The New Dale Carnegie Graduates

Bereft as they’ve always been for any policies that might actually benefit working Americans, the Republican Party has instead had a strategy of making friends by finding enemies, and happily, this approach turns out to be just as successful at the real goal, influencing people, but without those nagging obligations friendship can entail.  No one can deny that it’s served them well, but dividing the lower orders by creating artificial animosities has been a pretty successful strategy of tyrannical, greedy elites since time began, so it’s no surprise that they’re at it again.  The problem is, as the hateful rhetoric escalates, the eager students of the New Republican Dale Carnegie course come to expect “action” of one sort or another against the hated Other, and this creates some sticky wickets for the politicians who pander to them.  All they care about is the money, after all, and getting bogged down persecuting the enemy du jour, though a tempting distraction, can frustrate that goal in myriad unpleasant ways, which we now find unfolding before us.  Demographics would be one, but to my considerable delight, bad luck and overconfidence are even more important, and Republicans always have that in spades.

Each time the Republicans launch a new hate campaign, over the long haul the targeted group ends up benefitting, and the Republicans end up, well, toxic. The young, who are comfortable with the diversity of modern life, are invariably repelled by the antiquated, bigoted bile that spews forth, and each day another racist old coot tips over, probably while watching Glenn Beck.  One can say that anti-Black racism has enjoyed a resurgence of late, but given that we have an African American President I wouldn’t call it that much of a success over time.  Anti-gay bigotry and the mainstream acceptance of gay rights marched together hand in hand, the former nearly always paradoxically helping the latter, as well.  In so doing, Republicans probably permanently lost the vote of the two groups, by more than 90%-10%, but they considered the effort worth it.

Now, after a decade or more of right-wing demonization of “illegals,” which really just means “brown hordes,” the ever-escalating hate rhetoric of the Republican Noise Machine has driven Arizona to just go ahead and go Nazi, leaving the Republicans in something of a spot.  The media voices from FOX and talk radio will of course want to turn Arizona’s bizarre and race-conscious new law into a mariachi Turner Diaries, whereas politicians who wish to get elected in a darker America simply can’t afford to drop another, much larger and growing, demographic group into the permanent “D” column.  Once again, the Noise Machine, so lovingly tended all these years, has grown into a Little Shop of Horrors man-eater, and Lindsay Graham’s tantrum and John McCain’s pathetic waffling on the subject make clear that Republicans are lying harder than ever to get this thing out of the way, and for good reason.  Republicans just love hate campaigns when they work, electorally at least, but they’ve surely seen how these things have played out in the past, and must have access to Karl Rove’s “math” that showed that with Hispanic votes at Black or gay levels, the Republicans might want to take up golf for something to do.  They’d have hated their way into oblivion.


  1. Casual Observer says:

    I hear corporate giving is up substantially for the GOP this quarter. So if they’re lying harder than ever, it appears to be paying off. So to speak.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Well, it’s up from a rather down period overall, as Democratic policies show, unfortunately. But lying is the price Republicans pay for their demented ideas, and they seem quite happy to pay it.

  2. dirigo says:

    Sen. Levin thinks there are a lot of shitty deals out there now.

  3. DCLaw1 says:

    Ha! The GOP has been well-trained to open its veins every time the base cries, “Feed me, Seymour,” but that simply won’t suffice anymore. The The right would throw the cohesion of the entire republic to that ravenous maw if it could – not for lack of trying.

  4. Ché Pasa says:

    It is my contention that Arizona is in the process of doing what Goodhair over in Tejas keeps threatening: seceding from the Union.

    There are plenty of other states that have gone or are contemplating going this racist route to “deal with” the illegales, but Arizona has put together quite a suite of In Your Face efforts to declare its Independence from the rest of us, particularly the Brown ones among us, simply because they can and they want to. You’ve got your concealed carry laws, your closures of state parks and highway rest stops, your selling off of state buildings (including the Capitol, heh), and you’ve got your Old Farty Grampa McCain throwing his doddering hissies all the time about (Brown)kids on his lawn.

    Arizona State Motto: “Fuck you! Fuck you all!” It isn’t just the Mexicans (Anglo)Arizonans hate. It’s everyone. And it’s been this way since its Conquest in 1846 or whenever it was.

    But this latest round of plain cussedness I blame on Del Webb, St. John McCain, and dementia.

    • All I can say is, if you think it’s a pain to hear about it, just be grateful you don’t have to live in the middle of it. Well, maybe I’ll say one more thing: If white supremacists, and the otherwise disgruntled middle-aged Aryans choose AZ to make their last stand, they’re dumber than I thought.

      The people who’ve been here a lot longer than us white folks will still be here when we’ve packed up our air conditioners and gone — however long that takes. We could have shared, but apparently we prefer to forget that we’re human. Checking my history books, I find that such assholery has always been self-defeating. Lord willing, this time won’t be any different.

    • cocktailhag says:

      You know, whenever I’ve spent time in AZ I always wanted to leave as quickly as possible. I wish they would secede, and take Texas and Dixie with them.

      • If they do, y’all had better be prepared for a long line of refugees headed your way. I just hope that your borders will be more open than ours have been.

      • Ché Pasa says:

        I travel through AZ fairly often, once a month, maybe twice, on the way to New Mexico. The relief when I pass through the cleft in those highly baroque mesas at the entrance to New Mexico on I-40 is ineffable. The sky opens up, the land brings forth, the birds sing, the water flows.

        There was a time when I could dismiss the cussedness of Arizonans as mere western frontier eccentricity — I mean, have you ever been to the outposts in the Mojave (which they spell “Mohave” in Arizona, because they aren’t gonna put up with any of that Messican shit) — but over the last few years, that eccentricity has turned very ugly. As the state started shutting down in response to the Endless Recession, you just knew it was going to get worse.

        It still takes me way longer to get out of California than it does to drive across Arizona, but it takes too long.

        It is heartening, though, that thousands continue to protest in Phoenix, and Good People like Timberman spit through their fingers at the pseudo-Cowboys and racist hysterics that seem to be ruling things there these days.

        • Yeah, I coulda retired to Albuquerque, which I love, but I had friends here already. Since there’s still some fight in me, though, the opportunity to fight one last battle with the jerks who’ve been plaguing me all my life isn’t such a bad thing.

          And as state Democratic parties go, ours is a pretty good one. You might say it has to be. Whatever else you might justifiably think about us, you have to admit that Raúl Grijalva is ours, and I can tell you from personal experience that he’s even more of a mensch than he appears to be on the national news.

          • You’re right WT. The Arizona Democratic Party is “a good one.” And indeed it has to be. Most of the state’s wealth is in the hands of the Eastern Wingnut Carpetbaggers who have settled here for the climate, but feel “hassled” by the peasants who were here first.

            Our Hispanic progressive leaders are much smarter than the opposition (e.g. AZ was the home of Cesar Chavez), but the opposition has all the bucks.

            “Smarts” versus “Money” – Who usually wins out in the end?

  5. dirigo says:

    Maybe the mayor of Phoenix could stay one step ahead of the police chief of Tehran and confiscate all tanning booths & beds before the bronzed women in Arizona’s capital start setting off earthquakes.

    Also, mightn’t Phoenix consider building a really big subway system right away so all the people there can start rubbing elbows and whatnot in the underground?

    Appoint John McCain commissioner. He’s still got enough sense left to keep the trains running on time, doesn’t he?

    Well, doesn’t he?