a Sunday post. Excellent.

    I do think they will try to pin this anti-9/11 war on Obama. Steele was coaching the candidates what to say, but your points are cogent.

    • cocktailhag says:

      As usual, another Republican accidentally read the fine print of the day’s memo along with the headlines, which is always a boo-boo for them, and they all scurried like cockroaches.
      Same brown stuff, different day. Thanks for the compliment.

  4. michlib says:

    Is it possible POP ( Perpetually Orange Politician ) Boehner – forgot how to pronounce his name – got the wrong talhing points dispatch from neo-con central and the nuke the ant analogy was supposed to be in Fareeds packet ? Alas – the Republick party will bank on voter amnesia and apathy – a proven route to good gubmint.

  5. avelna says:

    ” I’m sure it’ll go over about how you’d expect among the others in the congregation. ”
    Can’t wait to see them coming out of the woodwork to respond to him -both on the right and the “left”. And where’s ol’ Tom when you need him? Surely he has a response.

  6. mikeinportc says:

    Steele , however hypocritical, (when has that ever bothered a politician, especially our current crop of GOPers?) is correct , in that it was Obama’s choice to continue, and expand the Great AfPak Adventure.
    Hope he liked the feel of it, and will continue. Doubtful though, as he’s already in danger of becoming the Ashley Ban[ned]field of GOPland.

    “Is there a more ,cost-effective[!] way to keep Al Qaeda on the ropes than fight a major land and air war in Afghanistan?”
    Uh,yeah… don’t do it.
    “….I hope someone in Washington is thinking about this…”
    Yes they are. Yo, Fareed that is the point. Non cost-effctiveness profitability, for as long as possible, is the goal. Even when he’s being critical, he’s still drinking the Kool-Aid.

    Leon Panetta’s admission last week …

    Last week?!!! Last *#@!^*&%#!!n week?!!! That was in the Joint Chiefs’ Report, last year, or the year before. (RMP, or Dirigo linked to piece, interview of “Taliban” members, didainful of AQ, that mentioned that report.) Said to myself then, that it’d be cheaper to offer them $1B apiece, to just go away. ;)