Wake Me Up When It’s Over

The official state spruce referred to as a 'holiday tree' by Gov. Lincoln Chafee is lit up in the rotunda of the statehouse in Providence, R.I. Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011 while some in attendance hold signs and sing Christmas carols. | AP Photo

It’s quite dispiriting to write a blog, particularly about things that matter, when the available media is so maniacally obsessed with things that, well, don’t.  So successful have the Republicans been in creating their post-reality “empire” that even those few in the media who know better are constantly reduced to anointing, say, Newt Gingrich, as a potential nominee, that is when they’re not worrying about whether Christmas is in some sort of danger, fretting that the Muppets might be Commies, and allowing that Teddy Roosevelt was maybe a little like Hitler.  Nothing uttered by a Republican, no matter how preposterous, is felt to be undeserving of Equal Time,  whether it’s Gingrich promising to appoint JOHN BOLTON as his Secretary of State, Rick Santorum claiming to know something about sex, or Rick Perry, well, opening his mouth.

I’m getting progressively more annoyed by this dreadful reality each day.  It’s one thing that our media stars are dumb and/or craven enough to sit respectfully nodding at such perfect nonsense passing for political discourse, but it’s quite another to think anyone watching with two brain cells to rub together is playing along.  It’s insulting, frankly, that every day we are forced to listen to the ravings of utter lunatics competing to out-crazy each other, knowing full well that today’s top clown will fall out of the car just as clumsily as yesterday’s, and for the same entirely predictable reasons.  The fact that a substantial portion of Americans have been rendered dumber than posts by decades of increasingly febrile Republican propaganda campaigns does not make their addled beliefs somehow worthy of discussion; the real, more interesting story is how this was allowed to happen, and it’s told each time we open a newspaper or turn on the TV.

It’s a bit different situation for Democrats, though, especially on those rare occasions that they actually act like Democrats.  When the President points out the previously undisputed fact that job growth was worse under the Bush tax rates than under Clinton’s, he gets a sneering “3 Pinnochios” from the WaPoo’s ironically named “fact-checkers,” despite, well, the numbers.   Another ironically named outfit, Politifact, called Democrat’s claims that Paul Ryan’s health plan would end Medicare “the lie of the year,” which in itself seems rather grandiose given the competition, but Ryan’s Plan does end Medicare.  Kind of a big fail if you ask me, unless they intend their name to be ironic.  Maybe they do; kind of like Herman Cain calling himself a “Presidential Candidate.”  Whatever the rubes believe…

Meanwhile, in the increasingly unpleasant Real World, the big money Republicans hardly have anything to be so fraudulently worked up about.  Despite Obama’s recent, substance-free nods to something the credulous call “populism,” there is nothing to be gained, and a lot to be lost, by handing the reins of government over to any of the nincompoops running as Republicans in 2012.  They’re doing a fine job of giving Obama cover to govern to the right of Reagan, and he hasn’t disappointed.  Whereas, the crazy stuff coming out of the Republican Clown Car is so wantonly destructive that it could start to affect the portfolio, even as it’s already direly exacerbated the Servant Problem in Arizona and Alabama.

Republicans have been, it seems, a little too successful in encouraging Americans to believe utter horseshit.  Too successful to realistically mount a Presidential campaign, anyway.   Nonetheless, President Obama’s ironically named Secretary of Health just today defied the FDA and banned girls younger than 17 from getting emergency contraception without a prescription.   With “enemies” like these, the Right has found, to its everlasting delight, it longer needs friends; think of the money they’ll save not bothering to elect one.



  1. Pedinska says:

    Here you go darlin’. This’ll make you feel a bit better…..we’ll title it,

    Twanging on Teh Crazy’s Nerve:


  2. cocktailhag says:

    Cute, but if you’d waited till the kid was ten or so, you could have made a much bigger ass of her. Once again, I’m chagrined that I’m barren.

  3. michlib says:

    Your observations perhaps partially explain why I have felt since 2000 as if I’m a passenger in a car driven by a maniac and all the doors are LOCKED. I don’t care what these idiots believe, it’s just that giving them a ballot negates our due dilligence and actually CARING about the trajectory of our republic. OY.

    • cocktailhag says:

      I know the feeling. Last time I experienced it fully was the run-up to the glorious Iraq War. As the BS poured out and was universally swallowed I kept saying to no one in particular, “really?” and it happened anyway. Since it turned out s’good back then, why would anyone harbor doubt now? Sheesh. It’s not my fault I drink. I blame the chickenhawks. And society in general.

  4. The polling keeps saying that Obama’s unfavorables should be a real problem–were it not for his GOP opposition. They are literally his ace in the hole. Might call it “Obama’s ace-hole” strategy.

    • cocktailhag says:

      Yeah, at Salon, Steve Kornacki wrote that Democrats were just as dismissive of Reagan in 1980, and look what happened.
      Key difference: Reagan was, well, sane. A little addled, but likeable. Nobody hated him, at least personally.
      Not so with Newt, or even Romney.
      Now Obama can be even more of a Republican and get away with it.

      • Ché Pasa says:


        Reagan was not sane. He just acted like it from time to time. All that “performing talent” don’tchaknow.

        Even when he was governor of the late great state of California, the press was noticing — though hardly ever mentioning — that “something wasn’t quite right with that boy.” He would fall asleep during meetings or go off on incomprehensible rants, and sometimes he’d just get up and leave without even a how-do-you-do, and he’d wander off until one of his minions found him and led him back to his corner office. This is why even then, Mommy had to rule him with an iron rod.

        Ah, but cheer up. It’s Christmas time. Since we’ve mentioned Alabama now and again, here’s a version of Kurt Weill’s “Alabama Song,” not suitable for children (unless they’re very twisted), but complete with Portuguese subtitles.


        A little bit of heaven for the holidays, né?

        • cocktailhag says:

          I should have said, “seemed sane.” I also probably should have added, “most of the time.” My opinion of the Gipper has evidently softened a bit after 8 years of Dubya.
          Very cute video; wish I’d had it when I posted about’bama the other day.

          • Ché Pasa says:

            It is cute, isn’t it? Exactly the way I would have staged it if I’d a had the chance, but sadly, it never came around. Our Brecht/Weill repertoire was severely limited.

            And yes, compared to some of what came after, Ronnie seems almost as benign and munificent as Nixon. [[shudder]]

  5. Steve_Rockford says:

    You’ve brought up a very good point Ché. Those of us who suffered through the Gipper gubernatorial puppet show in California were amazed that the rest of the country never became aware of his complete incompetence during his presidential campaign. Then again, we all felt the same way when W ran in 2000 (and re-ran in 2004).

    Now we’re concerned about who will remain in the GOP clown car for the general election next year.

    Will the American voters continue with this amazing level of ignorance?

    • cocktailhag says:

      Maybe, but I doubt it. They’re just too cuckoo. Call me a cock-eyed optimist, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
      At least for the moment. Underestimating Republican craziness usually doesn’t pan out.