Why Wouldn’t Ya?

It seems that while we have been kept distracted by the nonsense (and flatulence) emanating from the Republican Clown Car, our Global Betters have decided it’s high time for another war, with Iran, natch.  To wit: (from The Guardian)

“The Iranian programmes are proceeding apace and represent a strategic threat,” said the diplomat. “The aim is to have a big impact on the Iranian financial system, targeting the economic lifeline of the regime.”

Well, then.  The “diplomat,” who doesn’t sound particularly diplomatic to me, is Ivo Daalder, the US ambassador to the EU.  Earlier, in response to Iran’s hardly surprising threats to close the Strait of Hormuz in response to even stiffer sanctions, he said this:

“The strait of Hormuz needs to remain open and we need to maintain this as an international passageway,” he told the BBC. “We will do what needs to be done to ensure that is the case.”

Of course, Daalder justifies such acts of war against Iran because of its still-hypothetical nuclear program, and the force of the related “Killin’ Habibs for Jesus” foreign policy from George Bush and Fox News that Obama has eagerly adopted for his own.  No matter the vast majorities of Americans opposed to any more wars, the Hope and Change campaign is in an election year, which means, ironically, no Hope and no Change, when it comes to chicken-hawkery.

Since no other American media figure will do so, with the notable exception of Glenn Greenwald and a few others, let’s look at this, just for a moment, from Iran’s perspective, if only hypothetically:

CHNN: So, Abdul, why do all you dusky-hued sand niggers want nukes?

ABDUL: So you fat whiteys won’t bomb us and steal our oil.

CHNN:  That couldn’t possibly be the reason.  Isn’t it really because you hate our freedoms?

ABDUL:  What freedoms?

CHNN:  Never mind about that.  Next, we go to Pamela Geller….

It’s useless.  Now that “American Exceptionalism” has become our national religion, even the ostensibly “liberal” politician pretending to be president must beat the war drums until we as a nation are left limbless and caterwauling like the guy in the Monty Python movie.  Unlike politicians, ordinary people can see that we never “win” wars, we just have them, and pay for them with our futures.  And unlike media stars who “cover” our overlords, we actually care if their ballooning expenses are bankrupting us.  Sadly, wars, like every other major decision we as a country make, have been moved upstairs, and nobody has any say in the matter except those who profit from them.  Democrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter; the latter will loudly demand more wars and more money for them, while the former will do so too, only more, uh, diplomatically.

One dreadful consequence of the current Republican disarray, for ordinary people anyway, is that it leaves Obama free to pick useless, unwinnable fights hither and yon while everyone’s busy snickering at his opponents.  The worst is that nobody cares, and why would they?

Orwell must be rolling over in his grave.



  1. avelna says:

    Despite his rather unfortunate name his “rebuttal” to the “Iran is trying to produce nukes” is quite good:

    Stop the Madness

    Despite all the hype, Iran’s nuclear program has yet to violate international law. It’s time to calm down, think, and above all halt the rush to war.


  2. michlib says:

    One would have thought the last decade of military fiascos may have diminished the appetite of the chickenhawks for another episode of War, Inc. . The all volunteer force has been depleted and is returning physically and mentally scarred. Time to reinstate the draft and get Daddy Warbucks kids in the game. That just may give them pause. Maybe.

    • cocktailhag says:

      That’s unlikely to happen; chickenhawks wouldn’t tolerate it. Ironically, war with Iran might be the one thing that stops the war machine; we’d emerged bloodied, beaten, and broke.

  3. Ché Pasa says:

    Be interesting to see just how long they can keep the war drums beating without actually doing anything — besides the usual sabotage and murder of course.

    Persia delenda est!

  4. rukidding says:

    Most USA citizens are quite simply asleep at the wheel and not paying one whit of attention to the already ongoing War with Iran. It’s happening as enter my keystrokes in this blog, but is it acknowledged (really) almost anywhere except by a random few bloggers and perhaps Glenn Greenwald? Nup. And don’t expect it to be either.

    If/when USA boots are placed on the ground (well, no doubt, USA boots ARE already on the ground in Iran, as in covert Ops, etc, like: let us not forget the “students” who were “hiking” in Iraq and somehow “accidentally” ended up – whoops! – in Iran, blah blah), then USA citizens will be told in no uncertain terms that WAR, Inc with Iran is ongoing, so STFU and deal with it. And quite frankly, the majority of USA citizens will just roll over and go back to sleep.

    Why not?

    Our infrastructure crumbles apace, but the Murder/War Inc, like the Morloch, must be fed. Guess Henry the K just ain’t satisfied until ever more dusky-hued peoples get the shaft… and Big Dick Cheney’s pig’s heart can pump a little longer knowing that he’s making more money from War, Inc.

    And so on…